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7 Powerful Revenge Spells For Every Situation [How-To]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Revenge spells have been used by witches throughout the ages. Many times, we are unfairly damaged in situations and all we want is to have justice for ourselves and our happiness. That is when these spells can be extremely helpful.


Revenge spells are a controversial aspect of witchcraft, typically used to seek justice or retaliate against those who have wronged you.

Casting revenge spells can be dangerous, as they may lead to negative consequences and harm if not performed with caution and intention.

Timing is crucial when considering revenge spells, with practitioners often waiting for the right moment to harness their energy effectively.

The article discusses seven powerful revenge spells, including an impotence spell, a spell to return harm, a spell to induce illness, a salt-based spell, a witch’s bottle, a simple revenge spell, and a 7-day ritual.

What is a revenge spell used for?

Whether it is a relationship, a job, or any other situation, there are times when we are not satisfied with how certain things have ended. In those moments and even though we know that it is not quite right, we want revenge.

  • Your boss may have humiliated you at work
  • Your partner may have been unfaithful to you
  • Or maybe an ex-partner is making your life unbearable

In these cases, the best way to get revenge and give them what they deserve is with a revenge spell.

DefinitionRevenge Spells are a category of spells designed to inflict harm, suffering, or misfortune upon a specific person, group, or entity as a form of retaliation or vengeance. They are often driven by anger, resentment, or a desire for retribution.
IntentionsThe primary intention of Revenge Spells is to harm or punish the target, causing them physical, emotional, or financial suffering. These spells are motivated by negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, or hatred.
Ethics and ConsequencesRevenge spells raise significant ethical concerns, as they involve causing harm or suffering to others. Practitioners should consider the potential consequences and the principle of “harm none” in their spellwork.
Karmic ConsequencesMany belief systems, including Wicca and some forms of modern witchcraft, emphasize the Law of Threefold Return or the concept of karma, which suggests that negative actions may return to the caster threefold.
AlternativesBefore resorting to revenge spells, individuals are encouraged to explore alternatives such as conflict resolution, communication, forgiveness, or legal action to address their grievances.
Table: What are Revenge Spells

How and when can a revenge spell be dangerous?

A revenge spell can be dangerous if your driving force is anger and negativity and you are blinded by rage and dark energies and forces.

In my opinion, when negativity takes over, things might get a little bit dangerous. You should try to forgive and forget, try keeping a high positive spirit and focus on reclaiming your right to happiness and clarity, those feelings your enemy stole from you, try to be the better person.

Every spell can possibly backfire or you could be drained by all the negativity growing inside of you. Don’t let it all this ruin your life, but instead use this as a chance to find a new way of perceiving your life and prioritize your happiness.

When to cast a revenge spell?

A revenge spell should be cast when it is a full moon, it is there to support us with her amazing powerful energy to banish old pain, anger, and discontent.

However, if you need a speedy manifestation and you don’t want to wait for the full moon, you can cast it by following the spell’s requirements and tips or by simply going for it when you feel the need to.

When you have a bit of time to spend on your own to focus on your vision and you are ready to claim what is yours, just go for it!

Despite being black magic spells, the revenge spells that are shown below are not intended to cause great damage to people. They will serve us to give a little warning.

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My favorite 7 revenge spells

Impotence spell to get revenge on your ex

Impotence Spell to Get Revenge on Your Ex

This is one of the most popular revenge spells among women. With a simple ritual, you make sure that your ex does not enjoy their relationship with their current partner or with any sporadic encounters that may happen.

You can also use it if you think your partner is being unfaithful to you, and you suspect that they are with their lover.

Difficulty: Expert Witch
Effectiveness: 5/5

Things you need

How it’s done

You should do this a few hours before you want it to take effect.

Light the black candle and carve the word impotence into the candle.

Bring the water to a boil in the saucepan.

Carve your intended target’s name on the carrot and throw it in the water.

Let it boil for 10 minutes.

Take it out and with the flame of the candle burn the sharp end of the carrot.

With this ritual, you will make sure that it is impossible for them to have relationships that night.


Spell to return damage

Spell to return damage

If what we want is for someone to feel the pain and hurt they inflicted on us, this revenge spell will be one of the most effective we can do.

If a person humiliated you, cheated on you, or did anything that hurt you in any way, you can easily return it to them.

Difficulty: Expert Witch
Effectiveness: 4/5

Things you need

  • A photo of the intended target
  • A red marker
  • Tape

How it’s done

Using the red marker, write on the photo, saying what you want the person in the photo to feel.

Stand in front of a mirror showing the photo.

Recite the words you have written on the photo and then say the following:

“You will receive what you gave me. In the same proportion and measure. From this moment until I decide that it is enough.”

Tape the photo to the mirror, with the written part facing the mirror.

The effects will last for as long as the photo is still taped to the mirror. This spell should not be abused or maintained for an unfair time. It is about returning the damage received to the same extent.

Warning: If you overuse it, the effects may turn against you.

Spell to make someone sick

Spell to make someone sick

Let us not be fooled by the title of this spell, it is not a spell that will cause great illness to a person. If you want that then you will have to look elsewhere.

This spell will cause someone slight discomfort. They may feel like going to the toilet urgently or we may have a slight toothache. Nothing more serious.

Difficulty: Expert Witch
Effectiveness: 5/5

Things you need

  • A cigar
  • A jar with a lid or bottle
  • A photo of the intended target we want to get sick
  • Black thread

How it’s done

Take the photo and put it in the jar.

Light the cigar and take 13 puffs. Blowing the smoke of each puff inside the jar.

Close the lid on the jar and tie a knot around it with the black thread.

Keep the jar under our bed for a day.

The next day the person in the photo will not be feeling well and we will have carried out our revenge.

Spell to get revenge on a man with salt

Spell to get revenge on a man with salt

Did a man hurt you? Disrespect you in any way and you want revenge on him?

With this spell, you will ensure that nothing goes well for him for a while. Each of his decisions will be wrong and he will have no luck in any of the things he undertakes.

Difficulty: Advanced
Effectiveness: 4/5

Things you need

  • Vinegar
  • Two pins
  • A photo of your target or a piece of paper with their name on it
  • Salt
  • A glass

How it’s done

Firstly, we will cross the photo with the two pins. One in each eye.

Next put the photo in the glass and fill it halfway with salt.

Fill the jar with vinegar

We will then recite the following:

“Luck will leave you. Nothing you do will go as you expect. Everything on your way will twist into the opposite of your wishes. This is my revenge. So be it, so shall it be.”

Put the glass in the freezer

As long as the glass remains in the freezer, all the effects will continue to be present in the life of the person in the photo.

If at any time you want them to end or believe that your revenge should already end, take out the glass and burn the photo.

The revenge witch’s bottle

The revenge witch's bottle

This spell requires a special bottle filled with powerful ingredients.

Difficulty: Advanced
Effectiveness: 5/5

Things you need

  • A glass bottle
  • A handful of rusty nails
  • A handful of a cemetery’s blessed soil
  • A handful of sage
  • A black candle
  • A photograph of the person who made you suffer

How it’s done

Before casting this spell and before creating the witch’s bottle, meditate on your goal and visualize the person you want to punish being cursed.

When you are ready, put the photo of the person who made you suffer inside the bottle.

Then add the nails, sage, and soil.

Insert the black candle into the neck of the bottle and light it.

Recite this magic formula thirty-five times:

“I am right. I am right. You (target’s name) will no longer find the light. I curse you and send you to hell. I command the darkness you won’t fell well. “

Let the candle burn out.

Bury the bottle near the home of the person you want to curse.

Simple revenge spell to make someone pay for what he/she did

Simple revenge spell

You only need two ingredients to cast this spell.

Difficulty: Advanced
Effectiveness: 3/5

Things you need

How it’s done

Carve the name of the target on the black candle, from top to bottom.

Light the candle and recite this:

“For the evil you have caused me (name of the person to curse), I appeal to the spirits of time. You who guard the fortunes and misfortunes of human action. Guardians of the indissoluble law. Ministers of fate and lords of becoming. For the evil you have caused me (name) I appeal to the spirits of justice. An instrument of power only in the hands of those who have known the future. The indestructible meter of those who for the good of others have never kept silent. I invoke you spirits of time and justice, I invoke you out loud. May your divine soldiers now break the lines and cover (name) with countless bad luck.”

Let the black candle burn out and bury the residues near the home of the person you want to curse or near a cemetery.

7-day revenge spell

7-day revenge spell

This is one of the strongest revenge spells I have on this list.

Difficulty: Expert Witch
Effectiveness: 5/5

Things you need

  • A black candle with a human figure
  • Dried blackberry leaves
  • A piece of black cloth
  • Black cotton thread
  • A sewing needle
  • A hammer
  • A shovel (you will need it to dig, obviously not to bury a body)

How it’s done

The spell must be started on Saturday.

Prepare everything you need at your fingertips.

Take the human-shaped candle and engrave the name of the enemy, sprinkle it with the dried blackberry leaves and wrap everything in the piece of black cloth, which will act like a sack. Sew everything well with black thread.

Now you need to take all the hatred, anger, and resentment and focus channeling it on the “package”, then take the hammer and with all your anger and brute force give package three clean blows.

Each day, for seven days, you will whisper to the bag what you want the enemy to suffer and hit the bag 3 times. At the end of the 7 days, there should not be much left of the package except dust.

Make sure it has been well destroyed; bury the bag in a cemetery (if possible) or dig a deep hole. Once you do that, don’t look back and have zero regrets.

Final thoughts

There are conflicting opinions regarding revenge, there are those who say that “Revenge is a dish best served cold”, there are those who manage exact revenge when the wrong is still fresh and there are those who do not see revenge as an alternative and leave the matter to divine justice.

But, let’s face it, doing justice by ourselves for the wrongs we endure is often healthy, beyond making us feel powerful and satisfied (don’t be hypocritical, everyone likes this sense of power). Make sure to read my article that explains how to safely practice black magic here.

Remember to always consider the effects of your spell and, instead of focusing on your bad feelings or emotions over someone, focus on you, on why you deserve something better, and use this chance to prioritize things like your happiness and your vision. It’s the best way to work with the magic of revenge spells in a safe way.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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