Full Moon in Leo: February 5th 2022

What is the Moon Phase Tonight?

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February’s Full Moon: Creative Inspiration & Social Bonds

This month’s Full Moon is occurring in playful, fun-loving, and spotlight-seeking Leo. It’s all about the glitz and the glam!

Leo is extremely energetic, outgoing, and charismatic- they love to connect with kindred spirits and potential lovers (or friends) alike and have an infectious optimism that can light up a room. Overall it’s a very positive lunar cycle.

Key things to be aware of:-

  • Strengths/qualities available to keep in mind: optimism, artistic gifts, sociability, confidence, self-esteem, creativity, playfulness, high energy, zest, enthusiasm, self-expression, passion, generosity, loyalty, benevolence/kindness, ambition, determination to succeed, and inner drive…
  • Weaknesses to watch out for: dramatics, ego, domineering and oppressive behaviors and thoughts, vanity and false pride, and attention-seeking coupled with pretentious energy.
  • Leo is ruled by the Sun and is a Fixed sign in nature, also being masculine and belonging to the fire element. Leo rules the 5th house of romance, children, the Arts, drama, creativity, self-expression, and pleasure.

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Shine like the Star that you are…

This isn’t intended to sound cheesy, but it really is the time to shine like the star that you are (or are becoming). If you’re already at a level of self-mastery and social status or expertise, such as being recognized for your success, gifts, and talents, now is the perfect time to take the spotlight.

Those of us who have reached the top of our game and have already been through chapters of hard work, patience, and perseverance can now find the happiness in our careers and gifts we’ve been longing for. It’s time to take center stage, show the world who we are and what we have to offer, and express ourselves unapologetically.

But equally with style, grace, and class. Leo is a very sophisticated and elegant sign who knows how to command attention in a sophisticated way when at its best.

The dual aspect of this Full Moon is the tendency some of us may have toward “bratty” behavior. I.e. We want to seek the spotlight because we feel unfulfilled. Ego displays, dramatics, and outrageously unacceptable behavior can also take hold, especially when alcohol or other unmindful activities have been on the cards.

The truth is, not everyone is at the ‘star’ level, meaning that not everyone has done the work; or ascended to new heights professionally or about talent mastery.

For less mature and disciplined souls the shadow side of the Leo Full Moon can come out, and it’s not a pretty nor respectful sight.

At a lower vibration, this Leo moon tends to bring out the fakers; the immature and chaotic trouble-makers who just want to drink, smoke, and party, and then brag about the accomplishments they haven’t actually achieved.

By: Nasa

The key to successfully navigating this Full Moon is to be honest, in addition to holding yourself accountable. If you’re perhaps still in a self-development cycle, refrain from being egotistical and arrogant.

Creative expression as explored next is a great way to channel your energy. If you are at ‘boss,’ ‘successful,’ or ‘expert’ mode in your vocation, profession, or service, connect with like-minded people.

Make a dinner date or initiate a social gathering with people who can spark your mind even further. It’s an excellent time for connection, communication that inspires and leads to further growth, and sophisticated socializing.

Shining like a star requires actually achieving some stardom prior to seeking and standing in the spotlight, and this doesn’t have to be seen as something superficial!

Check out local events, call up colleagues or a work partner, or suss out activities and experiences that light up your soul. Leo symbolizes creativity, artistry, and self-expression, so we will all be feeling the pull towards excitement and glamor.

Be mindful, stay honest and accountable, and try to balance self-responsibility with pleasure.

It’s not the time to go wild and be a rebel, yet if you are an ambitious achiever who deserves some rewards, it’s the perfect time to let your hair down and have some fun. Just make sure there is some inspirational, uplifting, or self-evolutionary aspect within the fun and games.

How this Full Moon is affecting you personally:-

Fire signs (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius)

It’s time to shine while remaining mindful of your shadow. This is an excellent time for shadow work and integration, without becoming a loner or feeling like you need to retreat from the world. In fact, this is one of the best lunar transits for self-evaluation and development, in addition to giving yourself a test to push you to new heights.

This signifies exploring, or being aware of, your strengths and follies (shadow attributes) whilst you take the spotlight. There’s no better way to keep yourself in check than to be seen as the wise teacher, boss, or talented person you are, without succumbing to arrogance, vanity, or false pride.

Let your light shine for others with self-growth in the back of your mind.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn)

When you give to others from a pure and honest space, the universe (and others) give back to you… You can learn the true meaning of healthy selfishness this month.

This means that you are extremely modest and humble, so much so that you often sacrifice your talents and amazing qualities for others. You’re genuine, kind, selfless, and generous, moreover love to see others happy.

This is great in many ways, however it also leaves you depleted either financially, emotionally, energetically, or spiritually. As it’s the time to take the spotlight, you can do so without feeling the need to constantly remind yourself of the need to be humble. You do thi anyway! It’s a natural strength of yours.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius)

Imaginative and intellectual gifts come together in a unique and empowering way for you now. You can feel the buzz and high spirits- your energy and vitality levels are increasing, yet you know instinctively that you still have work to do. This allows energy flow to mental channels, higher pathways to truth, wisdom, learning, and educating or helping others.

Instead of getting lost in pointless social media scrolling, laziness, or an overpowering sex drive, which are all negative expressions of having excess energy that needs releasing, you can stay vibrant and alert while achieving lots.

Imaginative, artistic, innovative, inventive, and intellectual pursuits are where it’s at, but if you do want to be active channel your energy to sports, exercise, or more conscious activities. It’s a great moon for accomplishment.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces)

You’ve got a healthy dose of masculine and upbeat yang energy to play with, which is a breath of fresh air for you.

Any lethargic, toxic, or heavy energy will be released now, and you’re certainly feeling the magic and inspiration that comes with this Leo moon. Although fire and water signs aren’t typically compatible, one thing you share with Leo is a love of romance and soul. Leo is just as majestic as you, even if you don’t quite understand them completely.

We learn through our differences, and this is what you’re coming to terms with now. If you remain positive and passionate you can make significant progress in work, career, love, and any longer-term visions & ambitions you’ve been working towards. It’s time to come out from the shadows and into the spotlight.

Self-Expression and Creativity

All the themes of the 5th house, Leo’s ruling astrological house, are lit up at this time. This includes pleasure, romance, fun, creativity, artistic and imaginative self-expression, and working with children.

Drama and the Arts are also core themes of the 5th house. There are lots of positive and empowering things you could do this month leading up to and following the Leo mon. Firstly, it’s important to give the following advice.

Be very careful of vanity and false pride, in addition to angry and temperamental outbursts. Emotions are high, and without a creative outlet some of us may become straight-out tyrannical or explosive.

This is because there’s a potent increase in energy, vitality, and life force. We feel excited and passionate without always knowing why, but this can manifest as aggression, angry outbursts, and going from 0- 100 in a matter of seconds! This is drama at a lower vibration.

Drama at a higher vibration is learning about Shakespeare, going to a theater, using film and media to provide inspiration and soul alignment, and spending hours immersed in practicing your speaking, poetry, or writing skills…

There’s a clear difference. Further, Leo can bring out our worst sides, our selfish, self-centered, and attention-seeking sides if we don’t have an artistic or creative channel for self-expression.

Leo – the Lion, detail from the Horoscope from ‘The book of birth of Iskandar”

Music, art, poetry, writing, acting, entertainment, performance, and speaking are key skills you would benefit greatly from practicing. For music specifically, this can include singing, playing a musical instrument, dancing, or simply listening to music in a way that enhances beauty- or brings on feelings of bliss, transcendence, and tranquility.

Leo represents our need for glamor and beauty, which can be serene and blissfully idyllic just as it can manifest as more upbeat and fiery expressions. Whatever your chosen channel, tool, or pathway, make sure you’re honoring both your body and your soul. Leo is fiery, creative, energetic, soulful, expressive, and extremely passionate.

This means they love light-hearted and playful fun like innocent displays of the inner child just as they do romance and intimacy.

In fact, both of these things will be strongly on your mind; innocence that is born from being in touch with your inner child, and a strong need for sexual intimacy and expression.

Passion is at an all time, and we all have different ways of expressing passion. For some of us, it will be an intellectual or psychological need, for others, an emotional or romantic one. Yet for some, it will be a physical urge to dance, travel, exercise, or play like children, or make-love for hours on end…

Be conscious of these inner drives and impulses because they’re ones that can’t be denied. If you try to repress the increase in life force, you will only drive yourself or others crazy. Energy must flow.

Responsibility Vs Pleasure

Responsibilities merged & balanced with pleasure is a final key theme over this Full Moon. From business to pleasure, duty and service to freedom, and ambitions to fun; it’s all about balance, moderation, and harmony.

Leo may be a playful fire sign, but they’re also incredibly ambitious, determined, and practical. Leos make great parents; therefore this is energy coming up.

Whether it’s love or business you’re focused on, you will be feeling a powerful pull towards embodying greater self-accountability as well as responsibility.

Practicalities and duties can be combined with fun and play too. For example, you may want to attend to daily errands or household chores with music. If it’s your turn to look after the kids, you can merge creativity into daily tasks, such as creative cooking or growing their own windowsill herbs.

Not everything has to be a chore- Leo knows how to make the mundane and routine fun, so this gift is available to you now.

Actual ambitions can come to the forefront of your consciousness as well. Domestic, financial, and practical gifts are amplified, which can lead to a wonderful savings plan or renewed client and work contracts. The possibilities are endless when you stay optimistic, focused, and positive.

You’re able to find innovative solutions in the present moment to create an abundant future. Security is just as important to you as pleasure and joy during this lunar cycle. Further, you may find a moment of pure relaxation or pleasure leads to one of your best business ideas!

There’s a portal open, whereby you can use joy, inner light, and romantic or excitable feelings to spark professional expansion.

If you’ve been feeling blocked or stagnant in workflow and inspiration, consider how simply being, relaxing, and choosing pleasure & play over work can guide you to the desired outcomes.

Simultaneously, if you’ve been overdoing the pleasure-seeking, something common with a Leo moon due to the love of spontaneity and the Arts, aim for more balance. Tone down the need for constant external stimulation and sensory satisfaction, and instead connect to your ambitious and hard-working side.

Everyone’s path and journey is unique, so you should know what changes you should be making based on this astrological wisdom.

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