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Strongest Candle Colors for Protection [& How to Use Them]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Always and in all circumstances, it is necessary to protect ourselves from black magic or energies that are disharmonic and can affect us. So let’s start by talking about candle colors for protection.

What are these negative energies?

We have the energies of the souls of the deceased who are on another plane but who can influence us. We have the energies of people who envy us, jealous of us or some emotion or negative thought that influences us. We also have specific energies that can reach us because someone visualizes us negatively.

There are also many kinds of non-harmonic energies that we generate ourselves. Those energies can generate into an entity, that entity of negative energies that we created ourselves can have a great size and influence on us negatively.

So, it is good in principle to try to harmonize.

For this reason, always try to channel your thoughts towards something positive and what makes you happy. This seems simple, but sometimes it is not.

Evil energies that boycott us are waiting to be carried away by negative thoughts, so you must fight these to put your mind in order and peace.

The best way is to do this is read a good book, watch a movie, Netflix show, go for a walk, go out and be in nature.

Protection candles will complement this action.

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Protection candles, which ones to use and what to meditate on

The most powerful protection candle is the violet candle a little wider than the common candle. This candle should be lit at night and a prayer of protection can be said in front of it.

It is also very useful to put behind this candle an image that gives us peace or purifying.

Sometimes it is possible to light the candle for several days.

Very powerful protection candles can be those that are sold in specialized stores that can last seven days. They are called the seven days and the seven nights candles. They have a film or plastic that covers them on the outside that makes them last a long time. They can be left on for seven days in a place sheltered from the wind and away from anything that could cause an accident. In this case, it is enough to remember the objective or intention for which we have lit the seven-day candle. And every time we see the candle, we approach it and request that the evil energies or those that want to harm us move away.

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You can also use scented candles. There are some special perfumes that ward off evil spirits like frankincense or myrrh, but in general it is difficult to find candles with that perfume. You can replace them with sandalwood candles that serve the same purpose.

Remember that protection candles are useless if you do not intend to protect yourself and to make the entities or evil energies go away, keep this in mind.

And you always must know that there is no better protection than treating yourself with love and exercising to harmonize internally.

A list of candle colors for protection

Candles to protect yourself – White candles

White candles are the ones that are usually used to protect a person. The light that emerges when a white candle is lit works as a protective barrier. White is the color of purity and harmony so it’s great for generic protective purpose.

white candles by tamedwild

Candles to protect your aura and your home – Violet candles

One of the most powerful protective candles is the violet one. You can also create a halo of protection over your being by lighting this candle.

You can also buy a candle that is larger than usual. They have a wider diameter, so they take longer to consume.

When you light a protection candle, it is very important to focus on what you want to achieve. You have to think and meditate on that protection that you want the candle to offer you.


You are going to eliminate the negative energy around you, and you are going to enhance the positive energy. To protect your home from bad energy, I recommend that you have a lit violet candle. In addition to attracting positive energy to your home, it will also provide a pleasant feeling of well-being.

You can also soak the candle with essential oil of St. John’s wort. It is an oil that is used to scare away evil spirits. Laurel, lavender or rosemary oil can also be used to ward off negativity.

Candle to protect your loved ones – Blue candles

If you want to protect someone you love use a blue candle. It helps sending bad energy away and it’s a great tool to fight against illness, negativity, depression, sadness, pain, heartbreak and more.

How to use candle colors for protection?

Candle ColorRecommended Uses
BlackPlace black candles near entrances or windows to ward off negative energies and unwanted entities.
WhiteBurn white candles during spiritual cleansing rituals or meditation for overall protection.
BlueLight blue candles to create a peaceful and protective atmosphere in your home or sacred space.
RedUse red candles for protection during physical activities or when facing challenging situations.
PurpleBurn purple candles during divination or psychic practices to enhance spiritual protection.

How to help the candle act as a protector?

In protection rituals, you can help the effect of the candle by writing down your purpose. Note that you want protection against negative energies, against evil spirits, bad vibrations, etc.

This is most effective when you know what you want to defend against. That is, if you know that there is someone who is sending their negative energy on you, you can personalize the ritual.

To do this, just put the name of the person you want to protect yourself against at the base of the candle.

Meditation and reflection

Like any other healing ritual or exercise you practice, you must do it in a relaxed state. In addition, you must put all your intention and concentration on what you are doing.

Visualize what you want to achieve by lighting the candle and feel the positive flow of its energy.

You can let the candle burn out completely or extinguish it and relight it when you want to do a protection exercise, creating a sort of little protection ritual for you, your house and your loved ones.

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