New Moon in Taurus: May 19th, 2023

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May’s New Moon: Grounded Spirituality & Practical Determination

Although not coupled with an eclipse, this New Moon is highly significant because it occurs just after the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, meaning that it shares a resonance with the 3 year Scorpio-Taurus eclipse season.

This New Moon is all about practical wisdom and vision, hard work, determination, kindness, benevolence, and grounded spirituality. Fixed signs benefit the most from this lunar transit, although all of the earth and water signs (or anyone with a strong water and earth placement) get just as many upgrades and benefits!

Key things to be aware of:-

  • Strengths to embody and tune into: practical, hard working, determined, resourceful, kind, generous, sincere, benevolent, empathic, compassionate, harmony-seeking, strong-willed, tenacious, responsible, dutiful, devoted, disciplined, and sensitive.
  • Weaknesses to be mindful of: rigid opinions, inflexible mindsets, extreme stubbornness, idleness, laziness, and lethargy.
  • Taurus is the earth sign with the glyph of the Bull, is Fixed in nature, and is ruled by Venus. Taurus is a lover who is attracted to all the finer things in life, including beauty, luxury, material comforts and possessions, sensuality, romance, and sincere connections. These themes take precedence leading up to, during, and after the New Moon.

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How this New Moon is affecting you personally:-

Fire signs (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius)

This is a smooth lunar cycle where you feel strong and secure in your visions and goals. You enjoy the practical and responsible nature of this New Moon, because it gives you a chance to shine.

You’re instinctively aware that some situations call for leadership, and while others are focusing on personal goals and inter-relations, you can step up and be noticed. If a collaborative effort calls for a boss or leader, you might be the person for the job. Trust your intuitive feelings, as you could simultaneously be more worthwhile in a supportive role where your ideas and passions help contribute to the team effort.

At home, be mindful of how you speak to others, as well as adopting a more sensitive and gentle approach. Minor anger could prevent progress made, creating temporary separation and disconnection.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn)

This is an amazing cycle for seeking a promotion or similar. Your professional life is evolving in exciting new directions, and it’s the best time of the year for you to make yourself known. You feel more free and liberated than ever, which is positively impacting your confidence levels.

You want to be seen, heard, and respected, so merging modesty and humility with a ‘social butterfly’-like attitude is advised. Being seen as sensitive, graceful, and modest is a good thing, and when combined with fiery optimism, passion, and assertive communication can lead to big wins in your career or workplace.

Further, your health will be brought to attention, so remember to honor your physical body with healthy diet choices and daily self-care routines. Health and fitness are intrinsically tied into your professional success and financial security/rewards.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius)

Taurus rules the 2nd house of material wealth and possessions, and this is what will be largely playing on your mind at this time. The way you make your money and support yourself will come into focus, while making work decisions based on integrity, honesty, and fairness will determine the level of prosperity and luck you receive. If you’ve made good decisions in the past, you will surely see fruitful rewards.

Cutting corners, playing dirty, or not embodying adequate levels of purity and professionalism, however, may produce a different type of karma. You start to see the true meaning of ‘we create our fates’ now. It’s never too late to change your behaviors, attitudes, and actions, but if you’re already on a righteous path you will only see positive manifestations amplify and expand.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces)

Is it time to finally meet your soulmate? Love is on your mind, and here’s an astrological secret: Taurus is the perfect soul-companion for you! If you can’t find the perfect Turus lover, the other earth signs are excellent substitutes; the same is true for fellow water signs. Many water signs stay single for quite a white after having their hearts broken- disappointments in love can really weigh you down, and you’re so sensitive and sincere that you need quite a lot of time to regain your strength and self-esteem.

Fortunately, you are a catch with a lot of positive qualities. It’s up to you to put yourself out there, mingle, and open your heart once again, however. If you’re already coupled up or are genuinely happy being single, this is a powerful time for forming new friendships and professional bonds.

The connections in your bond should serve your life purpose, the legacy you are creating, or the morals and ethical codes of conduct you live by. Evaluate, examine, and lose the rose-tinted glasses because it’s time to enter a brand new life chapter.

Grounded Vision and Spirituality

As an extremely benevolent, kind, and compassionate earth sign, Taurus represents our need to help, serve (with boundaries), and show off our more generous and kind sides. Taurus is a real giver, the opposite of being a taker.

This means they are fuelled by motivations of love, service, kindness, friendship, and generosity. They are extremely caring, loyal, and empathic and tend to see others as extended family… with boundaries.

Unlike some others, like sweet and illusion-prone Cancer or Pisces, Taurus is skilled in the art of being a sweet and sincere friend, colleague, and lover with boundaries. Respect is a keyword for them, and they know how to stand their ground when it’s needed.

This is something we can all perfect and fine-tune now, regardless of our personal birth charts. Acts of charity and selfless service will be swimming to the forefront of your conscious mind. This can range from packing up your possessions to go and join an eco-community to being more helpful in the workplace!

For those of you working an office, factory, or other set schedule/shift job, you will find yourself wanting to do kind things for your co-workers, like buying cake, fruits, or other yummy gifts to share; or taking on light responsibilities that can lead to enhanced feelings of community.

There is no “unity” in society, but there is in community! Community and society are very different, as they’re built off of different rules, morals, and codes of conduct.

This is what the Taurus moon steers us toward: pathways of community, cooperation, and togetherness- teamwork without losing touch of tradition or the boundaries that keep us safe.

Taurus, detail from the Horoscope from ‘The book of birth of Iskandar”

Further, this is a potent cycle to truly come to terms with the rules and regulations in your life, both at home and out in the great wide world. Taurus is traditional and committed to conservative values, yet is equally as freedom loving. They need security, structure, and impeccably strong foundations & roots while taking pleasure in the small things that bring them liberation (freedom).

Ruled by Venus, Taurus is the sign associated with pleasure-seeking, which includes beauty and self-care rituals that enhance self-esteem to bigger financial rewards and blessings that can help to build a strong foundation.

Also, seeking platonic and romantic intimacy through play, creativity, and authentic relating, in addition to being a hard-worker with a life purpose and secure path. All of these themes come into focus under the light of this New Moon.

As one of the most balanced moons in terms of grounded vision and spiritual energies, this lunar cycle helps you connect to your Higher Self in a grounded and down-to-earth way.

This is where the best visions, insights, and imaginative and spiritual revelations are possible! Taurus energy is strong and stable like a tree. We will all be feeling more grounded, in tune with the earth and our bodies, and sensual at this time… But, we’re also able to look past the mundane and trivial elements of life to tune into the subtle and ethereal vibrations, which includes subconscious wisdom, spiritual knowledge, and divine insights.

Meditation as well as other earthly sensations are key ways to bring out visionary and idealistic abilities that can lead to tangible growth and expansion.

Practicalities, Responsibilities, & Commitments

There’s an evolved sense of duty and service combined with a potent inner pull towards living up to our highest potential. The route to doing so lies in our responsibilities and commitments. People with a lot of earth in their natal charts tend to excel in this area, while those with lots of fire and air, which are known for being frustratingly impulsive and non-committal, are not that strong in this field.

So, this lunar cycle is the perfect transit for getting clear, getting real, and being the change you wish to see. It’s not about living in our heads, playing into fantastical notions of how life “could” be; it’s about actually implementing the change and doing the hard work. Effort and determination are required. Ideas and intentions must be met with practical steps to achieving everything that begins on an invisible level.

Taurus is a dreamer with idealistic tendencies, yet they also live in the real-world with advanced values of practical awareness and commitment. This is the message and key takeaway.

Home, family, and domestic life are highlighted now, as is your professional life and career. Anyone who’s come out of a hard-working cycle will see rewards for their labor, financial blessings, unexpected income or opportunities, promotions, and so forth. People who have yet to live up to their full potential are given an opportunity to transcend, evolve, and elevate.

The universal message is that slackers and wasters- the people who wish to give into mindful activities that keep them stuck in idleness, lethargy, and laziness (Taurus’ shadow) will be in for a rude awakening!

Life is not a free ride, and even the most lucky people who seem to always have fortune on their side need to go through significant bouts of envisioning, hard-work, and coming up with practical solutions and plans of action. This Taurus New Moon teaches us the meaning and life lesson of the importance of hard work and physical manifestation.

By all means, dream, envision, meditate, and get clear on your intentions; the subtle and invisible realms of thought and idea are integral to material wealth, comfort, and stability, moreover success. However, you must not get absorbed in the world of fantasy or illusion.

Venus’ influence can make some of us attracted to pleasure, beauty, and luxury in a way that manifests as having our heads in the clouds, or seeing everything through rose-tinted glasses. This isn’t healthy, nor does it lead to wish fulfillment.

Get grounded. Balance practicalities with vision and ideals, and remember that most things don’t magically rise from the ether. Yes, there are synchronicities, luck, and unexpected blessings associated with this moon, yet they come from a place of practical action.

Empathy and Sensitivity

The final main theme is the strong desires for connection, intimacy, and soul union. Friendships and romantic partnerships come under the spotlight, so now is the ideal time to strengthen the intimate bonds in your life. It’s simultaneously a great time for reconciliation, healing, and forgiveness, further the healing and soothing of emotional pains.

Taurus being ruled by Venus means that there’s a greater chance for depth, understanding, and empathy, in addition to compassion and handling conflicts or differences with sensitivity. Romance, which shouldn’t be equated with sexual needs or desires, replaces notions of conflict, violence, and aggression. There’s an anti-chaos feeling to this New Moon.

Almost all of us will be seeking harmony and cooperation over anything self-serving or rooted in a need for mayhem and malice.

This is therefore a great transit for hard conversations that require tact and empathy. Situations that stir feelings of fear or anxiety can be faced head-on know- instincts are heightened, and there’s a holistic vibe of knowing intuitively that people will respond to your words and intentions without explosive reactions or projection. Communication becomes more empathic and gracious during a Taurus New Moon.

Roles and duties can also be clearly established during this cycle, for example, who may need to take on a following or supportive role and who is more suited to being a leader or guide.

Boundaries can be strengthened by all parties that say, ‘this is a safe space for you to be yourself… we all respect each other here!’ Boundaries shouldn’t be equated with the need to control or intimate others nor seek dominance over another.

Boundaries, in Taurus’ case, signify respect, healthy rules and guidelines, and putting into place strong rules and restrictions for empathy, compassion, wisdom, righteousness, and kindness to flow.