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Candle Magic

What is Candle Magic?

Candle magic is an easy to practice but yet powerful kind of magic. In all traditions, religious and magical, fire is the agent of transformation par excellence: it cooks soup, melts metals, consumes the bodies of the dead, purifies everything it touches and devours, so much so that in Greek “fire” sounds pur, hence the word pure.

The fire of the sacrifices, from the human ones of the Phoenicians to the vegetable ones of the Indian puja, up to the offerings of incense and other perfumed resins, carries upwards the prayers and homages of man to the gods, recreating with the simple gesture of lighting it and consecrate it the archaic covenant pact between heaven and earth.

Light also means spirit, virtue, hope, it is the manifestation of intelligence against the darkness of ignorance, of good against evil, of serenity against fear. In its white color there is the synthesis of all possibilities, all the colors of the rainbow merge into light, it is cosmic energy, creative force, irradiation.

Each candle color is associated to a specific type of energy. You can use candle magick to enhance a spell you casted, to perform certain rituals but also as an extra support to chant a prayer, connect with a deity and so on.

Candle magic is easy yet powerful. Fire is a unanimous symbol of transformation, used in cooking, blacksmithing, used for heat and light and purification. The smoke from ritual fires carries our wishes and prayers up to the gods. The light from a flame represents spirit, virtue and hope. It burns bright to represent the light of intelligence in the face of ignorant darkness, to represent the ever-present battle of good versus evil and of serenity versus fear.

White candles are versatile and can be used in any ritual; think of them as a blank canvas which you can imbue with your intentions. Colored candles are associated with specific energies, so you can change the color of your candle during a ritual to enhance specific energies if you so desire. Overall, candles are an easy form of support for your magic practices, be it for a ritual, a prayer, or to connect you with a deity.

What is Candle Magic Used for?

Candle magic is used for any type of manifestation. You can manifest whatever you want by using specific candle colors and noticing how the flame and the candle react to your wishes.

How Can I Learn Candle Magic?

Observation is the main thing to learn for candle magic. Only by learning to observe the candle, its behaviors and its signs you can master candle magic. The first step is learning the designated energies of each candle color.

What are the Essentials for Doing Candle Magic?

A candle of the color associated with what you want to manifest, a lighter and your intentions are all you need to get started.

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