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The Magickal Spot Foundation

When we were thinking about creating our own Foundation, our curiosity made us type in Google ‘Most Philanthropic Companies in the World’. Did you know that the biggest companies are giving billions of dollars every year to some XYZ organizations.

Just look at this:

Where Are America’s Charity Dollars Going?

That made us think for a moment, and when this moment passed we knew that we need to create our own foundation immediately!

Magickal Spot Team

No, we aren’t Coca Cola, or some giant bank, and we don’t have billions of dollars to give away.

We are a team of witches and tarot readers that are working together, helping our readers to accomplish whatever they want to accomplish with our articles and services.

We are led by Tina Caro, who is the founder of the website

What is the The Magickal Spot Foundation?

We decided to create the Magickal Spot foundation to help witches and covens by giving them donations that will allow them to continue with their work and practice.

Our Approach

The foundation is able to support witches and wizards across the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re our neighbor or if you’re performing this magickal art on the other side of the world.

For us witchcraft is our passion and we believe that, if we have the ability, we should help each other survive and thrive even if the situation around the globe isn’t just sunshine and rainbows – like Rocky Balboa would say.

How it Works?

Every month, we will pick up to five applicants and after carefully reviewing their application, we will contact them, and send them a donation.

Criteria & How to Apply?

Magickal Spot team is committed to the study and practices of witchcraft and we’re only interested in supporting witches and covens that are committed as well.

That’s why we will financially support only those that are active practitioners as well.


Applicants must

  • own a website (forum, personal blog, business website, personal portfolio)
  • be active on their website
  • actively practice witchcraft
  • be an active part of the community


  • Solitary witches – $50
  • Covens – $100
  • Businesses related to Witchcraft – $150

*under certain circumstances we will grant a larger financial support.


Applicants must

  • share (privately) a short biography detailing who you are and what you’ve done
  • be willing to (privately) share a website with us
  • be willing to mention our site or foundation on their websites
  • have a PayPal or Payoneer account to receive a donation

Every applicant can only apply once per website.

Proposals must be in English and be submitted via contact form below.

[captainform id=”1306149″]


By submitting the application, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted our disclaimers, and that you consent to have your content reviewed and fact-checked by the Magickal Spot team.

If you do not receive a reply within 5 days, you didn’t follow requirements or meet the criteria. The Magickal Spot Foundation is not a charity, and if applicants won’t follow the requirements and criteria, we won’t give them a financial support.

We won’t support applicants with websites or work that:

  • willfully deceive or mislead the community
  • infringes upon copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property
  • promote illegal activity
  • contains inflammatory, defamatory, offensive, sensationalistic, or hateful rhetoric, ideas, or language