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What is a Sacred Space & How to Create One

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Written by: Dawn Black (Witchipedia)


Reviewed by: Tina Caro

Sacred space is any space that has been designated for a specific sacred purpose. Many Pagans and magickal practitioners have a designated sacred space in or around their home in which pagan rituals and magickal ceremonies are held and spells cast.

However, many do not have a specific area due to space and privacy constraints and so their sacred space (or ritual space) must be newly created before each working.

Creating a Sacred Space

For many, their sacred space (or ritual space) doubles as a bedroom, kitchen table, picnic table or other mundane objects.

In this case, sacred space must be newly created before each magical working. First, the space is physically cleared of any clutter and then it is magically cleared or cleansed of undesirable energies, often by fumigating or sweeping it with a besom and then it is dedicated to its purpose through verbal declaration.

A series of actions may also accompany the verbal declaration, such as asperging or anointing the space or casting a circle around it. At the end of the working, another verbal declaration will return the space to its mundane purpose.

For those with a dedicated ritual space, it need only be created or dedicated the first time.

However, it is usually cleansed before each working and may be re-dedicated on a regular basis, whether monthly at the new moon or full moon or annually on the anniversary of its creation or at Samhain or some other suitable feast day.

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