Full Moon in Pisces: August 30th, 2023

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August’s Full Moon in Pisces: Visions and Divine Creativity

This month’s moon occurs in spiritual and mystical Pisces, the sign of the empath, creative genius, and healer. Pisces have healing hands and healing presence. They are powerfully intuitive and imaginative and, moreover divinely guided in everyday life. Pisces is a nurturer, caregiver, and generous soul who is everybody’s best friend and secret lover.

Positively this means they show the world the true meaning of unconditional love combined with universal compassion. Negatively, this makes them lack boundaries, people-please, and over-give and over-share.

Check out your natal chart to see which planets fall in the Mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. This will guide you onto your best path this September.

Key things to be aware of:-

  • Strengths to tune into: impressionable, kind, generous, gentle, magnetic, imaginative, creatively gifted, musical, intuitive, psychic, divinely guided, devoted, empathic, selfless, sensitive, nurturing, compassionate, loving, spiritual aware and evolved, seer-like, dreamers, emotionally intelligent, and caring.
  • Weaknesses to be mindful of: procrastination, hyper-emotionalism, super-sensitive, depression-prone, impractical, ungrounded, lacking boundaries, melancholic, illogical, and indecisive.
  • Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, psychic instincts, spirituality, mysticism, and illusions. Seeing through the veil of illusion comes with Neptune’s influence, including the power of being a BS detector. Fantasy, films, media, and addictions both influence Pisces strongly, in both negative and positive measure.
  • Pisces is a Mutable sign, making them very adaptable and open-minded, in addition to being able to see multiple perspectives. Multidimensionality coupled with divine perception is a gift associated with this sign. As a water sign, they are deep, sensitive, and connected to the different realms of the ether, astral body, and soul.

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How this Full Moon is affecting you personally:-

Fire signs (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius)

It’s time to connect deeper and release the need to always be seen as direct, bold, and assertive. Your fiery side is admirable, but you’re also sweet and romantic, moreover sensitive deep down.

This is endearing. If you have only been finding resonance with similar people, people who instantly understand and get you, it may be wise to be open to more balance and friction.

Friction is not necessarily bad, tension leads to growing pains that allow us to transcend comfort zones. This is where the most growth is, and new opportunities…

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn)

It’s a beautiful time for soulmate connections, depth, and emotional bonding. You need to be open to love, platonic intimacy in friendships, and more sensitivity in your professional bonds. This is essential now, especially if you want a raise, promotion, or bigger client basis.

If you’re looking for love or are in love, you will find key moments of romance giving you the confidence and self-esteem needed in your career. Your life purpose is on fire, as long as you stay humble, sensitive, and serene in your dealings.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius)

If you can embrace emotional sensitivity, empathy, and depth you will find extraordinary abundance and financial gain flowing to you. This month is all about connecting to your more sensitive side, and being open to emotional bonding, not just intellectual or psychological connection.

Business, career, and finances are looking excellent if you can open to the world of emotions, subtle instincts, and the senses. Feel the pain and tension and go through it anyway- have no fear, and apply your bold and confident side to tackling the tricky realm of emotions. This is where victory lies.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces)

All of your best qualities come to light now, so it’s going to be an amazing time for you as long as you play to your strengths and stay disciplined and devoted to your path. But, this is also a great time of shadow healing, more so than the other signs.

You need to work on the following: weak boundaries, impracticalities, and seeing the world through rose colored glasses. See the world and others as they really are, and you will finally align with your soul tribe.

Spiritual Vision and Psychic Lens

As the 12th and final sign, Pisces is all about mystical visions and spiritual ideals. Pisces rules the 12th house which is the house of endings, completions, and evolution of the soul. This Full Moon brings out our inner seer and psychic, giving us the ability to see with the Third Eye and spiritual body.

Even if you don’t have any Pisces or water placements in your natal chart, you will still benefit from the Pisces and Neptunian energy. Pisces is the serene mystic with a beautiful soul who sees the world through rose coloured glasses.

Positively, this makes them innocent and attuned to a deeper emotional frequency of depth, sensitivity, and spiritual perception. Not so positively, it can make them naive and overly trusting to this cold and harsh world. Pisces lacks boundaries, so this is something to watch out for.

You may find yourself getting lost to other people’s sob stories or failing to see red flags.

Missing out on red flags, or denying them altogether, is common now, especially if you have yet to do sufficient shadow work and healing. How is your spiritual practice?

Do you have a morning or daily prayer, meditation, or spiritual healing regime or ritual? This Full Moon guides us to develop one, but properly with discipline and a sense of devotional passion as the primary foundation. As the mystic and empathic healer, this Pisces moon sparks a need for spiritual enlightenment, illumination, and growth. We become more self-aware, wise, and perceptive to the world of subtle and spiritual energy.

Psychic-mediumship and extrasensory gifts expand. We attune to different frequencies of life and self, ones we would usually miss out on.

Pisces Spirit Animal featured graphic
Aquarius, detail from the Horoscope from ‘The book of birth of Iskandar”

Pisces is the mystic, healer, and divine soul who sees things multi-dimensionally. So, the cosmic message is to begin or develop a spiritual practice that can help you rise above the material world.

The associated glyph is the Fish, one swimming upwards towards the heavens and celestial bodies, away from the mundane reality of the materia realm.

The other fish swims towards the earth, representing the need to ground our divine and spiritual form, alongside all its ideas and wisdom, into tangible earthly form. It’s a beautiful image and also a symbol for our soul’s journey. This is the perfect time to be open to divine messages from Spirit. The veil between the realms of spirit and the physical world are thinner, so much so that the subconscious and conscious dimensions merge and overlap…

This means subconscious wisdom and insights flow effortlessly. Your higher mind is attuned or at least open to subtle instincts and insights that can have a profoundly positive impact in your life. As Pisces symbolizes endings and soul completion (the 12th house) and psychic instincts, fantasy, illusions, spiritual and clairvoyant gifts, and dreams (Neptune’s influence), the energy is ripe for extrasensory, extraordinary, and supernatural.

This Full Moon opens a window to our highest potential! It’s a chance to connect to the core of our souls, which, on grounded terms, means choosing the soul and spiritual planes over sometimes physical, emotional, or psychological.

There are many things we could be doing with our days, from intellectual study and learning to emotional bonding and strengthening to sports, yoga, and physical movement. But the spiritual body is just as important, and this is what sweet and mystical Pisces teaches.

Infinite Opportunities and Magical Synchronicity

This means there are magical and infinite opportunities within and around. Ruling the feet and Crown chakra, as universal energy flows from feet to Crown (and because Neptune represents higher consciousness combined with spiritual ideals), this Pisces Full Moon asks us to become more aware of how synchronicity shows up in our lives.

Synchronicity is the phenomena of seemingly random events, chance meetings, and encounters happening. But nothing is random, there is a grand design to everything, especially to things that open us up to more abundance, connection, love, intimacy, magic, bliss, and creative union.

There’s an ethereal type of bliss and magic associated with deep Pisces, and you might start to notice subtle energy currents that have gone overlooked for a while. This can take any shape or form, such as the energy dynamic and interplay in intimate relationships, or noticing things about the way you relate or communicate emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, or physically.

Key Pisces strengths include being artistic, imaginative, and creative, deeply so, actually. There are evolved gifts available in this realm, as well as opportunities for creative partnerships that serve your Higher Self, life path, and greater purpose.

Pisces was once ruled by Sagitarrius’ ruler, Jupiter, so they are very focused on the big-picture, idealism, and creative visions that serve humanity. In fact, Pisces is a powerful alchemist! They are masters of manifestation, creativity, and higher ideals and visions.

If you’re familiar with the Tarot, Pisces embodies the spirit of the Magician and High Priestess; these are Pisces at their best. At their highest vibration, they are magical people who offer psychic guidance, intuitive advice, and divine revelations unknown to most people.

They exist in the unseen and invisible realms where hidden knowledge of our powers, spiritual abilities, and ancient wisdom are present, including wisdom received from dreams and the astral planes.

This is another main theme of Pisces: the link to dreams. It’s advised to have a read of your dream diary with a herbal tea or candle for inspiration. You should cleanse and recharge your Third Eye and Crown chakra crystals too. Place them under your pillow and put on some nature therapy sleep meditation music or binaural beats for enhanced sleep. Dream recall as well as vivid dreams increase, or you should be making an effort to expand these innate gifts.

Whether you’re a natural, advanced master, or beginner, the world of dreams is available to us all, further offering profound insights that can ignite a fire inside your soul. Inspiration, creative vision, and ingenious insights for healing Self and others are the name of the game.

Emotional Intelligence that Serves…

Emotional intelligence, empathy, and wisdom that serves deeper connections and a higher purpose are key to this lunar cycle.

This Full Moon makes everyone feel things on a deeper level, specifically with regards to emotions and spiritual seeing. Pisces is a master of the realm of emotions and feelings, instincts and subtle clues.

Now is the time to tap into the realm of emotions to harness more authentic and sincere bonds… Relationships of all kinds benefit from this cycle, as does your life purpose or destiny.

Pisces is sensitive yet passionate, and they often get lost to the world of negativity or other people’s drama. This is due to weak boundaries, or no boundaries!

Also, they find the world cold and harsh, and overly extroverted, dominant, and narcissistic characters tend to make a meal out of poor Pisces.

Cats play with fish and kill them for fun, while others have no trouble slapping this poor little fishy around.

This lunar cycle is a chance for water and earth signs, which are feminine and yin, to stand up for themselves. You can embody evolved emotional intelligence and sensitivity to fight for personal truths and justice and find your voice.

If you’ve felt oppressed recently, looked over and undermined, or if this is a common life story, now is the time to make real change.

Take back your power. Find your authentic voice. Speak your truth and find a way to shine in such an extroverted world. How do you do this, you may be wondering? Through emotional intelligence.

Emotions are the glue that make relationships work over time. It’s all very well to have a psychological connection, yet emotions are what provide longevity and also depth. Platonic, business, family, friendship, and love relationships will come up and into the spotlight.

This means you will find opportunities to reflect and evaluate, and then further strengthen existing bonds; this is, if you wish to bring these relationships with you into your next cycle. If you’re not a watery or earthy (feminine/yin) person, it is an excellent opportunity to right any wrongs and work on yourself.

No one wants to go through life bulldozing over others, using aggression and an overexertion of will or force to bully and intimate, just as no-one wants to go through life being a pushover or doormat.

This lunar cycle is a real opportunity to heal our wounds, together. And this means making peace with our opposites and finding balance and harmony with our victims or oppressors, our “enemies” for want of a better word.