Full Moon in Scorpio: May 5th, 2023

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May’s Full Moon: Soul Visions from Another World

This is one of the most significant eclipses in the 3-year cycle that began on November 19th, 2021, with the first (Lunar) Eclipse in Taurus.

This special transit ends on October 28th, 2023 with a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, so it’s an excellent time for expanding on intentions already set and plans put into motion, in addition to planting new seeds to take you to the end of the year.

It’s a powerful lunar transit for understanding, deeper self-awareness, and compassion merged with regulations and boundaries aligned with respect…

Key things to be aware of:-

  • Scorpio is the sign of the shaman, so when there’s a Lunar Eclipse coupled with a Full Moon in intuitive Scorpio, the focus is on visions and ideas that can be received from connecting to the ethereal and spiritual planes.
  • Scorpio has two planetary rulers, an ancient one, Mars and a current one Pluto. This brings a huge dose of power and passion to this month’s Full Moon. Themes of power, respect, and instincts feature strongly with both of these planets, and while Mars symbolizes vitality, masculine sexuality, willpower, and energy; Pluto represents rebirth, alchemical transformation, intuition, and emotional depth & intensity.
  • The main element associated with this moon is water, the quality is Fixed, and Scorpio’s glyph is the Scorpion.

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How this Full Moon is affecting you personally:-

Fire signs (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius)

Visionary powers of perception and understanding are available for your artistic and creative ventures, so this is where your abundance lies now. The cosmic message is to keep the faith: even if you don’t see results or financial rewards in this current chapter of your life, you should remain patient.

You have a tendency to “give up” due to impulse and a lack of instant gratification (this is especially true for Aries and Sagittarius!), yet this is the most self-sabotaging behavior you could do.

Life-changing opportunities, financial prosperity, and big emotional and love-related rewards await you if you can keep the faith, hold the course, and lose the impulsion as well as the need to see physical benefits now. Living in the moment is one thing, but many things in life require commitment, staying-power, and loyalty…

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn)

Your key to victory and personal growth lies in how well you are able to manage the needs and feelings of others, without coming across as controlling or demanding. Emotions are a main theme for you, which brings emotional intensity, wisdom, and intelligence, areas you naturally excel. You’re more empathic than superficial or narcissistic, and you have a real gift for considering others’ needs and emotions.

This is what’s in focus for you now, and it’s further affecting your home, love, and family life, and your professional connections. You might have to micromanage, multitask, or step up into self-leadership.

Scorpio highlights your inner strength, self-authority, and ability to be a boss! Many skills and forgotten talents can be found now, so don’t be afraid to change up your routine to make space for new gifts and beliefs.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius)

Working on your communication skills is the way to see big progress in your career and professional services, but this shouldn’t take away from your need for introspection. This is one of the most introspection and soul-searching vibed-aligned moons of the year for you.

You’re being called to spend sufficient time in rest and solitude, to reflect, contemplate, and perfect gifts and abilities unique to you. If you don’t you may become very ungrounded, further succumbing to personal triggers that can bring out your worst side. Superficiality, aggression, and anger, moreover unhealed and ignored wounds and emotional triggers, may be an occurrence now.

The key to move away from this is to explore your true feelings, emotions, and desires in life. Ask yourself what you seek in your relationships, what your true passions are, and how you envision your future. Then, act on it. Small changes are what’s needed…

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces)

It’s a magical time of synchronicities, community connections, and new professional and soulmate (personal) bonds that will quite literally change your life. But, you have some depressive and manipulative qualities you need to overcome first.

Even for those of you who are self-mastered and have spent a lot of time healing and working on yourself will find your shadow trickling out in daily interactions and communications. We all have a dark side, and yours is that you can be quite emotional, super-sensitive, and therefore manipulative or prone to depression.

Be mindful of this. Positively, magic is all around you and your soul-self is energized. People see your strengths, shine, and genuine nature, which provides amazing new connections and work opportunities. You will find your passions coupled with your greatest heart’s desires become your vocation or career. Stay appreciative and positive for bliss and increased intimacy. Isolation is not advised!

Spiritual Revelations & Sparks of Higher Consciousness

This Scorpio moon is all about accessing higher planes of consciousness. As one of the most spiritual signs, Scorpio represents a deep and organic cord to the shamanic, subtle, and astral worlds.

They are the sign of the shaman, the shapeshifter with seer-like qualities who can navigate multiple realms. Multidimensional wisdom, awareness, and connection is strong for you now, while Higher Self insights become much more frequent and vivid.

For example, you may be doing something normal- a mundane or regular daily task, and a flash of higher guidance or revelation may flow to you. It’s common to have expanded memories of past lives and past chapters of this life when we were in a more spiritual and elevated vibration.

Consciousness is a vast and sometimes funny thing. We continuously shed layers of ourselves, gaining wisdom and experience with age and maturity.

We go through many distinct life chapters and periods, and sometimes we don’t remember them! The potent vibration of an awakening, intense period of isolation and reflection that led to our greatest illumination, or an actual meditation retreat, extrasensory experience, or cycle of going deep into the underworlds can be forgotten.

Entering the shadow realms where depth, intensity, and higher consciousness are present and prominent can be pushed down to our subconscious- the conscious mind sees it as something ‘abnormal,’ so the memory, and thus the vibration, is not available to us under normal circumstances. This Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio helps to reawaken it

Scorpio Spirit Animal featured graphic
Libra – the Scales, detail from the Horoscope from ‘The book of birth of Iskandar”

The shadow self as well as our link to the shadow realms come into full awareness. This is the mysterious depths of the soul and psyche, the parts of Self we know are real and present, yet we choose to neglect. This is because waking life is primarily centered around consciousness, solar forces, and the sun, while darkness and the shadow realms relate to the moon.

Scorpio is a master of entering the darker places of the soul. And this is where extraordinary spiritual gifts and powers arise, in addition to wisdom from the deep blue; the astral, subconscious, and multidimensional dream and ethereal planes… Now is the perfect time to “get deep.” Real deep- nothing superficial.

Do a water cleanse or fast. Detox your physical body to clear away old energy systems, toxic mindsets, and limiting belief systems. Take up a morning or evening qi gong, kundalini yoga, or walk in the forest routine. Start your day with lemon water and green tea.

Meditate for 5- 10 minutes upon waking. Hold your crystals more, spend more time doing “nothing” in nature, and engage in mindful eating, choosing only high in life force organic foods as your primary energy source.

Learn about the different ancient Goddess archetypes, which are non-gender specific! Consider attending a sound circle, drumming workshop, or poetry or moon circle. The list is endless. Spiritual vibrations pour out into the subtle and astral planes, and all of our auras are more open to receiving them than usual.

Coupled with all of these wonderful pathways to the depths of your greatest Self is the increasing of the innate desire to explore your shamanic roots. Spiritual avenues are not synonymous with shamanism (although they do help, and are linked); shamanism is a unique vibration that involves a specific set of beliefs, practices, and tools to reach ascended consciousness.

So, consider buying a book on shamanic spirit animals, tribal and aboriginal practices, or shamanic healing gifts. Research local authentic practitioners and healers in your area, and receive a healing session- or attend a circle or workshop.

Many people excelled in the healing arts, such as reiki healers and other well-being practitioners, have combined shamanic techniques with their healing practice and service.

It’s not uncommon nowadays, the East and West have certainly merged… Be open to the wonders, wisdom, and mysteries the subtle planes have to offer. Connecting to your spiritual source of power is excellent for all areas of life that seek improvement.

Ideas & Creative Vision from the Subtle Planes

Visionary creations that come from the spiritual worlds are a key theme, and something that can lead to not only extraordinary creations in the artistic and imaginative fields, but progress and advancement in love, health, career, family, home life, and professional success.

This Scorpio Full Moon activates our intuition combined with our psychic powers. Pluto’s energy is transformative, soul sparking, and catalytic- it energizes rebirth, spiritual powers, and divinity. We are better able to see through manipulation and deception, get to the root of illusion, and discern.

Scorpio’s energy is regenerative, so outdated, limiting, and self-destructive cycles become void in the light of spiritual perception and higher awareness. Clear sight, vision, and powerful intuition are amplified.

This is therefore a great lunar cycle for closing old chapters. An old relationship, flame, dead-end job, career that might not be serving you anymore, living situation, or family dynamic can be let go of with love and empathy. Scorpio is not only a symbol for power and ambition, but for gentleness, caring, loyalty, sensitivity, and kindness.

As a water sign, Scorpio shares the main attributes of Cancer and Pisces, the two most compassionate and unconditionally loving signs of all 12. Sparking the Higher Self brings awareness to our lower selves, which includes the shadow self and subsequent personality (toxic) traits.

This then allows us to make decisions with our higher mind intact- logic, discernment, and intuition. We no longer wish to choose cycles and patterns of relating, communicating or acting that don’t serve our highest and best selves, because we now see with clarity. Faith and hope for a brighter world are linked here.

Scorpio has mastered the art of walking by both faith and logic. They’re connected to the imaginative, etheric, and spiritual planes just as much as they are to the real-world where money, finances, security, practicalities, ambitions, and the pursuit of resources take precedence.

Fire and water influence us strongly over this Full Moon (remember that Scorpio has two planetary rulers- a fiery one and a watery one!). In terms of new ideas and creative visions, this signifies you will find potent change and transformation in a number of fields. Those who work in the film, media, creative, publishing, speaking, healing, spiritual, coaching, counseling, musical, or performing fields will feel the level up.

Simultaneously, anyone working in business, management, politics, science, organizational and analytical roles, and more traditional fields will get a boost. Subtle perception and the evolved instincts that arise from it are not just limited to the spiritual, creative, or healing fields (gifts associated with the water signs). 

It would be wise, however, to create some time and space to actively and deliberately connect to the imaginative planes. Any project or vocation will receive amplified vibrations of insights, wisdom, and guidance verging on ‘genius’ level. It’s a great time for creatives, poets, writers, musicians, visionaries, and dreamers of all kinds! Are you a boss, manager, or CEO?

You can equally benefit by remembering the importance of your ‘right brain.’ I.e. it’s not all about logic, reason, or mental analysis. Being able to engage in “free flow” and imaginative thinking, as well as choosing intuition and gut instincts over logic, are key to a successful and abundant career.