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The Spiritual Significance of Blue Candles: Serenity & Magic

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Written by: Tina Caro

Each color has a power of influence on the human being and its environment, which can be favorable or not. So let’s learn more about Blue Candle Meaning, symbolism, and, finally, some rituals that require blue candles.

It is essential to know what entanglements a color has because depending on what they are, the vibrations it will give off will be different.

I also want to remind you that using candles is not a game, so I ask you to be cautious with them since they have incredible power.


Blue candles hold significant spiritual meanings across various traditions. They are commonly used for spiritual protection, shielding against negative energies and psychic attacks.

Blue also represents communication and self-expression, making these candles ideal for enhancing effective communication and emotional expression.

These candles promote peace, tranquility, and inner calm, aiding in meditation and emotional balance.

Additionally, blue candles symbolize spirituality, devotion, wisdom, and insight, making them versatile tools in various spiritual and magical practices.

What is the Meaning of a Blue Candle?

The meaning of blue candles is related to the sea, the sky, but its primary purpose is to awake tranquility and stability.

The Spiritual Significance of Blue Candles by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

Another thing you should remember is that the meaning of the blue candle varies depending on its different shades.

Quick facts about blue candles

For example, the dark blue color represents relaxation, hope, and the triumph of good over evil, while the lighter blue represents harmony with ourselves, mental strength, and positive mood.

Now that you know a little more about the meaning of blue candles, let’s tell you some marvels when lighting a blue candle and the power of the forces we are invoking.

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Blue Candle Symbolism

WaterBlue candles represent the element of water and its qualities of healing, purification, and emotional balance.
CommunicationBlue candles are associated with effective communication, self-expression, and the ability to convey thoughts and feelings clearly.
SerenityBlue candles embody serenity, tranquility, and a peaceful state of mind. They can help create a calming atmosphere and promote relaxation.
Spiritual ConnectionBlue candles can enhance spiritual connection, intuition, and psychic abilities. They are often used in meditation and divination practices.
HealingBlue candles are used for emotional and physical healing, promoting self-care, and soothing emotional distress.

What are blue candles used for?

Blue candles apart from giving us peace of mind, help us to express ourselves better by stimulating creativity, intelligence, healing, meditation, and forgiveness.

When we light a blue candle, we are invoking tranquility and stability.

If you want to find harmony in the home, you have to light a blue candle to facilitate the process of well-being and understanding.

Lighting a blue candle strengthens confidence and concentration.

The blue color is that of the Sagittarius sign and is ruled by the planet Jupiter.

Candle color Correspondences

BlueSerenity, calmness, peace, communication, healing
Light BlueTranquility, harmony, intuition, spiritual guidance
Dark BlueWisdom, introspection, meditation, deep healing

What are Blue Candles used for?

The blue candle, apart from everything I’ve mentioned above, can also be used to transform and intensify our instincts.

They are beneficial because they help us find balance in moments of tension by finding our axis again.

Besides, blue candles can help us improve the quality of sleep, as they have high healing power against insomnia.

Different Shades of Blue Candles Explained

The meaning of a blue candle varies if the tone is lighter or darker.

If it’s a light blue candle, it has a lot to do with the emotional level of the human being. It is related to friendship, love, sex, and, ultimately, with everything related to duality.

It symbolizes the most sensual and sexual side of the individual; in fact, it has excellent potential as a natural aphrodisiac. The clarity of its tone and its light denotes beauty, harmony, and a high sense of aesthetics.

The light blue color, although it seems contradictory, is manly in essence and is linked primarily with intense mental power. It brings a greater understanding of life and increases the understanding of the environment. Blue grants protection and a lot of tranquility.

MeditationUse a blue candle during meditation to enhance calmness, focus, and spiritual connection.
Communication SpellPerform a communication spell using a blue candle to improve interpersonal relationships and enhance effective communication.
Healing RitualConduct a healing ritual with a blue candle to promote emotional healing, balance, and overall well-being.
Serenity PrayerIncorporate a blue candle into a serenity prayer ritual to cultivate a sense of peace, tranquility, and inner harmony.
Ritual BathTake a ritual bath with a blue candle nearby to cleanse and purify the mind, body, and spirit.
Table 1: Blue Candle Rituals

It has excellent power to capture good vibrations and helps, especially, to perceive and enhance your more spiritual side. It has a positive influence on your mood and, above all, on your state of health.

Do not hesitate to choose light blue candles if you want to create a relaxed and harmonious environment.

If the candle is dark blue, it represents the deepness and something that can’t be reached easily.


It symbolizes the hope that must never be lost and the triumph of good over evil.

Dark blue is a color that reflects all the complexity of our existence. It has undertones of sadness, moodiness, and bad vibes.

It is considered a color with a depressing meaning because of its impetuousness and because it generates very negative feelings in the mood.

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Where do I buy Blue Candles for my Spells and Rituals?

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However, I buy them on Amazon if I need larger quantities. Here’s a link to Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Rituals and Spells with Blue Candles

A Love Ritual with a Blue Candle

This is a traditional ritual that’ll help you find out if a specific person is in love with you or not.

Some witches might choose red or green candles.

I prefer the blue one, because it seems to me that although it’s a love ritual, the red candle might be more appropriate, I think that since this is a spiritual consultation, I prefer the purity of a blue color.

As I always tell you, the effectiveness of rituals depends mainly on your faith in them, and your ability to awaken the hidden energies that surround us. These energies can change the circumstances of our lives positively (or sometimes negatively if you don’t follow the procedures).

Things you need

  • A blue candle
  • A white paper
  • A pen with blue ink

How it’s done

Before starting to perform this powerful ritual, you must concentrate on what you are going to do. Think about the goal you are pursuing and that what you are doing is a path that will take you there.

Prepare the altar as usual.

Take a plain white paper that you have chosen for this ritual and write the name of the person in the shape of the heart, using the blue ink pen.

Optional: if his/her name is short, you can write it like usual, and draw a heart around his/her name.

Then place a candle on top of the paper. Turn it on and let it burn for six minutes.

While the candle is lit, you must think about that person, whether man or woman, that’s special to you.

Focus on the love you feel and the desire to be with him/her, look at his/her name.

Turn off the candle, and now it’s time for the critical part of this ritual.

You must count the number of drops of wax that have fallen on the paper.

If none has fallen, you probably he/she has his/her heart occupied by some other person.

If two to six drops have fallen, his/her heart isn’t sure about you.

On the other hand, if more than six drops have fallen, it is most likely his/her heart is free, and until you can be one of the options.

Of course, it will be meaningless if you force the wax to fall or questions like that.

Improvement Spell with a Blue Candle

It is preferable to perform this spell as soon as the moon rises (check the newspaper or the meteorological service to find out what hour is that).

Do not do it during the sunny hours.

Things you need

  • One consecrated large cylindrical blue candle
  • One piece of paper

How it’s done

Be very clear about what aspects you want to improve, and who you want to help.

For example, you want to help your friend to do better in school, or love or at work. You can also help yourself.

Write on the blue candle, the names of the people who participate.

For example, yours, if you ask for yourself, your husband’s if you want to help him or the name of some other person you want to help.

Then take a small piece of paper and write on it how (or where) you want to help that person.

Light the blue candle, look at the flame of the candle, and think that energy is directed to fulfill your desires.

Burn the paper where you wrote the wishes while reciting the following:

“By the light of the moon, which extends its loving hands towards us, I ask you to fulfill my desires, bathe with this light well-done my desires, throughout the whole earth, send the energies so that they are fulfilled, improve this earth, and so my desires will improve.”

Remain silent for a few minutes watching the candle flame thinking firmly about what you asked to improve.

Then let the candle burn down completely.

Tina Caro

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