New Moon in Aquarius: January 21th 2023

What is the Moon Phase Tonight?

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January’s New Moon

Aquarius, the idealistic and charismatic intellectual visionary, brings to light our need for authentic soul bonds. Kindred spirit connections, work colleagues and professional partnerships that contribute to our greater visions, and community bonds are all in focus.

The mundane, 3D world, dramas, and ordinary won’t cut it now- you’re solely interested in how you can make the world a better place. This may be something smaller like starting an online blog or experimenting with a few Youtube videos, or packing up your possessions and leaving for an eco-community! Either way, choice and free will are yours.

Key things to be aware of:-

  • This Aquarius moon breaks down restrictions and limitations. This isn’t about eradicating boundaries, healthy boundaries are still very much in play. This is about observing and coming to logical and intuitive decisions about what best serves your Higher Self, and your long-term vision. Spiritual, community, charity, altruistic, and humanitarian values take precedence…
  • Aquarius is an air sign ruled by Uranus, making them idealistic, intelligent, logical, intuitive, imaginative, and highly cerebral. Whereas other signs might be logical or intuitive, analytical or imaginative, etc., Aquarius is a healthy mix of all seemingly opposite mental gifts. The mind is where they thrive, so you have a lot to work with now.
  • Aquarius is symbolized by The Star (tarot), so focus on this during meditation or personal retreat to discover how you can best channel your energy. The Star is connected to the celestial, ethereal, and subconscious realms, while being in tune with potent instinctive and emotional forces. They connect to the realm of emotions to make sense of things in a logical way, alchemizing subtle and inner world sensations into strong ideologies, intellect, and belief systems.

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How this New Moon is affecting you personally?

Fire signs (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius)
Gliding on from the Full Moon in sensitive and nurturing Cancer, January’s New Moon now asks you to be more intellectual and visionary-minded. Matters turn away from domestic life towards your place in the world, such as your service to society or the communities you’re involved in. You’re naturally innovative and imaginative, so now is the perfect time to find a way to show this to the world. Be bold, charismatic, and expressive- let all that passion out! It’s not the time to be shy or reserved, however do be modest while respecting others’ viewpoints. Aquarius is expressive yet highly respectful.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn)
Your visions have a tangible form to be expressed and expanded in, which is doing great things for your self-esteem. Try to transcend comfort zones a little. Attempt to be more open-minded, activating dormant philosophies and ideologies you may have pushed down in pursuit of a financially secure and comfortable life. It’s true that you shouldn’t try fixing something that’s not broken, but staying stagnant through a lack of openness to change can keep you blocked. Work on being more open-minded, spiritually perceptive, and open to pragmatic and progressive ideas.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius)
This is a powerful New Moon where you get to shine, showcasing your talents, wisdom, and knowledge. You may receive a promotion or raise in your career. You may become the new boss! Prosperity increases through the services and skills you offer, yet there is a slight risk of becoming disconnected from friends and loved ones. Balancing your personal and professional lives is key to long-term happiness and health, in addition to creating a sustainable workflow that sets you up for success for the following months. Be innovative and optimistic, however remember the importance of sustainability and patience.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces)
While others are thinking about monetizing talents or taking the next steps in business and professional projects, you might be going all out “woo,” i.e. visionary and non-traditional. Water signs are known for being the most spiritual, least to mention evolved. Water is the element of soul evolution, after all. This Aquarius New Moon allows you to take things to the next level, stepping into your role as new earth leader or head of a non-profit, large organization, or community project. If you’ve been working towards something long-term, as in, for years or even decades, this lunar cycle marks the start of really seeing your dreams come into fruition. It’s time to wow the world…

Healing the Earth

This is one of the most idealistic and altruistic New Moons of the year. You may be thinking about signing up to Woofing or Workaway, putting your possessions into storage, or ending your tenancy agreement. Everything “out-there” and non-traditional is sparking your interest, which could very well be pulling you to distant lands and greener horizons.

Aquarius is a changemaker, visionary, and idealistic dreamer who is deeply humanitarian. Alternative healing, holistic health, charity, spirituality, and co-creating a more beautiful earth come into the picture. Non-conventional ways of living are coming first in many people’s lists of priorities, which includes joining an eco-village, sustainable and conscious community, or going offgrid. Oh yes, the world is changing!

Permaculture and the spiritual arts have become much more well-known and sought-after as the years have gone by. Many people have begun to awaken since the 2012 ‘Timeline Shift,’ the powerful and once-in-a-lifetime alignment with the Galactic Center. You don’t have to physically move to an off-grid or spiritual community to make the most of this cosmic influence.

Aquarius also rules technology, therefore a lot of change and transformation can occur online. You might find an online community you resonate with, or you could start your own travel, health, astrology, science, or spirituality blog. You might be experimenting with Youtube or other social media platforms that allow you to get your message across. There really are no limits when it comes to making a difference in the world.

This Aquarius New Moon is the perfect time to go freelance if you already have the skills and qualifications necessary. Joining a freelancer site like Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer could be just what your soul ordered! A lot of traditional jobs can be done online nowadays as well.

There are multiple possibilities awaiting, all that is needed is an open mind and a bit of boldness. Remember that Uranus encompasses everything non-traditional and non-conventional. Uranus symbolizes our rebellious side, but, unlike in youth when rebellion was an unconscious act of defiance, our adult selves are more concerned with conscious revolution. This implies being mindful and mature of our actions, words, and energy, even when it is catalytic.

Volunteering at a local seed bank, spending some time at a nearby farm, or moving further afield to a more established ecological or sustainable project might be part of your life path. Whatever you do, make the most of this New Moon, a portal for new beginnings and fresh new energy, so you don’t stay stuck in self-limiting cycles. There are lots of tools that can help you, further leading to self-alignment and self-development.

Starting New Projects

Artistic, community, and creative projects may also receive a lot of your attention now. Quite simply, staying at home playing video games or eating takeaways, watching repeat Netflix series that you’ve already seen, doesn’t cut it; not when the Sun is shining and the world is shifting and evolving in miraculous ways…

Have you ever been to a festival full of colorful, warm, welcoming, and light-hearted people; the ones with a perpetual smile on their face, bounce in their step, and drum or guitar in hand… or fairy or butterfly wings on their back…? That feeling is currently being lived and experienced by many. There are communities existing, right now, that have taken the conscious festival scene vibe and integrated it into a permanent home. A foundation.

There are multiple timelines existing, but, to keep things simple, there is believed to be a 3D timeline and a 5D one. The 3D world is full of illusion, chaos, judgment, drama, hate, negativity, envy, resentment, fear, confusion, and separation. It’s the daily grind that keeps us stuck in self-destructive cycles, in addition to self-sabotage, fear, and rigid or smaller thinking.

All of this keeps us stagnated and depressed, or chasing temporary fixes that never really fulfill us. The 5D timeline and reality is one of love, connection, unity, laughter, higher consciousness, the constant flow of giving and receiving, generosity, creativity, music, art, learning, healing, and connection with our Tribe or Soul Family. It’s the type of reality we may only live momentarily or receive a glimpse into at a festival or gathering with open-hearted souls.

If you’ve been wanting to make a change, now is the time to get serious. Do your research, explore your possibilities, and be open to change, for real. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of change, new technologies, science, innovation, alternative and holistic therapies, self-evolution, and greener solutions. Uranus represents personal and planetary conscious revolution, as well as individual and global healing, rebirth, transformation, etc.

Be brave and take the leap, walking courageously into the unknown. At the very least, open your mind to new horizons. Change begins in the present moment.

Profound Intellect

If the above really isn’t for you or if you’re still testing the waters, seeing everything described as an idealistic vision for the future, don’t worry. There is a strong intellectual influence that’s highlighting the subconscious and conscious minds in equal measure. This allows you to access new levels of imagination, intellectual power, and cerebral/mental gifts.

Problem-solving, innovation, and originality can be applied to anything you’ve got going on in your life, to any project, venture, or hobby. You can connect to your own emotions and the emotions of others to find deeper meaning, symbolism, or wisdom.

For example, empathy leads to emotional intelligence, which leads to advanced logical and analytical gifts. Awareness of other people’s vulnerabilities or sensitivities provides wisdom and higher reasoning, which results in deeper understanding, compassion, and discernment. Emotions and feelings are transformed into higher reasoning, just as The Star tarot card suggests.

You may notice yourself picking up on hidden intentions, pure or otherwise, and then applying logic from past experiences. Aquarius is very observant and intelligent. There is a slight risk of becoming cold or emotionally aloof from attempting to rationalize and compartmentalize everything, yet this can be overcome with mindfulness.

Here’s an exercise to try at some point over this New Moon.

Split a piece of paper in two and write down ‘Emotional Intelligence/Emotional Impressions’ on one side, and ‘Logical Awareness/Analytical Evaluation’ on the other. (Or simply ‘Emotions and Feelings’ vs ‘Thoughts and Logic.’)

Reflect on some memories or experiences that stuck with you and impacted your psyche. It can be anything that comes to mind. Tune into that memory or event, and then write down the essence of the experience in both categories… Notice how the one same experience can appear completely different when perceived from different angles.

There are different frequencies, vibrations, and currents of energy to tune into in every moment, in every experience. An event can be remembered and therefore seen and understood in a totally different light when attuned to a different frequency, for example, your emotional body vs. your mental or intellectual body.

This is a simple yet powerful activity to help strengthen your emotional and psychological bodies, as well as help you discover how you see yourself and the world. It’s great for self-analysis, healing, and integrating polar opposite parts of you! Observe the two distinct sides of the paper. What does it teach you about yourself? Do you feel stronger in some areas and weaker in others?

Are you disconnected from your emotions, or out of touch with logic and intellectualism? Get honest with yourself, as this is the only way you can become the best version of yourself. In the name of unity and solidarity, this Aquarius New Moon helps you to find unify, harmony, and wholeness within. Don’t neglect this portal for self-evolution.

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