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General Witchcraft Topics

When we talk and write about witchcraft, we run the risk of being misunderstood. Amongst the general population, the word ‘witchcraft’ is associated with evil, malicious intent, rebellion against organized religion and dangerous spells.

Basically, witchcraft is often confused with Black Magic. For us at Magickal Spot, this assumption could not be more wrong.

Witchcraft, like modern religions, was born from pagan traditions of respect, gratitude and admiration for our Earth and all that lives on it. Witchcraft has been around for almost as long as humans have, and it has stayed with us through every age and has changed very little in that time in the eyes of an outsider.

To an insider, however, witchcraft has changed tremendously, thanks to a witch’s constant listening to the voice of Nature and to our own inner monologue. A modern witch is adaptable to her environment and the everchanging energies of our planet.

While outsiders will likely only see examples of Black Magic, involving fetishes, manipulation, and harm, the rest of us know that witchcraft has a much deeper meaning and importance. The true goal of witchcraft, despite its outward appearance of being dark, mysterious and sometimes threatening, is self-growth and true happiness.  

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