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Symbolic Meaning of Purple Candles: Royalty & Spirituality

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Written by: Tina Caro

Each color has a power of influence on the human being and its environment, which can be favorable or not. So let’s learn more about purple candle meaning, symbolism, and, finally, some rituals and spells that require purple candles.


Purple candles are often associated with spirituality, inner wisdom, and enlightenment, signifying a connection to higher realms.

Purple candles are also linked to psychic abilities, transformation, and positive change, making them ideal for personal growth and healing rituals.

Additionally, they symbolize qualities of nobility, creativity, and leadership.

The specific meaning of purple candles can vary depending on the context in which they are used, but they generally convey a sense of spiritual and personal empowerment.

What is the Meaning of a Purple Candle?

Purple candles are connected with spirituality, wisdom, and heritage. This color is linked to occult powers and ideal for deep meditation and divination.

Quick facts about purple candles

Purple candles are used to help meditation, to improve psychic ability, to awaken the third eye chakra, intuition, visions, and astral travel.

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Copyright: Tina Caro

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What are Purple Candles used for?

Purple candles help us with the spiritual awakening, protection, and ancient wisdom, and they also help us eliminate curses. They’re used for healing, helping with business success, wealth, power, supremacy, recognition and are used to influence people in power.

Purple candles, violet candles, or lilac candles are similar and are used interchangeably.

Depending on the hue, they will be used in some rituals or others.

Purple candles are used mainly in the works of open paths of personal land, as well as those that are aimed at eliminating bad energies and opening the roads to attract good luck.

Spiritual PurposeMeaning and Intention
MeditationPurple candles are often used during meditation practices to enhance spiritual connection and focus.
Spiritual GrowthLighting a purple candle can symbolize a desire for personal growth, spiritual awakening, and wisdom.
Divine CommunicationPurple candles are used to create a sacred space for communication with higher beings or deities.
Rituals and CeremoniesPurple candles are commonly used in rituals and ceremonies associated with spirituality and magic.
Healing and TransformationPurple candles can be used for healing rituals and to invoke transformational energies.
Table 1: Spiritual Uses of Purple Candles

Considered the color of royalty, purple represents judgment and religious thoughts.

They’re associated with several astrological signs; Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

Use purple candles to focus spiritually, meditate, and expand consciousness and cosmic awareness.

If you want to do something big, this is the color you should use, since the color purple is the color of the expansion of what you already have, in all its forms.

Purple expands everything you want, such as spirituality, business, money, health, or love.

Purple candles represent the wise master and guardian of hidden knowledge, unconscious wisdom, the higher self.

People with purple or violet in their auras are sensitive and extremely conscious.

Symbolic MeaningInterpretation
RoyaltyPurple candles are often associated with royalty, power, and luxury, representing a regal energy.
SpiritualityThe color purple is strongly connected to spirituality, representing the divine and higher consciousness.
IntuitionPurple candles can be used to enhance intuition and psychic abilities, promoting spiritual awareness.
TransformationLighting a purple candle can symbolize a desire for transformation, inner growth, and spiritual evolution.
CreativityPurple candles can be associated with creativity and inspiration, igniting artistic expression.
TranscendenceThe color purple is often linked to transcending limitations, reaching higher states of consciousness.
Table 2: Symbolic Associations

Practical Usage of Purple Candles?

In magic, the purple candle rituals are a link to the higher dimensions and can bring happiness to all who yearn for something beyond the material plane.

Purple candles help mirror scrutiny and are useful for psychic protection and nightmare prevention.

Purple candles can also be used for all rituals in which the facts are not clear, for matters of secrecy, to heal the spirit and banish what lies in the past but still pursues the present, and to remember beings Dear ones who have passed away.

Esoteric students believe that purple candles have the power to nullify the negative effects of bad karma. Ancient wisdom holds that the color purple is associated with the third eye.

Purple is effectively used against black magic, to drive away evil, and for spiritual and psychic healing.

Purple Candles in White Magic

The purple candles are also combined with the blue candles in rituals to achieve triumphs or personal goals since by joining these candles, we achieve strong energy aimed at something we want.

Stones or minerals are usually used as an amulet for the achievement and maintenance of real success. It must be clear that the purple color is quite adaptable to different rituals; this is due to its great strength.

Different Shapes of Purple Candles Explained

We must also study the shape of the purple candle, and some many shapes and sizes will depend on the desired ritual or request.


For example, cylindrical candles are the most common and the most used in all types of work with a specific objective.

Square or polyhedral candles are used in works of specific paths; each of the corners or peaks of the candle will represent each of the needs to open or attract luck.

Pyramidal shape ones are used in reinforcement work to enhance other spells already made.

How to Prepare a Purple Candle for Magical Work

Suppose we join the purple candles with the red candles. In that case, we can achieve effective results in works of sweeteners of love and also in open paths of love since together they are used in spells related to improving relationships, especially in those that there is a crisis or emotional and sexual cooling.

Purple candles with a dark hue have a strong desire and sexual component, which makes them ideal for this type of work.

To prepare them for this type of work, natural ingredients such as natural ground cinnamon, orange blossom honey, brown sugar should be used, since they are elements related to reconciliation, sexual zeal, and the carnal desire.

It is very important that both the dwellings and any other candle, are acquired in specialized stores and that guarantee the high quality of its composition.

A candle of poor quality can ruin a ritual; therefore this basic element in any white magic work must be of good quality.

Where do I buy Purple Candles for my Spells and Rituals?

Tamed Wild website has an amazing collection of affordable candles.

tamed wild candles
You can buy them on their US website or UK website.

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Rituals and Spells with Purple Candles

Purple Candle Protection Spell

Purple is the angelic color by nature. That is why through this protection spell, we will summon the angels to guide and protect us.

To make this protection spell light the violet candle in a room that has a window that allows us to see a full moon.

Obviously, make this spell preferably in full moon.

Light the candle at midnight and say the following sentence:

“Guardian angels of my soul and my spirit, do not let anyone near my circle do not pass. Don’t let negative energies try to influence my mind and my spirit in any way.” “My angels I give myself to you and I summon you”.

Looking at the violet candle since this energy is in itself healing.

Then leave the candle burning as much as we can, if possible overnight until the candle is consumed.

Repeat the spell as many times as you want.

You can do it at a different time (also without a full moon) but always try to get the moonlight through the window – this is important.

Ritual with Purple Candles to get a Raise

For this ritual, you will need three candles: a white candle, a green candle, and, of course, a purple candle.

Do this ritual on a Thursday.

With these three candles, you will create a triangle, in the center you will place a paper with your request and on this paper some small object that you use in your job.

When the candles burn down completely, pick up this object, and take it with you when you go to request a raise.

Ritual with Purple Candles to Clean Karma

On a new moon night, light five purple candles around you.

In meditation position: close your eyes and let your thoughts flow. Imagine a river taking away your guilt and regret when you start to wonder.

When your thoughts are more harmonious and relaxed, blow the candles, and go to bed.

Repeat this ritual until there is a full moon.

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A Family Ritual with Lilac Candles to Purify the Home

In the dining room of the house, light as many lilac candles as people are living in that house.

The whole family must hold hands in a circle around the candles.

Breathe deeply and evoke happy thoughts.

After 5 minutes, each one should extinguish a candle with his/her fingers.

A Ritual with Purple Candle and Lavender to Open Paths

If you feel stuck in your life and need to move forward, you don’t know how to practice this ritual so that your spirit synchronizes with the energies of the universe.

Light a violet candle in a bowl of salt.

Write your name on a paper and then pick up a candle and create a triangle move with it, with the top point pointing north. Place the candle on top of a paper and light it. Then light a sprig of lavender just a little and turn it off quickly.

Focus on the candle flame and see in which direction it points.

North: You need to focus on your personal development. It is recommended that you socialize.
South: You need to stabilize, find your own place, or move out of your home.
East: It is recommended to focus on your professional career.
West: Love in your life needs more priority. Approach your relatives.

Ritual with Purple Candles and Eucalyptus for Spiritual Cleansing

Light a purple candle and place eucalyptus branches around it.

Leave it on over the night in your bedroom.

Repeat this ritual as many times as you think necessary or until you sleep peacefully.

Tina Caro

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