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Full Moon in Capricorn: June 21st, 2024

June’s Full Moon falls in Capricorn, the ambitious mountain or earth goat. Capricorn is willful, headstrong, and tenacious, also ruled by the 10th house, the top of the chart. This brings considerable fame, prestige, and social status into the mix. But Capricorn isn’t all ladder climbing to reach the heights of success; Capricorn is also highly nurturing, empathic, and sensual.

With such a down to earth and modest, moreover sensitive nature, Capricorn energy inspires us to balance a calculated and high-flying business mindset with a loving and protective family one. Instincts are high! How will you ride these Full Moon waves…?

Key things to be aware of:-

  • Strengths to embody: reliable, devoted, hard-working, disciplined, responsible, practical, materially-driven, ambitious, caring, nurturing, sensitive, empathic, loyal, faithful, generous, protective, providing, patient, modest, wise, managerial, and organized.
  • Weaknesses to watch out for: stubborn, rigid, conservative, inflexible, unforgiving, cold and callous, suppressive, controlling, and emotionally detached and avoidant.
  • Capricorn is a Cardinal earth sign with the glyph of the Goat, ruled by the planet Saturn.

About the Author

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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How this Full Moon is affecting you personally:-

Fire signs (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius)

It’s time to learn from an elder or master who has achieved true master teacher and leader status! Its true you are all creative and shiny individuals, but a shadow side of your confidence and inner glow is self-centeredness, as well as a narcissistic personality.

This gives delusions of grandiose, least to mention arrogance, at times. Unless you are truly a respected master, teacher, or guide in your field, in the real-world (outside of your little social circle!), it’s time to be brave and admit to yourself where you may have been speaking out of place. Own up, as this is the first step to real glory. Seek out mentors and successful people who inspire you on a deep level.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn)

While the Gemini New Moon had you out of sorts and facing your deepest shadows, this Capricorn Full Moon is a leap into stardom and authenticity. It’s a powerfully wonderful, creative, and prosperous time, and all because you rose from the depths of your own darkness.

Working through your toxic traits is the true key to prestige. Your humility and devotion to integrity, purity, and skilled mastery will or is seeing you through anything that comes your way. You’re at the top of your field! Embrace and accept, and be fearless…

Air signs (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius)

A bit of a different vibe to the Gemini New Moon, this lunar cycle shifts the attention to how you can be more sotic- responsible, sensible, and sober in mind and action. It’s well known that you’re all a fun-loving and lively, often flirty and playful bunch, but this is not needed or appropriate now.

Get really serious with your work, livelihood, and life path, as destiny calls. Your purpose should be a priority, and not listening to this cosmic message will only create negative events in the future. Keep “karma” in the forefront of your mind.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces)

Your selfless, angelic, and wisely majestic nature is being merged with your professional and prestigious public image. For those of you who have done the inner work and integrated your practical and grounded side, big rewards are coming to you.

For those of you who have neglected your shadow, wallowing in self-pity or depression or getting lost in fantasy, you will see the karmic repercussions. Like the advice given to the air signs, this cycle is all about living and acting with nobility and integrity. The universe sees everything.

Material Success and Resources

Capricorn inspires material abundance, comforts, and resources at strong measures. As one of only three earth signs, the highlight is on material wealth and prosperity coupled with how, why, and in what quantities you make your money.

Less “out of the blue” riches, as is the case with Neptune, Saturn pushes us to make our own money. Hustle, hard work, and talent are the name of the game.

Capricorn is all about tenacity, determination, devotion, patience, and discipline. Capricorn is extremely resourceful, yet they understand the importance of traditional values. Conservatism and hard practical work replace anything angelically divine (as such is linked to Pisces).

In fact, Neptune and Saturn are as different as they come despite both being larger outer planets.

Saturn stands for:-

  • Traditional law, order, and structures including time and “tried and tested” methods.
  • Being known as the ‘Lord of Karma,’ which signifies bringing karmic repercussions- good or bad- through actions, specifically linked ro rules, regulations, and responsibilities, as well as doing right by others (morals, past deeds, etc.).
  • Being known as the ‘Father of Time,’ which signifies keeping humans bound to the laws of time, order, structure, rules, regulations, discipline, hard work, and restrictions, limitations, and barriers. The latter three are not inherently bad, they just lead to growth, self-evolution, and maturity on multiple levels.
  • Boundaries which, again, can limit and hinder growth, hence the karmic aspect, or create new opportunities for creation, connection, and personal transformation.
capricorn in Witchcraft by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

Saturn is a cosmic taskmaster who gives tough challenges and level ups. He (a masculine planet) does this through hardships, setbacks, and detours.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, so the message is one of rising from every fall, in addition to becoming more conscious of how setbacks and disappointments show up in your life. Tension, failure, and detours are the ultimate route to success. Capricorn is tenacious, supremely so.

They know how to pick themselves up, become the best versions of themselves, and tackle each problem that arises. The energy increases problem-solving, solution driven innovation, creativity, and intellect, and a positive balanced with pragmatic mindset.

Resourcefulness merges with ambition and tenacity now. A deep and yearning desire for material success and prosperity should fill your mind. If you lack in the earth element, it would be wise to seek this out.

Ruled by the 10th house of professionalism, prestige, and social success, honor, fame, achievements, and ambition, a Capricorn Full Moon brings a sense of completion in these areas. The universal message is to fine-tune and perfect, bringing closure and completion.

In terms of the 10th house, this means professional victory, alignment, and final measures to ensure your livelihood or public image. Capricorn is a charming communicator, therefore communication delivered in a down-to-earth and sensual, yet equally direct and assertive way wins.

As a feminine earth sign with a masculine ruling planet, Capricorn is both magnetic and electric, receptive and active, passive and direct, gentle and bold, feminine and masculine, sensual and charismatic, reflective and upbeat, and a variety of other polar opposites.

This is less known in astrology- when thinking of the most balanced star signs, one wouldn’t automatically turn their attention towards Capricorn. But having a yin element and yang planet does make them very balanced, when exploring the details of the personality.

So, Capricorn’s harmonious psyche allows them to operate in a truly integrated and holistic way. This is why they are so modest, humble, and cool, calm, and collected; they have a variety of qualities and positive attributes to draw from.

If you’re looking for a colorful and eclectic personality mixed and merged with traditional and conservative values, this Capricorn Full Moon is a fabulous time for: talent acquisition, finances, business, work, career, family and home life, creativity, innovation, self-development, friendships, self-mastery, and self-development to skilled expertise or perfection.

Capricorn brings passion and charm to any project or real-world pursuit, yet there’s no risk of becoming lost to fantasy or illusions (like with water), going overboard on the wit and banter or logic (like with air), or becoming overzealous, too excited, or irresponsible (as is the case with fire).

‘Keeping it Real’- Being Rooted in Reality

And this brings us onto how Capricorn can keep it real. Reality is a keyword for this faithful and modest earth sign. Earth itself is tangible- its grounded, practical, and something we can feel and see with our physical senses.

Life force is strong, as is ancient wisdom, self-knowledge, and the ability to stay serious and stoic when it’s needed.

The Sun is actually in Cancer while the Moon is full in Capricorn, an emotional, spiritual, and deep water sign. Cancer is also Capricorn’s oppositie, so this is the perfect lunar cycle for balancing your emotional and instinctive, psychic, nature with your practical and self-aware side.

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You can be both intuitive and grounded, spiritually perceptive and responsible, and imaginative and practical. The Cancer Sun shines a light on imaginative, creative, and spiritual talents and gifts, as well as bringing a deeply nurturing, feminine, and protective vibration. This can have a number of meanings.

  1. Professional connections may be balanced with romantic feelings or needs, or greater platonic intimacy and affection can be provided to professional bonds.
  2. You may receive greater instinctual clues and triggers from the subtle planes, the universe, or your Higher Self into your path or legacy. Capricorn is about purpose, life path, and destiny- your career and social standing; Cancer represents your inner world- emotions, feelings, etc.
  3. You may find work or passion projects are brought home, to be completed in a nurturing and emotionally supportive environment. This can range from working in your home office becoming nomadic (part time or full time). An increase in remote or freelancing opportunities are possible.
  4. While Cancer rules the imagination and subtle and psychic impressions and instincts, Capricorn governs the disciplined and structured mind. This signifies a “perfect unification” or “wholeness” between your inner matriarch and inner patriarch. Cancer and Capricorn are like the mother and father of the zodiac respectfully.
  5. Finding better or perfect harmony between your work and home life, including being less of a workaholic or less domestic. This Full Moon guides us to find synergy between our emotional and maternal/paternal needs and our responsibilities in the real-world.

Take note! If you’re single, this is an excellent time to explore points 4 and 5 in self-reflection and introspection, and through self-care, dance, and sensual expression. If you’re married or in a loving partnership, this is a good opportunity for implementing the wisdom at hand. You should try to come together with your lover or spouse, as mature conversations are favored.

A heart-to-heart could be in order. Alternatively, you may want to encourage your soulmate or partner to practice connecting to both their emotional intelligence and instincts, and logical and analytical side in equal measure. The same is true for yourself- this is a great area for self-improvement.

As Capricorn symbolizes self-mastery, you can really balance your emotional side with your intellectual self. Contemplate the Capricorn qualities, taking note, specifically, of earth’s “yin” nature and masculine planet Saturn’s “yang” qualities. Unification is in divine order.

Reputable Connections

Climbing the social ladder combined with manifestations of accomplishments, recognition, and achievements in your community or societal groups are a main focal point. Our reputations are being known and shown. As Capricorn’s ruler represents karma (the Lord of Karma), the spotlight is now on past charitable, bad, or right or wrong deeds.

Both your professional goals and your motivations for finding success and/or financial abundance can be explored, or, they will be made clear through the karmic repercussions. You may find a considerable increase in wealth, status, or clients. Promotions are very possible.

Bosses and superiors are noticing hard work and talent, moreover any past action or intention rooted in sincerity and tenacity will be brought up for retribution. Justice is served during a Capricorn Full Moon.

If you’ve slacked, been frivolous, or chosen a partying and promiscuous lifestyle over hustle, hard work, or goals and aspirations, your physical circumstances will surely show it now. “The proof is in the pudding” applies to Capricorn energy more than with any other sign.

Unlike Sagittarius before them, Capricorn doesn’t mind sacrificing fun and lay for big dreams and aspirations. In fact, Capricorn takes the visionary and big-picture seeing attitude of Sagittarius and transforms it into something grounded, something that will produce wealth and future abundance.

This is what astrology is, an evolution of the signs… hence why Aries is considered the most unevolved and primitive, ruled by warrior planet Mars, and Pisces, the Old Souls, are the most spiritual and evolved; as the 12th sign.

Well, Capricorn is the 10th sign, so very close to the final stage of self-actualization and enlightenment. For any loyal readers, think back to the last Capricorn post (New Moon) and the image of the mountain goat positioned impossibly on the mountain’s edge!

Capricorn is a master of solutions, problem-solving, and natural and honest communication, and this translates as reputable community and social connections. Honesty, loyalty in professional partnerships, faithfulness, devotional qualities, sincerity, sobriety, self-discipline, and honor can be found and enhanced.