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Author: Tina Caro


  • She has extensive experience in both domestic and international media, covering diverse topics such as witchcraft, spirituality, astrology, and moon magick.
  • Her professional roles encompass writing, teaching, and spell casting.
  • She’s consulted on a case by Court TV, where they explained the importance of safety when performing the spellwork.
  • She was mentioned on popular websites, such as Bustle, WikiHow, Vice, HowStuffWorks, etc.
  • In 2023, she spearheaded the acquisition of, one of the oldest witchcraft websites. Her team also acquired, expanding their mission to share the magic with Spanish-speaking communities.


Tina Caro embarked on her journey into the enchanting realm of witchcraft at the age of 12, guided by a family tradition deeply rooted in black magic, tarot reading, spells, and ancient rituals. This rich heritage shaped her early years, instilling a profound connection to the mystical arts.

Tina’s exploration began with tarot, where she uncovered the intricate symbolism and energies hidden within the cards. However, it was in recent years that she fully embraced the world of witchcraft. Through spells and rituals, she embarked on a transformative path of self-discovery and clarity.

Among the diverse facets of magic, Tina discovered a particular affinity for moon rituals. As a solitary practitioner deeply attuned to green witchcraft, she was drawn to the harmonious relationship between magic and nature. For her, aligning with the natural world unveiled hidden aspects of the soul.

Tina’s magical journey wasn’t without its lighthearted misadventures. Candle magic occasionally led to unintentional pyrotechnics, and her athame found its way into her own fingers more than once. Despite these comical mishaps, she emerged with a deeper connection to her craft.

Inspired by her experiences and insights, Tina created this website to share her wisdom, spells, and accumulated knowledge. Her goal is to provide guidance, inspiration, and empowerment to others, whether they are seeking personal growth or assistance for themselves and those around them.

In addition to her personal journey, Tina is a professional spellcaster who has worked with thousands of clients worldwide. She has helped individuals manifest their desires through over 20 unique and custom-made spells, witnessing the transformative power of magic firsthand.

Whether you are an experienced practitioner or a curious newcomer to the world of witchcraft, Tina invites you to join her on this enchanting voyage. Together, you will explore the magic that surrounds and resides within, weaving spells of transformation, empowerment, and boundless potential.


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