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Deities are entities that a which can connect with for guidance, support and protection. Different mythologies have different gods and these gods are personifications of magic, wisdom, strength and supernatural powers. Whether the gods are good or bad depends on the culture.

The gods are associated with particular rituals and symbols and often had regular sacrifices attributed to them. Most cultures have a god dedicated to magic and witchcraft. Take the Greek god Hecate, for example, who is often considered to be the Mother of Witchcraft.

Connecting with gods like Hecate can bring one stability, confidence and prowess in their magic practices. By establishing connections with other gods, you can generate more specific energies and tailor them to your specific practices.

What are Deities?

Deities are entities a witch relies on for guidance, protection or to help her channel specific energies into her practice. A deity is someone who makes you feel safe, supported and not alone in your spiritual and witchy journey.

How can I Connect with Deities?

You can connect with deities by honoring them. You can honor deities with a custom altar, a prayer, spells and so on. You can also connect with them via meditation and with divination practices.

How can I Talk with Deities?

You can talk with a deity via your dreams, with a séance or with other divinatory tools such as runes, tarot cards, pendulums, etc. You can also ask for signs that you are on the right path, and see how these signs manifest in your day-to-day life.

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