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What is an Aura: Importance, Colors, Myths

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Written by: Dawn Black (Witchipedia)


Reviewed by: Tina Caro

In crystal therapy and Reiki, the aura is a commonly discussed concept. During crystal treatments, a preliminary cleansing of the aura is often performed using stones, and in some cases, the focus of the treatment is exclusively on the aura. Understanding the chakras is not the only important aspect; in Reiki treatments, the aura also plays a significant role, and the treatment begins with an “auric caress.”

In this article, we aim to introduce the concept of the aura to provide a clear understanding, whether one wishes to work on it through crystals or Reiki.

The science behind the Aura

So, what exactly is the aura? It is a luminous field that surrounds all living beings but is not visible to the naked eye, except by a few individuals who possess this ability. The aura is divided into seven layers, with the etheric aura being the closest to the body and faithfully reproducing its shape, extending only a few centimeters from the body.

A common misconception is to think that the first layer of the aura begins where the body “ends.” In reality, it completely pervades the body, acting like a dense net that holds matter together.

Many religions and spiritual beliefs acknowledge the existence of the aura. Some, like Christianity, associate it only with elevated beings such as saints, while others believe it is a part of all living beings, including animals and plants.

According to parapsychology, the aura is an emission of electromagnetic waves with long wavelengths that cannot be perceived by the retina of our eyes, except through peripheral vision. However, the scientific community has never officially recognized the existence of the aura or the validity of the Kirlian camera method.

What is the Kirlian Camera?

The Kirlian camera is a device created by the Kirlian spouses, used to capture images of the aura. While the obtained images are captivating, science has explained them as the result of physical effects, including the presence of humidity around people’s bodies.

Despite these explanations, many individuals remain convinced of the camera’s effectiveness and reject the official view.

Interpreting Aura Colors

Analyzing a person’s aura provides insights into various aspects. First and foremost, it can reveal the state of their physical, mental, and spiritual health. A thorough aura reading can help identify disharmonies that may lead to physical issues in the long run.

Furthermore, the aura analysis can offer insights into a person’s goals, life mission, and thoughts. By identifying energy blocks within the aura, individuals can work on personal growth and improvement, progressing more peacefully on their life path.

In fact, with a little practice, anyone can potentially perceive the aura. By standing in front of a white wall and using a mirror, one can focus intently just over their shoulder to see the aura.

This energy field surrounding our body reveals much about others, often without us even realizing it. You might have experienced feeling an instant connection or, conversely, strong dislike (or repulsion) toward someone you just met, without any apparent reason. This could be attributed to the interaction of auras. Proximity to strangers or people with whom we lack trust can also lead to varying degrees of discomfort, possibly due to intertwined auras, resulting in a feeling of suffocation and the need for personal space.

The color of the aura reflects an individual’s vital energy. In good health, the etheric aura appears as a bright, vibrant blue, while low vital energy levels can cause the aura to appear dull with gray reflections. Additionally, the aura may manifest different colors based on the emotional and mental state of the individual. Analyzing aura colors can provide valuable insights into one’s health and emotional well-being.

Here are some examples of aura colors and their associated meanings:

  • Red: Strength, Passion, and Vitality
  • Orange: Creativity, Joy, and Social Interaction
  • Yellow: Intellect, Clarity, and Optimism
  • Green: Healing, Growth, and Balance
  • Blue: Communication, Intuition, and Serenity
  • Indigo: Spirituality, Intuition, and Inner Wisdom
  • Violet: Inspiration, Transformation, and Connection to the Divine

Understanding the colors of the aura can help individuals gain better insights into their own vital energy levels and emotional states.

Why Aura Matters?

With training, individuals can learn to see auras and “read” them, using their brightness, color, and consistency to learn about health, mood, and personality.

Some believe that the aura provides some protection against psychic attack while others believe that the aura is something of an energy overflow, that is, the energy that doesn’t fit inside hovers around the outside in the form of an aura.

Self-UnderstandingAwareness of your aura helps you understand your energy, emotions, and personality traits better.
Energy ManagementRecognizing your aura allows you to manage and balance your energy for overall well-being.
Emotional AwarenessThe aura reflects emotional states, enabling you to identify and regulate your emotions more effectively.
Spiritual GrowthUnderstanding your aura can deepen your spiritual journey, enhance intuition, and facilitate personal growth.
Energetic ProtectionA strong and balanced aura acts as a protective shield against negative energies and psychic disturbances.
Relationship DynamicsAura awareness helps you understand energetic dynamics in relationships and promotes healthier interactions.
Healing and WellnessThe aura is connected to physical health, and being aware of its state can support healing and well-being.
ManifestationA clear and vibrant aura aligns your energy with manifestation, assisting in attracting positive experiences.
Table 1: Importance of Aura Awareness

The belief also exists that both ideas are true. Either way, the brightness of the aura is believed to be directly related to the spiritual strength and health of its owner and, as the spirit, mind, and body are tightly connected, his or her physical and mental health and strength as well.

Belief in auras transcends culture and many holy men and women of cultures all over the world are depicted with an aura around their bodies or their heads to indicate the power of their spirit.

Aura Colors and Their Meanings

Aura ColorMeaning
RedEnergetic, passionate, strong-willed, and determined.
OrangeCreative, sociable, adventurous, and enthusiastic.
YellowOptimistic, intellectual, confident, and joyful.
GreenCompassionate, nurturing, harmonious, and balanced.
BlueCalm, peaceful, intuitive, and sensitive.
IndigoSpiritual, insightful, intuitive, and deep-thinking.
PurpleMystic, visionary, intuitive, and connected to higher realms.
WhitePure, spiritual, transcendent, and connected to divine energy.
PinkLoving, compassionate, gentle, and sensitive.
GoldWisdom, abundance, enlightenment, and divine connection.

The Utility of Seeing the Aura

The utility of seeing the aura lies in its potential applications in various aspects of daily life. Here are some examples of how aura viewing can be beneficial:

  1. Physical and Spiritual Well-being: By reading the aura, it is possible to diagnose and forecast the condition of organs, track recovery from physical and emotional illnesses, and explore past lives and karmic missions. The aura’s layers and colors are associated with different internal organs, and disturbances in the aura can lead to physical ailments.
  2. Spiritual Development: Aura reading goes beyond physical health and can aid in spiritual growth and awareness of nature. Certain meditations, especially in Tibetan tantric philosophy, work on harmonizing and strengthening the aura, contributing to overall well-being in a polluted world.
  3. Business Field: Understanding a person’s mental and emotional state through their aura can be advantageous in business meetings, whether you are a seller or buyer.
  4. Love Life: Aura reading can be a valuable tool in relationships, helping to gauge compatibility with a partner and identifying the right time for important discussions. It can also guide decisions about separation or starting a new relationship.
  5. Sexual Life: Aura reading can help address sexual conflicts with a partner.
  6. Avoiding Anger and Confusion: Understanding the aura’s characteristics can lead to better comprehension of others and, in turn, reduce anger and confusion in challenging situations.

Reading the Aura

To read the aura effectively, there are four methods of perception and interpretation:

  1. Observing Layers: The layers of the aura overlap and can be distinguished based on color vibrations, tone, shape, texture, and brightness.
  2. Dividing the Aura: The aura is structured into sections of energy, with different layers serving specific purposes and relating to various aspects of a person’s life.
  3. Subdividing Aura Layers: Each section of the aura is further divided into layers based on colors, reflecting positive or negative qualities, constructive or destructive tendencies, and masculine or feminine elements.
  4. Egg Shape: The aura generally surrounds the physical body in an egg-like shape, with less-defined areas emanating from the chakras they correspond to.

Techniques to Enhance and Cleanse the Aura

Several methods can be used to purify and cleanse the aura and energy field:

  1. Bath in Water and Salt: Taking a bath with water and salt or soaking feet in a basin of water and salt can cleanse the aura.
  2. Mantras: Chanting mantras with their vibrational power can purify the aura and energy fields.
  3. Physical Activity: Engaging in sports or physical activities can help expel negative energies from the energy body.
  4. Meditation on Twin Hearts: Practicing this meditation can purify the aura and transform the energy field.

Understanding the Aura in Alternative Therapies and Holistic Healing

In alternative therapies and holistic healing, the aura plays a significant role. In practices like Reiki, therapists interact with the patient’s energy body, and the interconnected auras exchange information.

The state of the aura and subtle bodies is crucial in therapeutic journeys. Ancient Chinese medicine also acknowledges the unity of the mind and body, considering the energy field’s balance and its relationship with various aspects of life.

In conclusion, understanding and perceiving the aura can have wide-ranging benefits, contributing to physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, as well as improving various aspects of life, relationships, and personal growth.

Debunking Myths and Skepticism

According to various authors of manuals dedicated to the aura, it is possible to learn to see it, and it is not even that difficult to do. The important thing is not to give up after the first two or three tests. In fact, it can take months or years before we succeed, and yes, it doesn’t even necessarily happen. The speed with which this goal is achieved varies a lot according to everyone’s predisposition.

You can try to see your aura, that of another person (but hardly anyone will be willing to sit still for a long time in front of a white wall to let you train) or of a plant. It’s also okay to train yourself to see the aura of a sleeping animal or your hand.

Crystals affect the aura. When they enter our energy field, the vibrations inevitably meet and change with each other. The energetic interaction affects one or more layers, and here it is possible to use the stones in a conscious way. Similarly, when you perform a reiki treatment, such as a self-treatment, you intervene in a positive way on our energy field, working on the blocks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an aura?

The aura is the energy field believed to surround every living being.

Can anyone see auras?

With the right concentration and focus, anyone can see auras.

Are aura colors the same for everyone?

No, they change according to the type of energies attached to each one of us.

How can I improve the health of my aura?

Knowing which imbalances are going on in your energetic field can help you learn which energy you should work on to feel better and solve any conflict in your spiritual and daily life.

Are there any scientific studies on auras?

Yes! There are scientific studies that explore the importance of integrating auras into modern medicine.

Is aura photography accurate in capturing one’s aura?

Aura photography is one of the possible methods to capture someone’s aura, but it’s also pretty basic and rudimentary. It’s better to work on it by deepening your concentration, awareness, and presence in the moment to do it.

Can a person’s aura change over time?

Yes, absolutely. A person’s aura can change based on various factors and life experiences.

Are there any dangers or negative effects associated with manipulating the aura?

If done with bad intentions and from a place of negativity, it can be dangerous, just like any other practice.

How can I find a reputable aura reader or energy healer?

You might do a little bit of research, reading feedback from past clients, and getting more information about the healer/reader and their past experience and knowledge.

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