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Green Magic

What is Green Magic?

Green magic is all about nature as it works with the energy of Mother Earth, usually with a positive attitude and positive goals. It bases its roots on natural sources, and it has a strong will to respect the world around us and its creatures.

By green magic, we mean the magic practice carried out through the prevalent aid of herbs, flowers, and spices (both fresh or dried).

The use of plants is linked to magic and religious practices since the dawn of time. All ancient civilizations were profound connoisseurs of the plant world and used its properties both to treat body diseases and for magical and religious rituals.

In fact, every natural element of the Earth has a specific virtue and is linked to the celestial world, from which it receives strong occult influences, acting as an intermediary between us and power.

However, herbal magic is not only based on physical forms. It must be understood that the matter that surrounds us, nature, is the result of powerful forces that we can also perceive, as well as touch.

What is Green Magic Used for?

Green magic is used for healing, harmony and balance.  Green magic works to establish harmony and peace among all the element, using the power of the earth. The earth includes the planet and everything that lives on it, including animals, plants and people.

What are the Essentials for Doing Green Magic?

The essentials for doing green magic are natural elements like herbs, fruits and flowers and similar things. Usually, a green witch uses an athame to harvest and collect these elements but she can customize her experience as she likes so long as she respects and honors nature when doing it.

How can I Learn Green Magic?

Connecting with nature is the first step to learning green magic. Then, you can explore ancient rituals and spells connected with this kind of magic, especially those coming from pagan old traditions and cultures.

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A Word of Caution

While many of the herbs listed on Magickal Spot can be used safely and effectively to treat minor ailments, many are dangerous and others have never been proven effective outside of old wives tales. Herbs should be used as treatments only in non-life-threatening situations and under the supervision of an experienced physician or herbalist.

I do suggest that everyone incorporate herbs into their cooking and herbal teas into their diet for general health and I must also strongly suggest the importance of an overall healthy diet. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and quality proteins such as pastured meat and eggs, beans, and whole grains. Use herbs in place of salt and to reduce your sugar intake. Drink herbal teas instead of acidic sodas and high caffeine beverages.

Herbs may also be used in place of chemicals commonly used for cosmetics and other products for people who have sensitive skin or an overdeveloped sense of smell.


Do not assume that just because something is natural it is safe. Use the same caution with homemade herbal products as you do with store-bought products, especially if you have known allergies. If you begin having an allergic reaction (swelling, itching, rash, difficulty breathing), stop using the herb immediately and consult your physician. One method for determining if you are allergic to an herb is to put a drop of herbal water or oil on a bandaid and sticking it to the inside of your elbow.

If any redness or itching occurs, you’re probably allergic to the herb and shouldn’t use it. One herb worth note is chamomile. If you have hay fever you are probably allergic to it, as it is a member of the wild daisy family.

Allergies are not your only concern when using herbs. Some herbs can interact with pharmaceutical drugs and even with each other! You should always tell your doctor what herbal supplements you are taking, but don’t rely on him or her to know everything.

Western medicine is only just beginning to train its doctors to watch for herb-drug interactions. Many people use herbs for health because we want to be proactive with our health care, we should also do some of our own research.

Check out the following sites for herb counter-indications and possible drug reactions: Herbal Side Affects and Warnings