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7 Free Break-Up Spells that are Safe to Cast [Witchy Guide]

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Written by: Tina Caro

A break-up spell is a ritual that must be used only when it is considered to be the best thing for two people or for couples who wish to separate.

This kind of ritual is very dangerous, and it is crucial that you are aware of what you are doing. They’re so called manipulation rituals, which interfere with the free will of others.

However, every rule has its exceptions. These rituals below can be useful when you want to remove an unwanted person from your life, or to counter someone who has done a curse on you by bringing to yourself the person you love. It can also be used to remove a person who has lived with you and knows your flaws and weaknesses.


Break-up spells are a powerful and ancient form of magic that can help individuals end unhealthy relationships or remove unwanted influences from their lives.

Determining whether your feelings are based on true love or mere passion is crucial before casting a break-up spell, as these spells should only be used when necessary and with good intentions.

Proper preparation of the casting place, including cleansing and consecrating the area, is essential to ensure the effectiveness of your break-up spell.

Chanting a break-up spell involves using specific words or incantations to channel your intent and energy into the spell, enhancing its potency and precision.

Introduction to break-up spells

The separation rites (break-up spells) known as engagement and marriage breaks are rituals designed to remove two engaged, married, or cohabiting persons, or the lover of the husband/wife.

However, I would like to point out that the only bonds that can be broken are those linked by passion and not by true love.

If you’re here just for the spells, let’s skip the theory and get right to them.


Soulmate connections, believed to be predestined and supported by cosmic forces, are typically resistant to break-up spells.

Relationships based solely on physical attraction, lacking deep emotional bonds, are more susceptible to these spells.

Relationships start with a passionate phase, marked by intense physical attraction, but for long-term sustainability, they should transition to a sentimental phase with deeper emotional connections.

Not all relationships evolve from passion to sentiment; those that don’t are more vulnerable to external influences like break-up spells.

The effectiveness of a break-up spell depends on the relationship’s nature; it’s less likely to work on soulmates with deep emotional bonds but more effective on superficial, passion-driven relationships.

DefinitionBreak Up Spells are magical rituals and practices performed with the intention of causing the separation or breakup of a romantic or interpersonal relationship between two individuals.
PurposeThe primary purpose of these spells is to influence the individuals involved in the relationship, creating discord, conflict, or emotional distance that leads to a breakup.
Ethical ConsiderationsPractitioners approach Break Up Spells with ethical considerations, recognizing the importance of using this magic responsibly and with respect for the free will and autonomy of all parties involved.
ResponsibilityThese spells should be used responsibly, and practitioners should consider the potential consequences and ethical implications of their actions.
Consent and BoundariesIt is crucial to acknowledge that using Break Up Spells to interfere in someone else’s relationship without their consent is ethically problematic and may have negative repercussions.
Table: Overview of Break Up Spells

How do you know if you are bound by passion or true love?

The first one is of instinctual and material bodily origin and is part of the instincts of the body that are under the influence of the stars and governed by them.

The second one is linked to the soul and is Divine nature and not subject to bodily influence and even less to the stars and therefore, no one can separate what God who is linked to the Soul has united, but be assured that there is one of these unions on 200.

There is a very simple test: if when your partner is ill, he or she suffers, and if you feel like crying then it is Love.

We say that this indissoluble union is possible that is created only if the couple that has formed is under the perfect astrological and energetic profile or with a high degree of perfection because otherwise they cannot communicate inwardly in-depth and the couple lives only of the fuel of passion which is marked by the stars over time.

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How do you prepare a casting place for powerful break-up spells?

Your casting spell place should be a calm, quiet place, and you should not have any interference such as your phone ringing or someone talking to you. It’s like a meditative place where you need to focus and commit.

Your commitment to the practice is the most important things of them all. You cannot start casting a break up spell if you are not in tune with your intention and if you don’t truly feel what you want arising from within. Not having a firm-fixed intention is one of the most frequent reasons why a spell doesn’t work and doesn’t manifest.

Why does this happen? Because we are too angry, too confused, or too “all over the places”, especially when we are dealing with a broken heart.

Clearing your mind and knowing what you truly want is mandatory to let the energy flow and let your break up spell be a successful one.

PreparationGather all the necessary tools and ingredients required for the spell, ensuring that you have everything organized and ready before beginning the ritual.
Set Your IntentionClearly define your intention for the spell. Focus on what you want to achieve, whether it’s the separation of two individuals or the resolution of a specific issue.
Cast the SpellPerform the spell with focused energy, following the specific instructions or rituals associated with your chosen break-up spell. Concentrate on your intent as you work.
DisposalProperly dispose of any spell remnants or materials used. This step is crucial to ensure that the spell’s energy is released and the desired outcome can manifest. Follow your chosen tradition’s disposal guidelines.
Table: Steps to Perform a Break-Up Spell

Once you have your intention set and your mind truly committed to your practice and ready to cast the spell, then you only need a few ingredients like a candle, a piece of paper, a pen, and an item reminding you of the person you want to separate from.

Of course, these are starting points but there are many different spells with many different ingredients you can try, and don’t forget that magick has its nuances and you can explore them all to find your own!

How do you chant a break-up spell?

The spell puts the caster and the recipient in close contact, the latter is “subjected” to the charm of the spell. It can be aimed at a person, an object, a divinity or a spirit, a natural phenomenon or an abstract concept.

Did you know that in ancient times a spell meant to sing a song? Poetry in music is the maximum expression of the power of words.

Let’s think about how an audience is enchanted by listening to a musician. This is the power of the spell: capture the designated object and change its behavior.

What distinguishes a chant from the common discourse?

A chant differs from common discourse in that it adheres to ancient rules, often unintelligible yet effective regardless of language understanding. These spells, like music or poetry, must follow specific metrics and magic rules, as numbers, sounds, and words are interconnected.

starting a free breakup spell

When structured correctly, a text and music create a spell that operates beyond just intellectual and audible levels, working spiritually through the law of sympathy. This effect is akin to a tuning fork resonating with and tuning an instrument’s strings without physical contact. The chant or magic formula is thus “understood” spiritually by objects, nature, and even the universe.

AspectEthical Perspective
ConsentEthical concerns often revolve around the concept of consent. Consider whether all parties involved have given their consent for the spell. Be mindful of ethical boundaries and potential harm to individuals.
IntentThe ethical use of break-up spells involves focusing on just and fair purposes. Spells should not be used for vindictive or harmful reasons. Ensure your intentions are based on genuine concerns.
Harm ReductionTo practice ethical spellwork, prioritize harm reduction. Avoid causing unnecessary harm to individuals involved, and aim for a resolution that benefits everyone whenever possible.
Karmic ConsequencesReflect on potential karmic consequences. Some believe that what you put out into the universe may come back to you. Consider the long-term effects of your actions and decisions.
Table: Ethical Considerations

The energy in music and words combines the magician’s energy with universal energy, enhanced by faith, dedication, and consecration. The spoken word, manifesting as thought, carries auxiliary energies like sound and breath, propagating through air and altering its energy.

Similarly, the written word materializes these thoughts, binding energy to physical objects like paper or digital mediums, allowing the regeneration of the original sound and idea over time.

In our surroundings, words—spoken, sung, written, or in the form of images and actions—often convey mundane or negative energies, reflecting in our lives. It’s crucial to discipline the mind towards positive thoughts and energies for peace and harmony.

For break-up spells, chanting is potent and simple for manifesting desires. While various spells and formulas exist, creating a personal formula aligns the energy with your wishes, spreading your unique magic and showing openness to making things happen with your essence and intuition.

IngredientPurpose in the Spell
Black CandlesBlack candles are used in break-up spells to symbolize negativity, separation, and the ending of a relationship. They represent the removal of love and connection.
LemonLemons are often used in break-up spells to symbolize souring a relationship. Lemon spells are believed to cause discord and bitterness between the individuals involved.
VinegarVinegar is used to represent discord and conflict in break-up spells. It is thought to create tension and disagreements between the targeted couple.
Red Pepper FlakesRed pepper flakes add heat and intensity to the spell, making it more powerful and effective in creating a rift between the individuals.
Black SaltBlack salt is used for protection and separation. It acts as a barrier, preventing the couple from reuniting and maintaining distance between them.
Table: Common Ingredients Used in Break-Up Spells

7 Powerful Break-Up Spells That Work Immediately

1. Strong Black Magic Break-Up Spell

black magic break up spell by Magickal Spot

This breakup spell is one of the most powerful rituals to separate two souls. Thanks to the energy of black magic, you will have the chance to work on separating the couple you would like to see breaking up.

Being black magic break up spell is an advanced spell even if it’s simple to cast and require only a few basic ingredients.

Don’t forget that when it comes to black magic your intention is the most important thing. Focus on that and visualize what you want to achieve while casting the spell to make it happen!

Difficulty: Advanced

Effectiveness: 4/5


  • A piece of paper
  • Black ink
  • A black candle
  • Something to carve the candle


  1. Meditate for a few minutes to clear your mind and relax.
  2. Lightly and slowly, carve the black candle from the top down with these words: “Nunc Distant in Nomine Malo”.
  3. Light the black candle.
  4. Write the names of the two people you want to separate with the black ink on a piece of paper.
  5. Take a piece of paper, point it towards the sky and say: “In Nomine Luciferi Ego Conteram Et Dividat Cor Tuum. Spirituum Inferi Intends Orazio Mea. Spirituum Inferi Intends Orazio Mea. Spirituum Inferni Intends Orazio Mea. Nemamen! “
  6. Tear off a piece of paper in two parts.
  7. Burn one of the two pieces with the candle flame and say: “On Oruko O Yo Korira!”
  8. Burn the second piece with the candle flame and recite this formula again: “On Oruko O Yo Korira!”
  9. Let the candle be consumed and bury the residues.

Tips: be careful while chanting to spell everything in the right way. Go as slow as you can and truly focus on each word you chant.

2. Mexican Break Up Spell With Lemon and Salt

mexican break up spell by Magickal Spot

This breakup spell is ancient and has its origins in the Mexican folk magic that has constantly used it. It can be used indifferently by men and women. Just pay close attention to the various steps. The mix of lemon and salt, with their magickal properties, is what makes it work as lemon and salt have the ability to embitter and destroy the relationship.

Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly

Effectiveness: 3/5


  • A lemon
  • Two strips of white paper with the names of people written with a pencil
  • Salt.


  1. Cut the lemon into a cross, then insert the names into it, and a pinch of salt onto lemons. Then recite a specific sentence:
    Just as salt is falling apart, love (or the friendship of) (his first name ) and (then her name) breaks down.
  2. At this point leave the lemon in a hidden place for a week and then throw it away preferably in running water. (The best option would be to put it in a river as it’s the best natural form of running water. If there isn’t a river nearby your casting place use your sink and tap water to wash it away and then throw it into a trash bag. Otherwise, you can get rid of these ingredients by burying them in a place you won’t come back to.)
  3. The salt is used to tighten up relationships between people. Lemon will help to remove the sweetness of the relationship and make it diminish over time.

Keep in mind that this ritual doesn’t work between people of the same sex.

3. 7 Day Voodoo Break Up Spell

7 day voodo break up spell by Magickal Spot

This 7 days voodoo break up spell is very complex and it is recommended for expert witches.

What makes this spell very complex but yet very effective is the selection of ingredients and the fact that you are going to cast the spell on a daily basis for at least 7 days and up to 9 days for quicker results.

It’s very important you commit to the practice and that, once you decide to give this break up spell a try, you repeat it with the same intention and concentration every single day. If you skip a day or two you need to recast it all from the very beginning.

Difficulty: Expert Witch

Effectiveness: 5/5

Moon: it isn’t necessary to follow days and moon, but we need to consider that this is a ritual with a negative purpose, so I recommend casting this on Tuesday or Friday (the waning moon).

Time: start at 9:30 pm and 10 pm.

The ritual is repeated for 7 days or 9 days.

7 Day Voodoo Break Up Spell
Copyright: Magickal Spot


  • A black candle
  • Pictures of people that you want to break up
  • Pen or black marker and one red
  • A piece of paper
  • A glass jar with the aluminum cap or a bottle (I don’t recommend the last one as it is difficult to fill)
  • Rusty Nails 9 (rust is very important for the ruin of a relationship)
  • Pins 9 (nails and pins symbolize pain and wounds in the report)
  • Black pepper
  • Red pepper in grains (if you cannot find red pepper in grains you can substitute this with 2 chili peppers)
  • Chili pepper
  • Black mustard seeds (to create problems) – (if you cannot find black mustard seeds you can use some rocks)
  • Vinegar (to sour the union)
  • While you can also add lemon juice or sour milk
  • Black dog and black cat hair, (this is important and you need only a few. It’s necessary to trigger the fight between a couple)
  • Glass chips to cut and hurt the relationship

This is the base, but if you wanted to strengthen this ritual further and succeed, find and use these things:

  • Asephodelia (to make ill, evil, invocations)
  • Graveyard (used against enemies)
  • Cedrine herb (for separations, discords and conflicts between people.)


Light the black candle, engrave the names (name and surname) of the people you want to separate (you can use a toothpick) and between the two names engrave the word “divorce” or “separation.”

Grease the candle you with break up or other command oils.

If you don’t have them you can also:
Grease the candle with chili oil, Tabasco, and cover it with red pepper, mustard seeds, or chili. Grease from the center towards the two ends.

Your candle is ready, so light it with a match.

Writing behind the photos:

– With a red pen if you want the person to remain next to you
– With a black pen if you want to remove it

On each photo write their name and surname and on another piece of paper write down the command:
“Person X must leave a person Y” – must be written in black color.

When you finish, put a piece of paper (written in black) between the two photos (which you shouldn’t look at) and then put everything in the jar or a bottle. You can also add other witnesses inside and cover them with vinegar.

Close it tightly and start shaking the jar violently. Get angry if necessary and proceed with your command with anger and decision. As you do this, visualize this couple fighting fiercely.

Turn off the candle with your fingers. You can shake a jar whenever you need it and when you don’t, close it in a plastic bag (to suffocate the relationship) and place it behind the toilet.

Shake the jar at least two times a day.

When ritual ends, this jar must be buried in a graveyard. You can bury that jar during the day, to thank the spirits that will act for you.

If you don’t have vinegar and those pet hairs choose another spell as those are the main ingredients to make this particular spell work.

4. Manipulative Dark Break Up Spell

manipulative dark break up spell by magickal spot

This dark spell still requires dog or cat hair but it’s a bit easier than the last 7 days spell. This is a great spell to manipulate people and to let love disappear between the couple you would like to separate.

Focus on your intention while casting this spell and visualize these people going separate ways. It’s very important for you to cleanse the tools and the energy of the casting place so use incense and give your witchy tools come salt bath to prepare them for this spell.

Why? Because you need the whole energy within and around you ready and set to turn the energy and shift it to manipulate the designed couple.

Difficulty: Expert Witch

Effectiveness: 5/5

Manipulative Dark Break Up Spell
Copyright: Magickal Spot


  • Cauldron and ladle (if you don’t have a cauldron and a ladle you can use a small pan)
  • Items belonging to the people you want to separate or a piece of paper with their names
  • Cat hair (preferably black)
  • Dog hair (preferably black)
  • Oil
  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Nettles (optional)


  1. At this point we’ll choose to act on the night of a Tuesday or Saturday which occurs in the period between the full moon and the new moon (waning moon phase).
  2. Once all the necessary material has been placed, it’ll be purified with a salt bath, and the room in which the ceremony will be officially fired will be abundantly incensed.
  3. Then the potion is prepared by introducing the ingredients into the cauldron, avoiding for its intention:
  4. Pouring water reiterate how water and fire are contrary and how one perishes in the presence of the other.
  5. Insert the hair of the cat and dog expressing that the two are opposed as a cat and dog, always in disagreement and dislike.
  6. Pour in oil and express that oil and water do not mix, so it is not possible for the two of them to find a point of union, of love and harmony.
  7. Insert the vinegar and mention that the vinegar corrodes.
  8. Insert the nettles saying that as the plant burns they will not have peace until your will is fulfilled.
  9. At this point, let the potion reach the boil and in the meantime visualize your goal or relax with the certainty of success. When you feel that the target is reached, turn off the flame. Then incense the room again.
  10. The filter must be bottled and poured near the places frequented by the victims. If it is not possible, pour it in two different places declaring the separation between the parts.

Once again, this is a very manipulative ritual, and it must be carried out with the appropriate precaution.

5. Easy Chanting Spell to Separate Two Lovers

easy chanting break up spell by Magickal Spot

This is an old fashioned chanting spell you can easily practice without any experience and fancy ingredients.

Still, your commitment to this kind of spell is absolutely important and you need to truly believe in what you are doing and what you are saying to let it happen. If you are a baby witch, this is a great place where to start spell casting to break up a couple and to explore your witchy craft.

Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly

Effectiveness: 3/5


  • A pencil
  • 1 black candle
  • 1 sheet of paper and a pen
  • Matches


  1. On a waning moon night, take the black candle and light it with matches.
  2. Write the name, surname, and date of birth of the people you want to break up drawing a circle that contains all this on the sheet of paper.
  3. Light up the black candle and place it above the paper. Start with dropping of wax from the upper part of the circle that contains the names, until you cover the whole circle and its contents. While you are doing this, you have to imagine these two people leaving, discussing and dividing. Try to concentrate all the energy possible.

After you have finished covering the whole circle, blow on the candle to extinguish it and say the following words:”So I transferred my will,
My spell has been heard.
So I want it, so be it!”

Set the sheet of paper on fire, and leave the ashes in the air.Light the candle again and let it burn until it’s gone.

6. Voodoo Dolls Break Up Spell with Vinegar

voodoo dools break up spell by Magickal Spot

Difficulty: AdvancedEffectiveness: 4/5Ingredients:Fabric (one black piece and one white piece)An empty bowlVinegarSalt in grainsPepper powderPure alcohol

Ritual: During a waning moon evening, take two pieces of fabric and sew two dolls to symbolize the people.

  • Use a black cloth for the doll that will embody a person that needs to be removed and a white cloth for a person who wants to separate your loved one from your foe.
  • Take the bowl and mix vinegar, salt, and pepper, add pure alcohol and apply it to a white doll.
  • Sprinkle the other doll with pure alcohol.
  • Wrap these two dolls with a black cloth and then bury them in the ground, possibly under a thorny plant waiting for the ritual to take effect.
  • 7. Onion Break Up Spell

    onion break up spell by Magickal Spot

    Day: TuesdayMoon: falling moonDay: possibly of Mars (Tuesday)

    Ingredients:1 black pen1 white paper1 red onion (you can use a white onion as well if you cannot find a red one)7 toothpicks

    Ritual: First we cut the onion into two equal parts (that is, just break it in the middle.)

    Onion Break Up Spell additional picture 1

    After that we need to cut 2 strips of paper

    On the first piece of paper you need to write down the name of your loved one, and on the second you need to write down the name of your rival – use a black pen for that.

    Place each strip on one half of the onion, and then put the two halves together.

    You’ll have these 2 pieces of paper in the middle of our onion, and it’s essential that these names aren’t positioned to “look at each other” so be careful when closing the whole thing. See the pic to know how to place the piece of paper!

    One must be carefully put on the back of the other. Make the onion adhere with the help of 7 toothpicks (check the pic below to see how to properly use the toothpicks)

    Onion Break Up Spell additional picture 2

    Chant out loud: “let them separate, let them fight, etc.”Bury this onion somewhere far from home and forget it.

    Advanced reading

    Passionate love can be interrupted with rituals that produce a type of cooling that produces the stars like Saturn when they come into appearance.

    Break up spells that work immediately are usually performed on Saturdays, while some of the kabbalistic origin Solomonic Magic spells are performed on Fridays – in both cases in the waning moon. There’s an astrological reason behind this.

    Initially, adopters of the Voodoo Rites did not take into account the lunar phase and the day (Monday, Tuesday, etc.), but with the advent of astrological knowledge, they stopped ignoring it.

    practical solomonic magic
    Practical Solomonic Magic: 4 Rulers

    In fact, in Magic Solomonic and in general, in the magic of kabbalistic origin, not only the day and the moon phase are taken into account, but also the magic hour.

    While in Voodoo, a day of the moon phase is taken into account, and at most it indicates the time (morning afternoon, after sunset or midnight).

    As the growing light propitiates and vitalizes what must begin, the light at the apex that at the meridian favors the full development of what is already in place, in the evening after sunset the waning light favors the departures and separations, and at night all the evil rites depicting darkness.

    Only in some cases in Voodoo and derivatives are used at night for positive rituals and for the reasons that the night leads the Soul to be more receptive, and therefore more influential.

    Therefore the waning Moon has such an influence that it helps the separation to separate two people and the distances and therefore it is the phase used for the rites of separation breaking marriages and engagements.

    Let’s take a closer look at the types of rituals and other differences.

    quimbanda book cover
    Buy this book here (Amazon).

    The rituals of separation are therefore of two types fundamentally: those linked to the primary forces of nature which are the forces that create instincts in nature: such as the Quimbanda which is a branch of Macumba where the Exus are invoked as Pompagira.

    Quimbanda: The Cult of the Red and Black Flame explains that these exus are linked to the primary terrestrial forces, and the Voodoo (voudon) that is linked to the Loas with the difference that some are like the Exu of the Quimbanda but with different names, others are the souls of the dead.

    This ritual is very powerful as it is connected to the strong evil Egregores and can create some disharmony even in the unions, the strong ones linked by Love, but to the latter, they can only cause only some disharmony, while to passionate loves the real breaks.

    Here’s an interesting book that explains everything – Egregores: The Occult Entities That Watch Over Human Destiny.

    egregores the occult entities that watch over human destiny
    Buy this book here (Amazon).

    Totems and Sigils For a Spell to Break Up a Couple

    Totem and sigils for break up spells can be amazing tools to make it happen. These are like items that state to the universe, to magick, and to the flowing magick energy what you truly want, what’s your most intimate desire while it works as an attractor, a magnet to that vision you have and that you want to shape, create and manifest.

    When choosing a Totem, it is necessary to research the affinities we have with animals, their earthly and spiritual qualities, their presence in the place where we live.

    break up spell totem

    Initially, when you come into contact with a Totem, it is advisable to do it inside a sacred space, at least until we get enough confidence and learn to know it. We come into contact with its energies and mix them with ours.

    It’s not difficult to work with totems, but you have to learn to meditate and practice everything daily. Spend time with your astral animal, learn to know it, and create your bond with it. Try to know everything about him/her and tell him/her everything, so you learn to understand yourself thoroughly and without secrets.

    For some, the astral power of Totems is similar to that of the Artificial Elementals, that is, made up of thought-forms, or created by our energy.

    I personally don’t use sigils for spells to break up a couple as I focus all of my energy and my intentions on the situations and the others. I often find that sigils are an excellent tool for self-protection and self-work while totems, crystals, and tarots are more my thing but, as you know, a spell should be personal and customized as per your persona and your sensations about it.

    Final Thoughts

    Separating two people using semi-benign methods (they are never totally benign) is much more complicated, requires many sessions, and constant observation of how the situation evolves.

    If you want to work against the will of the universe, you will not get the results you want; for example, if a couple you want to separate is ‘meant’ to be together for the indefinite or determined period, you will not be able to change the outcome.

    Tina Caro

    Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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