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What is Divinatory Magick?

Divination is the metaphysical work of finding the truth by analyzing a situation to gain clarity and insight through random variables.

In divination, we’re using tools, such as runes, throwing bones, scrying glass, a dowsing rod, tarot, or even I Ching.

Many witches perform divination before spellwork to receive guidance on how best to proceed, and some will perform divination afterward to predict how successful the spell was.

Some people perform divination only through deep meditation to connect to a spirit guide, while others channel the information through their minds.

What is Divination used for?

Divination is a tool you use to learn more about yourself and your life, past, present and future. You can do divination with many different magical items like tarot cards, runes, pendulums, crystal balls and many others. These tools won’t give you a fixed vision of the future but they help you to understand what you can do to manifest your goals. You will also learn if the universe supports your vision or not.

How can I learn to do Divination?

Divination requires a lot of education as each separate tool requires knowledge and understanding in order to be used to its full effect. Besides that, practice makes perfect. You need to practice over and over again with an open mind in order to comprehend the messages being sent to you by your divination tools.

What are the essentials for doing divinatory magic?

You have to choose the divination tools you like to work with and that are in tune with your practice and with your magic. Aside from the main tools, you can use a candle to set your intention for the divination session and you can meditate on the question or topic you want to know more about. You can chant a prayer if you feel like doing so as well.

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