New Moon in Aries: March 21th, 2023

What is the Moon phase tonight?

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March’s New Moon: Personal Awakening Vs Ambition

This March’s New Moon occurs a day after the Equinox, the same time the Sun enters Aries too. This signifies some major synchronicity and alignment. To have a New Moon align with a new season and an Equinox suggests that big personal awakenings, transformation, and change are in store.

Catalytic shifts are influencing us all, however, Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn will likely feel the changes more than others.

Key things to be aware of:-

  • Strengths to tune into and become: passionate, enthusiastic, energetic, optimistic, extroverted, sociable, charming, charismatic, innovative, intelligent, forceful/assertive, bold, courageous, driven, ambitious, direct, electric, and a self-leader.
  • Weaknesses to be mindful of: aggressive, domineering, tyrannical, arrogant, blunt, selfish, narcissistic, impulsive, impatient, and overly competitive.
  • Aries is a Cardinal fire sign ruled by Mars, the planet of action, will, energy, competition, and masculine sexuality. There’s a lot of passion, excitement, and ambitious vibrations to connect to…

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How this New Moon is affecting you personally:-

Fire signs (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius)

There’s a cosmic portal of higher vibrational energies for you to get ahead of the competition, shine, and show the world what you’re made of. Luckily, there’s a fabulous blend of subtle-spiritual energies and powerful competitive & bold vibrations for you to tune into. Speaking, writing, performing, entertaining, and stepping into the spotlight are where you’ll find the most joy and success at this time. Creativity and self-expression can lead to considerable abundance, as well as new opportunities for partnerships, collaborations, and increased income.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn)

Contrary to the deeply grounded and stabilizing vibes of the Full Moon, this New Moon represents your passionate and optimistic side that can be connected to, to inspire, lead, and teach others. You possess evolved inner stability and security, a type of practical wisdom and awareness that can be used to help others step into their true path with greater responsibility. Good news for you: you run the least risk of letting excitement overrule you, so it’s one of the best moons for ambitious and practical pursuits.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius)

Now is the time to let your wild side out. Chances are you’ve been so focused on intellectual and higher mental pursuits for a long time, so you’ve forgotten the importance of liberated primal, sexual, or innocent play! Friendships, romance, and platonic connections that provide a sense of authentic connection and chemistry are what your soul needs now. Whether you’re looking to enhance business bonds and your savings account or interpersonal relationships, platonic play & intimacy coupled with romance are very much needed. Let yourself feel free with others who inspire, energize, or make you feel attractive.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces)

Your key to victory and well-being lies in past synchronous events; memories, cycles, and experiences that made you feel connected to ‘all that is.’ Synchronicities that happened at other significant cycles are the key to your continued expansion and self-evolution, for example, catalytic meetings, new bonds formed, and ideas sparked from previous supermoons, equinoxes, and so forth. Past karma and good deeds are returning to you, while visionary works and seeds planted are growing into beautiful buds, trees, and rare plants… You get the idea!

Passion That Leads to Innovation

At a higher vibration, this Aries moon brings immense passion and life force that can lead to innovative new structures and solutions. Aries is a leader, a warrior, and a self-starter. But, there are some impulsive and childish tendencies you may need to work through first, especially the usually impatient and quick to temper or get excited ones amongst us. Aries is the first sign, which makes them both ‘the Child’ and a self-leader.

Positively, when this energy is channeled correctly, it can manifest as striving for our goals with sheer strength and determination. There is no one quite as ambitious, headstrong, and persevering as Aries. The child archetype at a higher vibration symbolizes passion and enthusiasm alchemized into something groundbreaking, such as innovative, creative, and intellectual masterpieces!

This Aries New Moon is unique and even special too, as it’s coupled with the transition into Aries season and the Equinox. This reminds me of the powerful events in March 2015, which saw the Equinox, a Supermoon in Pisces, and Solar Eclipse.

Think back to this time in 2015; can you think of anything big that happened then? Did you plant some important seeds or see real-life manifestations occur during this potent cosmic opening?

Chances are, something happened during this time that can help you now, during this Aries New Moon. Time spirals around- time is, in fact, an illusion. Everything is interconnected. Simultaneously, explore what ideas may have come to you through visions, dreams, or subtle guidance in meditation.

Did you write anything in a journal? Jot some notes down that you couldn’t process logically, but knew on some level were important to a future cycle. Instincts are part of both Pisces and Aries core nature. Any messages or subconscious clues received 8 years ago might have been guidance from your Higher Self for some extraordinary creation or a sign as to your true path or purpose.

If you need to clean or do household or work chores regularly, consider how you can rewire your mind to see the lesson, teaching, or pleasure in such mundane tasks… Creating a sacred space within leads to enhanced productivity and sacredness outside. Simultaneously, retraining neurological structures in your brain during tasks and chores increases a pure and clean mind, as the repetition of this new mindset changes habits and beliefs over time.

Aries Spirit Animal featured graphic
Virgo, the Virgin, detail from the Horoscope from ‘The book of birth of Iskandar”

Connect to the source of your true nature, which undoubtedly includes your passions. Return to Source, to sacred essence, and to the primal and spiritual life force that enables wholeness within and around.

Although Aries isn’t typically associated with spirituality, we’ve only just come out of Pisces season at the time of the moon. This means that Pisces energies and themes are still trickling into our subconscious.

Take some time for meditation, yoga, healing and introspection activities, and prayer and ceremonial work to inspire ambitions.

There’s no reason to have to choose, you can be spiritual and ambitious, empathic and headstrong, extrasensory-gifted and intellectual, etc… Further, this Aries moon brings to light your ability to act with energy. It’s not a time to slack, although introspection and rest are called for, for the purpose of soul alignment.

Transcend Comfort Zones

Transcending comfort zones through seeking adventure, travel, and play are integral to this Aries New Moon. Aries is not just strong-willed and concerned with achieving success. They’re also incredibly playful and fun-loving.

Consider how new hobbies and activities combined with adventurous pursuits can inspire increased ambitions, willpower, and so forth.

Aries is skilled in finding intellectual and professional inspiration within the realm of fun and pleasure. There’s nothing wrong with combining pleasure and play with work and your ability to create abundance and success. Some of this world’s best creations have come from a palace of pure rest, relaxation, and imagination. This requires a relaxed and at ease mental state. Stress doesn’t serve anyone, so be mindful of your stress levels as well as how open you are to staying ‘chilled.’

Actual travel, new hobbies and vocations that involve taking regular trips, and outings for recreation, culture, learning, work, or creativity might appeal to you now more than ever. Homebodies and people who like their comfort zones benefit a lot from this lunar cycle. Playing safe isn’t one of Aries’ strengths.

They’re attracted to the glam, fame, and material things in life. When integrated in moderation and with some sensuality, sensitivity, and soul still intact, this opens doorways to professional and educational advancement like you’ve never seen before. It’s an exciting time for anyone wanting to leave behind outdated or limiting structure and routines; feeling oppressed or suppressed and controlled is not an option during this lunar transit.

In saying this, there is a dual-side to this aspect. Pursuing excitement and adventure can bring out the worst sides of some, specifically those who are prone to impulsion and a lack of self-control (fire and air signs, take note!).

Aries’ shadow includes being controlling and overly forceful- a tendency to dominate, overpower, and intimidate to show strength and power is common. At the same time, people who tend to be submissive, shy, and gentle, verging on passive, can be taken advantage of during this cycle. So, fiery and aggressive people should watch out and develop greater mindfulness for self-control, equally not falling into shadow traits.

Sensitive and submissive people need to watch out for being used, bullied, or overpowered, as feeling suppressed and silenced during this important time can have negative consequences on their/your self-esteem, in addition to your ability to shine and express your talents, gifts, and abilities.

In either case, detaching from social environments and situations is key to professional, emotional, and spiritual expansion. Also to ultimate well-being and health. Although it is a social cycle; for one, the Aries moon makes us want to socialize and connect with others… Secondly, Equinox is a call to celebration and community… Introspection is still important.

Another negative influence is the tendency toward drama some of us may experience. This can not only prevent growth, but backtrack us from any progress we may have spent a long time creating in previous cycles.

Come to terms with your own shadow by learning about your personal astrology, numerology, and any other key learning tools for self-development. This is paramount for the next theme.

Personal Awakening and Transformation

There’s a strong theme of personal transformation and awakening. Contrary to Aries being one of the most controlling signs, at a lower vibration, there’s an immense inner pull to break free of limiting and oppressive structures.

A strong inner burning drive to break free of anything that limits or restricts us will overcome us, and this can range from work or home environments to limitations we’ve put on ourselves- consciously or unconsciously- in previous cycles. A burst of energy and life force provides the momentum needed for a change of circumstance.

Catalytic events may become more common and frequent, regardless of how minor or major. Synchronicities will also show up in your life more regularly, and for some of us there will be a sensation of “paradigm shift.” Unexpected changes and new conditions that stir up our world will increase.

This is the perfect time to plant new seeds, both literal and metaphorical, for fresh new beginnings in wealth, career, love, social and friendship groups, and your life path.

As physical instincts and vitality are heightened, you can make the most of this particularly fiery and impulsive transit to work on controlling your sexual and physical urges. Some of us (speaking to your earth signs!) are deeply self-controlled, however many of us aren’t.

This signifies that we’re overruled by primal passions, strong libido, and more of a monkey mind or reptile brain than anything angelic, pure, or swan-like. (The swan symbolizes grace, tranquility, inner beauty, sensuality, and peace…)

So, the key to your success lies in self-accountability. To be accountable means to live with integrity, honesty, and a level of self-control, further embodying some degree of discipline and emotional mastery.

Aries the Child is impulsive, ruled by desire, and extremely immature, yet Aries the leader is a powerful and skilled warrior that knows when to keep their cool and when to speak up or act. How your next few weeks go are really up to you.