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New Moon in Aquarius: February 9th, 2024

February’s New Moon: Community & Friendship Bonds and Social Contacts

This Aquarius moon is all about community and friendship bonds, social contacts, and the company you keep. Aquarius rules the 11th house of friendships, social groups, and clubs, as well as societal organizations.

Sisterhood and brotherhood come into the 11th house and Aquarius’ domain, so these themes will be showing themselves to you.

A second main theme is humanitarianism and charitable pursuits. As a Fixed sign, explore which planets, if any, fall in the Fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. This can lead to deeper self-discovery.

Key things to be aware of:-

  • Strengths to integrate: Logic, intuition, intellect, imagination, wit, altruism, humanitarianism, self-autonomy, independence, originality, inventiveness, playfulness, assertive, free-spirited, rebellious, confident, analytical, expressive, truthful, and passionate.
  • Weaknesses to watch out for: Rebellious, impulsive, impatient, immature, compulsive, aggressive, arrogant, emotionally detached and aloof, and reckless.
  • Aquarius is a Fixed sign ruled by Uranus, and with the element air.

About the Author

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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How this New Moon is affecting you personally:-

Fire signs (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius)

It’s an exciting new cycle for you and you won’t know whether you’re coming or going. But, you will be feeling very impulsive, reckless, and impatient. You have lots of goals and lots of plans, and a lot of energy! Your job is to tone it down, adopt patience, and try to stay more centered, calm, and serene within.

Money flow is going to be incredible if you can do this, so it’s well worth your time to “take a chill pill,” i.e. slow down, be mindful, and embody more gentle and tranquil energy. It’s from this space where true magic, opportunity, and vibrancy arise.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn)

It’s a good time to work out your long-term plans, as Aquarius is all about respect, practicalities, and responsibilities. Many Aquarius qualities clash with your slow and steady wins the race nature, however, two things that do agree with you are their capacity for respect and responsibilities.

You can find comfort and peace in creating a long-term plan of action, fine-tuning your visions, and coming to terms with longevity. You like to stay healthy, work hard, and apply a methodological, and wise touch. This makes you prone to a long and healthy life. If you focus on fortune, blessings and financial prosperity now, you will really enjoy this somewhat chaotic and overly zealous cycle. Stay in your own lane, and mind your business…

Air signs (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius)

Your love life is blossoming! Your passion, individuality, independence, charm, and wit are being shown to the right people, at least the people who matter to you. You’ve caught someone’s eye, or your lover is recognizing you’re the love of their life.

Romance and intimacy meet intellectual bonding now, while your emotions are being energized in a way that feels comfortable for you. You’re not as deep as some others, but you are very sensitive and sincere. If you wish to receive the luck, love, and prosperity you desire, make sure you show your heart; be vulnerable without losing your wonderful sense of independence and self-autonomy. The same lessons can be applied in business and work.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces)

Aquarius the Water-Bearer somewhat compliments your emotional and spiritual nature, although a shared resonance is found in creative vision, idealism, and altruistic values. Your empathy and compassion may be put to the test. You’re finally out of your shell, or the deep waters in which you swim… you are loving the joyful and youthful energy of this moon, and you’re actually feeling excited!

You may be in love or full of passion. So how do you respond in social situations? Is your calm, loving, and non-judgemental persona a front, only limited to your solitude or introspective time; or can you remain this way in social scenarios? The universe is testing you now, and if you rise to the occasion you will find a large pot of gold at the finish line.

Original and Inventive Thinking

Now is the time to think outside the box, to be more original, and strive for open mindedness. Aquarius pushes us towards a colorful and pragmatic attitude, adopting more philosophical and expansive ideas and mindsets.

Aquarius is also known as the Water-Bearer, the quirky and unique sign associated with ‘the Star’ in tarot. Like the Star, Aquarius pours water from a chalice into a pool, symbolizing the transition of thoughts and ideas into emotions and feelings.

Actually, in Aquarius’ case they draw information from the realm of instincts, feelings, and emotions and then make sense of things intellectually. This is why Aquarius is so gifted logically, intellectually, and analytically- cerebrally, mentally, psychologically, and so forth.

Your task is to activate your higher mind, strengthening your intuitive and logical muscles. An Aquarius moon is a call to intellectual independence and self-autonomy, which signifies being more open-minded and visionary while striving for analytical and logical integration.

As an air sign, Aquarius embodies powerful left and right brain attributes, which is not something to underestimate. This Aquarius moon guides you towards educational, professional, and intellectual pathways. You’re asked to think outside the box, broaden your mental horizons, and strengthen your mind.

Read more, watch and listen to podcasts, and fill your mind with good fuel; positive self-talk, optimism, healthy thoughts, loving intentions, etc. Visionary and idealistic qualities expand, but so do rationality and problem-solving.

Aquarius, detail from the Horoscope from ‘The book of birth of Iskandar”

There are multiple ways you can utilize this energy, like beginning a new course or field of study, starting a new line of work, or embarking on any path aligned to these themes. The world is literally your oyster. Aquarius inspires you to see unlimited potential, moreover to be positive and optimistic.

Even if times are currently hard, you might be in depression or idleness, for example, Aquarius the idealist and intellectual has a number of qualities you can draw from for self-evolution.

You might want to consider:

  • Creating a new vision board for a fresh 6 month cycle
  • Sending emails to opportunities online that interest you, requesting more information or application forms
  • Sending an apology email or writing a (private, keep it secret) letter after contemplating where forgiveness is needed… examine past wrongdoings
  • Joining a work-exchange-volunteer site and starting a whole new life cycle
  • Joining new social media groups or pages that inspire you
  • Starting your own blog, website, or social media page
  • Signing up to some free webinars that could lead to skill expansion and talent mastery or a future new career
  • Exploring your natal chart to see what planets fall in the 11th house, and then doing some contemplation or soul work/searching
  • Being more imaginative if you’re typically left-brain
  • Being more analytical if you’re typically right-brain
  • Harmonizing and integrating your logical left brain with your multidimensional right one, and then choosing a new hobby, skill set to master, or professional project
  • Immersing yourself in community and culture locally or further afield
  • Adopting more nomadic or tribal practices, values, and lifestyle habits
  • Changing your routine to suit a less conventional or traditional, and more original and inventive purpose
  • Finding new friends, you can speak to daily, either on the phone, by email, or in person, to keep you positive and inspired

Social Connections and Groups

This lunar cycle is all about the bonds you keep, from connections to social contacts and groups to organizations. This is an amazing time to broaden your horizons through seeking out alternative scenes, like conscious, eco, and spiritual festivals, or local sound healing events.

Holistic and alternative health is connected to Aquarius, as is spiritual practices and community groups. You might feel drawn or receive angelic or higher guidance to join Workaway or Wwoofing, where you can volunteer in exchange for food, shelter, and other wonderful perks, like connections and sometimes educational opportunities or qualifications!

Aquarius likes to meet people and connect. They enjoy trying new things, developing themselves, and gathering new information, skills, and hobbies or talents.

The cosmic theme now is to reach out, open your heart and mind, explore, and be open to new opportunities. Breaking away from destructive behaviors, habits, mindsets, people, places, relationships, and belief systems naturally leads to new and fresh perspectives and social bonds.

The key to success is to evaluate what is holding you back and preventing you from stepping into your true path, and then realigning and readjusting.

Uranus, Aquarius’ ruler, asks for change. Uranus brings in an evolutionary energy that readjusts you, steering you into greener pastures. Both online and in local communities, seeking social networks and opportunities can be highly beneficial for you now. Pragmatic and progressive change is called for.

So, socializing is favored over solitude now, although you should be aware of the link Aquarius has to lone wolf needs, the necessity for quiet time to reflect and gather information. Aquarius is both highly friendly and sociable and solitude-loving. The solitude aspect is the water element to the Water-Bearer.

The social aspect is the air part. Social connections and groups serve a higher purpose, but only to educate, inspire, and teach. Aquarius’ shadow includes arrogance and selfishness, they can be incredibly impulsive and self-centered!

Thus, if you choose to speak, act, or lead, make sure you’re doing so from a genuine place. This is an inner place of wanting to create change, to inspire or uplift people with your words or wisdom.

It’s important that you do keep your ego in check because letting it run wild, and cause havoc, can create negative karmic repercussions. As the ruler of the 11th house, it’s paramount your energy and actions are aligned to unity consciousness, loving connection, and altruistic values.

Seeds planted now reap positive and negative rewards, depending on how pure and true your energy is. At a higher vibration, Aquarius is all about truth, higher perspectives, new technologies and consciousness, and ideals that influence the collective.

I.e. Does this path, word, or action allow others to access their innate talents, heal, evolve, or shine? You can be a really amazing and shiny individual during this Aquarius moon, while equally inspiring and helping others. Lose the competition. Lose the need to win or come first.

Be more concerned with altruistic, helpful, and kind-hearted concerns. Sociability is strong, and with this comes self-sovereignty, self-autonomy, and freedom to be unique and original. But, the ego might try to seep through to destroy your divine plans… Be mindful. Aways breathe and return to your center before speaking, moving, or acting.

Uranus: The Planet of Change and Rebellion!

Uranus is a unique planet ruling change, revolution, conscious evolution, and all sorts of new technologies, ideas, and holistic and alternative themes. What a time to be alive, in other words!

But, with Uranus comes unconscious rebellion, immaturity, and impatience; we want everything now, now, now, now… We want to see results immediately, see the money in our account months before its due, or achieve “that specific goal” in a way our higher selves know is unrealistic.

Despite Aquarius being known for their high levels of practicality and respect, this moon can make us quite impractical and ungrounded. The cerebral buzzy and upbeat enthusiastic energy leads to sometimes extreme impulsiveness and impatience.

So much innovation and originality can lead to explosive reactions birthed from clashes in needs and opinions. If you’re operating in a team, be very careful of unconscious triggers…

Hidden and repressed or pushed down emotions can come burning to the surface, creating an angry and out of control individual (yourself or others). Groups can fall apart, months to years of hard work can go undone, and lots of good intentions can be lost if this occurs.

Always stay mindful. Slow down, return to your senses, and think about your reputation. Think about respect too, despite what instincts may be telling you in the moment. Gut feelings acted on from fleeting thoughts or impatient needs, ideas, and concepts born from a rush of excitement aren’t always right. There can be a brain-heart or mind-body/feelings disconnection during this Aquarius moon.

Why? Because Aquarius is very emotionally avoidant, they’re detached and aloof. They can be childish too, at least in the realm of emotional depth, intelligence, and sensitivity. The key point to take away is to watch out for the shadow traits listed. Obsessive behavior is something else to consider.

Positively, Uranus inspires us to seek or create change, and this opens many prosperous doorways. From the new ideas listed like Workaway or Wwoofing to seeking expansion professionally in your social and online communities, this is a potent lunar cycle for self-development.

Finally, as air is a yang or masculine quality, you can, 1. Work on your physical health to enhance your cerebral and cognitive gifts, and, 1. Seek to embody the opposite qualities through working with yin energies- water/emotional and earth/practical influences.