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From Green to Gold: The Strongest Candle Colors for Luck

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Written by: Tina Caro

There is nothing better than lighting a candle to attract positive energy. I love candles but, most of all, I love how easy it is to practice candle magick, to create what we want and that’s the reason why I want to focus on candles for good luck, to explain what candles can be used for good luck magick and how to use them.

As you know, each color has power and specific symbolism, and according to the kind of luck you want to receive, there are many different colors you can use.

The Most Powerful Candle Colors for Attracting Good Fortune

Candle ColorLuck Association
GreenGreen candles are often associated with luck, abundance, prosperity, and growth.
GoldGold candles symbolize wealth, success, and good fortune, attracting positive opportunities.
YellowYellow candles are linked to luck, happiness, optimism, and mental clarity.
PurplePurple candles represent spiritual luck, wisdom, intuition, and connection to higher realms.
OrangeOrange candles are associated with luck, joy, creativity, and enthusiasm.
RedRed candles symbolize passion, vitality, energy, and luck in matters of love and relationships.
BlueBlue candles are linked to luck, serenity, calmness, and spiritual protection.
WhiteWhite candles represent luck, purity, cleansing, and the manifestation of positive intentions.
SilverSilver candles symbolize luck, intuition, lunar energy, and psychic abilities.
Copper/BronzeCopper or bronze candles are associated with luck, grounding, and material abundance.
Table 1: Candle Colors and Their Luck Associations

Golden candles

This candle is mainly burned as a tribute to God, during solar-type ritual feasts, especially the equinoxes and solstices.

It can bring good luck to well-being, constancy, willpower, and physical and psychic strength when necessary for the good of a loved one. In this case, when you want to help a person dealing with bad luck or struggling with something, it is good to light a gold-colored candle, together with a little myrrh.

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Silver candles

The silver-colored candle symbolizes the Goddess in her lunar form, therefore the essence of the feminine. It is excellent for meditating and increasing your powers, training us to see into the future and within ourselves. A silver candle is also used when spiritual communications are to be made with entities or to make contact on full moon nights.

It can positively influence the ability to introspect and to increase one’s wisdom. If you want to succeed more spiritually, embracing a higher version of yourself, a silver candle is amazing.

Coppery candles

This candle is used whenever help is needed to overcome obstacles placed between you and your success. In love, it is used to revive the passion that might be languishing or a relationship that needs a boost. For your job, it serves to facilitate your career, to open the door for new opportunities or to grow professionally, also to increase your income.

In meditation, it encourages personal growth and opens the mind to understanding the secrets of existence.

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Yellow candles

The yellow candle, like the orange one, is used to achieve success in your actions and to realize projects. Especially regarding the study, as it enhances the memory and the ability to understand difficult things, it is also used to empower your mental faculties. It is also used for commerce, as it has the power to untangle obstacles that prevent an independent business from flourishing.

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Since yellow is the color of the sun, combined with the action of fire it can infuse a great amount of useful energy when something challenging needs to be overcome.

Read more about yellow candle color meaning and symbolism here.

Orange candles

When we work to obtain material benefits, we must use an orange candle. In fact, it ensures the success of things undertaken, positive results in exams and tests, good luck in finding a job, the positive result of contracts and business, salary increases, termination of money-related problems. You can use an orange candle on a person who is unable to manage money, or material situations, to help them be more assertive and positive.

For those who do concept work, the orange candle increases concentration, gives rise to new ideas, stimulates creativity, and mental vitality.

Read more about orange candle color meaning and symbolism here.

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Pink candles

Pink candles are primarily used for rituals that aim to bring good luck in finding love, affection, to help someone to improve their character, to have gifts of altruism and generosity. A pink candle must be used to solve relationship problems, to strengthen love, spirituality, and physical attraction between two people. It is also powerful when asking for the spiritual healing of someone, who is suffering from a guilt complex, melancholy, or sadness.

In meditation, it is used to consider our desires and to clarify our affective world. These candles are also used to strengthen or restructure friendships.


Combined with incense and lavender, a pink candle is useful to soothe the pains of a finished love, as it gives the ability to mitigate the negative flow of strong feelings and passion.

Read more about pink candle color meaning and symbolism here.

Blue candles

Blue candles are an immensely powerful means of protection, to ward off pain, disease, envy, bad luck, and many other problems. It is used to quell quarrels, to avoid family discussions, to restore domestic harmony, to bring together non-speaking relatives, and to keep secrets at bay. It is also used to foster foresight and intuition at work and to expand the business.

In lighter tones, it symbolizes the color of the sky, therefore the ability to extend one’s perception, brings luck and protects against adversity. By meditating with a blue candle one can find inner balance and wisdom.

Read more about blue candle color meaning and symbolism here.

Green candles

Green is one of Mother Nature’s colors, which makes candles of this shade enormously powerful. They complete what you want, regarding work and love. If we are in a period of waiting, transition, or instability, a green candle can unlock circumstances and help things work in our favor, accelerating the resolution of issues. It is used to conclude business and work agreements (only lawful ones), to accelerate promotions, the revenue, to propitiate abundance and prospects.

Suppose it is not possible for you to meditate in Nature. In that case, a green candle can solve this problem bringing more luck into your life, as its chromatic vibration is the same as that of the woods, plants, and trees, making it is useful for getting in touch with Mother Nature.

Read more about green candle color meaning and symbolism here.

White candles

White candles symbolize purity and virtue in an absolute sense. They can attract positive energies and good luck while dispersing negativities, and purifying the surrounding environment before starting a ritual. It can also be used daily to keep negativities away from where we live. It represents the Goddess, and therefore it must be included in every ritual as a “witness” of the presence of the divinity.

The white candle is used in rituals in which energy rebalancing is required, such as after surgery, to promote peace and calmness, to restore harmony between people, to preserve innocence and purity, for example, in children.

Read more about white candle color meaning and symbolism here.

How can these candles be used for good luck magick?

You can use these candles for good luck magick in many ways. You can use them as the perfect ingredients for a spell, you can use them during a New Moon ritual, to help the Universe grant what you plan to achieve in the upcoming month, with a successful outcome and you can even just decide to light a candle of one specific color to help you attract positivity and success in any area of your life in which you are struggling the most.

I often use them for that, as it’s easier, cheaper and very effective, especially when I decide to create a vision board for a new project I want it to be successful, and I want good luck pervading my idea.

Simply create a vision board, light up a candle related to the area of your life that needs a good luck booster, and meditate on it.

You can even add some words like:

“May good luck come my way,
May good luck embrace my project,
May my life be filled with luck and fulfillment,
So be it.”

Make sure you customize your prayer/chant to attract what you need, as you are going to let your energy connect with one related to the Universe and magick. If you desperately need some good luck in your life and candle magick is not your thing, remember that you can rely on my spell casting service!

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