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What Incense Should You Use on a New Moon Night? (& How)

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Written by: Tina Caro

New moon… what a wonderful time to set intentions, plant seeds for our dreams to come true, and do some magic! I love the new moon as it makes me feel a new chapter is opening and I can start brand new!

If you love the new moon as much as I do, this article will teach you about incense, which is a great ally for enhancing your energy and helping it get in tune with the lunar energy! Let’s find out the best incense for the new moon and how to use them!


On a New Moon night, ideal for new beginnings and setting intentions, choose specific incense to enhance the energies of your ritual.

Frankincense can help purify and communicate intentions, Myrrh aids in transformation and release of the past, and Sandalwood promotes grounding and clarity.

Lavender’s soothing properties foster relaxation and clear thinking. You can also use moon incense blends designed for moon rituals.

Additionally, consider sage or Palo Santo for space purification and cedar for creating a sacred and protected environment.

Always set clear intentions and connect with the New Moon’s energies mindfully during your ritual.

The most effective incense for New Moon

These are the best incenses for new moon! Make sure you choose the best one according to the kind of blessings you would like to attract and the ultimate goal you would like to accomplish with this lunar phase!

*I found the best quality incense on Etsy. I wasn’t happy with what I found on Amazon! I also suggest that you check what local shops nearby have in stock.


You can buy them on Etsy

Myrrh is a complex essence and contains many different energies. Myrrh thrives in full sun and was used in ancient Egyptian rites as an incense of Ra, so the solar correspondence is evident. The plant’s thorns and dark, blood-like resin also lead to an association with Mars.

However, most esoteric scholars associate Myrrh with the Moon, particularly the phase of the Black Moon. A secondary planetary correspondence would be Saturn, which rules darkness and death.

As for the Wicca current, Myrrh is most frequently associated with the element of water, closely related to the Moon. Indeed, myrrh certainly has some watery attributes such as its links with pain, contemplation, and the womb. Myrrh leads us into the depths of emotion to work its healing magic.

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You can buy them on Etsy

Famous, well-known, and very important, frankincense is a resin with incomparable esoteric magical virtues that is made to exude, from Boswellia. Important support for any type of religious magical practice, by its characteristics, it can adequately replace any other resin or herb in a mixture of herbs.

It is used for consecrations, purifications, exorcisms, propitiations, spells, psychic faculties, religious rituals, meditation, visions, divination, clearing the aura, spirituality, luck. Frankincense is a very valuable support for any type of consecration and purification thanks to its incomparable magical virtues.

Auspicious every spell and occult practice by stimulating the will and psychic faculties of the operator. Due to its universal qualities, it can worthily replace any other resin or plant compound.

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You can buy them on Etsy

Benzoin is used in rituals of prosperity, protection, exorcism, purification, and luck and is a powerful protector when used in domestic environments. Benzoin attracts all that is good and drives away negative energies.

It is a resin whose essence offers comfort during sadness and helps with mental focus. Try lighting a Benzoin incense during a Tarot reading or divination with the Runes. It should help you to get more in touch with your psychic awareness.

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When to use them?

You can use incense when the new moon is at its peak but also the day before the peak and the day after it! If you have some intentions you want to work on, some dream to plan and some magic to perform, they can help you with everything.

How to use them?

You can light the incense on the night of a new moon and purify your altar (especially if you are going to cast some new moon spell) or simply light it up and let it burn all by itself with an incense holder (if you are using sticks)

Tips for using incense on New Moon nights

Set IntentionsBefore lighting the incense, set clear intentions for your New Moon ritual or meditation session.
Cleanse the SpaceUse the incense to cleanse and purify the ritual space, creating a sacred and energetically clear environment.
Focus on Lunar EnergyChoose incense that resonates with lunar energy and the qualities you wish to embody during the New Moon phase.
Perform RitualsIncorporate the incense into your New Moon rituals, such as meditation, intention setting, or divination practices.
Follow Safety PrecautionsAlways practice fire safety when using incense, ensuring proper ventilation and keeping flammable objects away.

Sticks or grains?

It’s your call! I love sticks and they work just great for me but if you want to use grains, you can totally do that!

Do I need a burner?

If you are going to use grains yes, an incense burner is a mandatory tool to burn grains safely, but if you are going to use an incense stick, you don’t need one. However, you might consider using an incense holder, especially if you want to leave the incense burn all by itself.

A prayer to chant while using incense for New Moon

You can chant these words out loud if you want, and let the moon know you are ready for what’s next and that you are channeling your energy to make some magic happen. If you want, you can also recreate your own custom prayer with your own words!

“New Moon
Feel my energy
Feel my magic
Bless my dreams
My heart and soul are open to you
A new phase
A new chapter
A new project
A new me
Might my energy be in tune with yours
Might this incense strengthen our bond
Blessed be”

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How to get rid of sticks after a session is done?

When you are done using incense, you can dispose of it in two ways: you can blow the ashes outside into the wind or you can bury it in a field to let the incense get back to earth. Do what you feel is the best option for you and your practice!

Where can you buy incense for New Moon?

Online, you can find endless brands offering amazing incense specifically designed for the new moon. Combining many incenses can enhance its effects, but watch out! Some of them may seem like great products but they are not the organic, natural, or high-quality incenses for new moon that you need to rely on to make some magic!

To prevent any disappointing experiences, always read the product’s description, check previous clients’ feedback and opinions about the brand and then try to learn more about the history and philosophy yourself. If you have a trusted herbalist nearby, you can ask for some guidance with tips and tricks on what to choose and how to use it.

Only make sure the incenses are high quality so you can truly enjoy the magic and the properties of the incense you are going to use while using safe incenses for your health as well.

If you want to create a better future and you would like to use magic, but you don’t feel comfortable with casting the spell yourself, don’t forget I can help you with my spell casting service!

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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