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Red Magic

What is Red Magic?

Red magic is a highly potent magic type. It can forge strong and long-lasting bonds between two people. It cultivates energies like passion and lust, but is also the color of anger and violence: just like any other magic type, red magic must be treated with care and respect.

Red magic encompasses all the magical practices that influence the emotional or sexual spheres. It, therefore, fills the gap between White and Black magic as it can have both positive and negative consequences.

Red magic spells can be used to strengthen a pre-existing love between two people, or it can bend the will of a target to make them feel a connection that did not exist prior to the spell-casting.

What is Red Magic Used For?

Red magic is used to work with the energies of passion, lust and sex. You can use red magic to cast sex spells, obsession spells and similar other spells.

How can I Learn Red Magic?

Learning red magic starts with educating yourself about this type of magic. Then you should look inward and focus on the strong emotions and energies you feel that are related to this magic such as obsession and sexuality. Lastly, you need to channel these energies into your magical practice.

What are the Essentials for Doing Red Magic?

A strong powerful visualization of the target or the goal of your red magic spell is the main essential you need to work on. Then you can play around with some magical tools of your choice to boost the power of your practice. Red candles are super helpful to have on hand too.

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