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Candle Magic

Spiritual Significance of White Candles: Purity & Protection

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Written by: Tina Caro

Did you know that white candles are one of the most used in the world of esotericism? Let’s look at White Candle Symbolism, Meaning, and a few spells requiring a white candle.

What is the Meaning of a White Candle?

White candles are more than a simple ornament for the house and are used in multiple ways and for different purposes.

Spiritual Significance of White Candles Purity & Protection by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

These candles are widely used in rituals of white magic, as well as to connect with heavenly angels.

Quick facts about white candles:

White candles are related to concentration and harmony, but their most direct meaning and interpretation is related to purity and the divine.

They are also related to the most intimate aspects of the person, as well as fertility and creativity.

White candle symbolism

Symbolic MeaningDescription
Purity and CleansingWhite candles symbolize purity, cleanliness, and the removal of negative energy or influences.
Spiritual IlluminationThey represent spiritual illumination, clarity, and the awakening of higher consciousness.
Divine ConnectionWhite candles are associated with connecting to divine energies, spiritual guides, or higher realms.
Protection and HealingThey are used for protection rituals, creating sacred space, and promoting emotional or physical healing.

What are white candles used for?

White candles provide peace, purity, and comfort, relieve the feeling of despair, and helps clean and clarify emotions, thoughts, and spirit.

They exert a mighty power when we’re talking about protection for family protection and young children.

For this reason, whenever you can light a candle to repel negative energies.

Besides, the white candle affects all these aspects that are considered lunar, so it is regarded as a neutral candle that can be used if a candle of the appropriate color is not available.

Ritual or Magickal UseDescription
PurificationWhite candles are commonly used for purifying spaces, objects, or individuals from negative energies or influences.
MeditationThey serve as a focal point for meditation, aiding in calming the mind, enhancing spiritual connection, and promoting inner peace.
Ritual CeremoniesWhite candles are often incorporated into ritual ceremonies, symbolizing purity, divine presence, and invoking spiritual protection.
Healing and BlessingsThey can be used in healing rituals or blessings, promoting physical, emotional, or spiritual well-being and invoking divine assistance.
Table 2: Ritual and Magickal Uses of White Candles

So when you want to clean a place with harmful energy, light a white candle that in addition to its exceptional purifying power will provide protection, well-being, and calm.

What does a white candle represent?

White is the color of Ceremonial Magick, as it is used for all types of ceremonies and rituals. The color of purity, white represents friendship, infancy.

White is a color for rites of passage; birth, marriage, and other welcoming rituals.

It’s the color of Ceremonial Magick, because the color represents friendship, purity, and kindness.

It’s also a color of divinity, blessings, and transformation. It raises vibrations, heals painful emotions, can heal pets and children.


These candles can be used for sex spells as well.

Where do I buy White Candles for my Spells and Rituals?

Tamed Wild website has an amazing collection of affordable candles.

tamed wild candles
You can buy them on their US website or UK website.

However, if I need larger quantities of them, I buy them on Amazon. Here’s a link to Amazon US and Amazon UK.

White Candle Spells

Love Spell with White Candles and Cinnamon

This spell works like a mooring, although you can use it to get over tough emotional pain.

Do it with faith, and the results will be visible.

Things you need

  • Organic honey
  • Some chamomile flowers
  • A glass of water
  • Cinnamon
  • Three white flowers
  • A white candle
  • Photo of a loved one

How it’s done

You will prepare an infusion with cinnamon, chamomile, a glass of water, and white flowers.

Apply the honey on the white candle (on the sides).

Once the infusion is finished, you will put three drops of it on the photo.

Place the photo on the table, and light the candle, place it under the photo. Be careful not to burn this photo.

Proceed to declare these words:

“Your love is tied to mine, you belong to me, and for life you will be. You will stop being an illusion and become a reality.”

What you have got from the infusion, must be added to your next bath, and with that, you will clean your body.

You will let the candle burn down by itself.

Love Spell with a Tasty Apple

You must pick a beautiful and healthy-looking apple for this spell to work.

Things you need

  • A delicious red apple
  • White sheet of paper and a pencil
  • A knife
  • A common white candle
  • Honey
  • A red rose petal
  • A black tie

How it’s done

Take a knife and cut the apple in half, then make a hole in one of the two parts.

Write on the white paper the name of the two (yours and that of the other person) with whom you want to be together.

Place the paper inside the hole you made in one of the halves.

Add on the paper, the petal, and at the end, you put the honey on top of everything.

Now, put the other half of the apple over the first and tie it with the black ribbon you had prepared.

Light the candle and place it on the table or altar, underneath the table or altar you will place the apple.

You will focus on that desire that led you to cast the spell.

When the candle is about to burn down, you will bury the apple in healthy soil.

Check other honey spells here.

A White Spell to get Closer with Your Crush

This is one of the basic love spells, that’ll help you connect with a person you’d like to meet and get to know.

Things you need

  • Your photo
  • A knife
  • A sack or red garment
  • A picture of the loved person
  • White candle
  • A white rose
  • A pin or needle

How it’s done

Cut the candle with the knife in half.

With the knife or pin, engrave your name (1st half of a candle) and your crush’s name (2nd half of a candle).

Light them up and say a prayer with devotion, with the greatest faith.

When the candle burns down, store the photos in the red sack with a white rose.

Finally, bury everything in a flowery garden.

Being in contact with the earth and natural elements, the crush you want will unquestionably want to meet you.

You will repeat this ritual the following week, following the same steps.

When you see some signs that everything is going in the right direction, you must dig up the bag with its contents and have it with you as a sign of thanking the spirits.

Final Thoughts

Fight for your happiness with the weapons you have at hand. Do it with faith and positivity. Don’t try to harm others!

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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