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10 Mojo Bag Color Meanings Explained [+ How To Use Them]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Mojo bags are very fascinating and easy to create, but have you noticed that you can find mojo bags in many different colors? Why? I want to explain all this with this article about mojo bag color meanings and how each color can help us attract and manifest a certain kind of energy into our life.


Mojo bag color meanings are significant for setting intentions.

Red represents love and passion, pink symbolizes affection and self-love, green stands for prosperity, brown signifies stability and protection, and black is for banishing and warding off negativity.

White represents purity and spiritual clarity, purple enhances spirituality and psychic abilities, blue aids in communication and healing, yellow promotes mental clarity, and orange stimulates creativity and success.

Silver is for psychic protection, while gold symbolizes wealth and abundance.

Choose the color that aligns with your intention and desired outcome when creating or selecting a mojo bag.

The importance of colors

In magic, colors occupy a very important place, because through them we can develop, stimulate, and increase our inner energies and those of the nature that surrounds us. Each color has a link with the astral energies of the planets, the deities, and the elements; they embody their specific qualities, vibrating on certain wavelengths, which are in tune with the energy vibrations corresponding to the higher forces or powers evoked.

Beautiful mojo bags

Each color has its own particular property capable of positively or negatively affecting human nature. Life is vibration and energy and colors are a sensitive and elevated expression of this. There is a branch of white magic based on the meaning of colors and their power to favor good or bad luck.

In spells and talismans, in candles, ritual objects, and the environments in which we are, colors are a powerful intermediary of our moods and our desires. All colors can play a role in magic, in preparing magical potions, spells, and amulets.

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Mojo bag color meanings

ColorWays to Use the Color
RedUse a red mojo bag for attracting love or boosting your personal power.
GreenUse a green mojo bag for attracting abundance and manifesting prosperity.
BlueUse a blue mojo bag for promoting calmness and enhancing communication skills.
YellowUse a yellow mojo bag for increasing joy, confidence, and attracting success.
PurpleUse a purple mojo bag for spiritual growth, intuition development, and transformation.
PinkUse a pink mojo bag for healing emotional wounds, attracting love, and harmonizing relationships.
WhiteUse a white mojo bag for protection, purification, clarity, and spiritual connection.
BlackUse a black mojo bag for grounding, protection, banishing negativity, and warding off evil.
BrownUse a brown mojo bag for stability, grounding, attracting abundance, and promoting security.
OrangeUse an orange mojo bag for boosting creativity, enthusiasm, energy, and manifestation.
Table 1: Mojo Bag Colors and their Uses


White is the sum of all the colors, what our eye perceives when the entire chromatic spectrum is reflected. It expresses sacredness and knowledge associated with the Moon and the sign of Cancer. A white mojo bag is used for purification and protection practices, but also to replace any other color, when it happens not to be available.

It is light, purity, justice, spirituality, peace, purification, truth, and protection of children and adults, and it neutralizes negative energies and stimulates healing, both physical and psychic.

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Yellow is linked to the Sun, a symbol expressing energy, inner rebirth, creativity, protection, and positivity. Yellow is the color of earth, wheat, and gold, and is, therefore, a symbol of happiness, knowledge, energy, and vigor.

After red, it is the energetically strongest color. A yellow mojo bag is recommended when it is aimed at improving and flourishing working and artistic activities.

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The orange mojo bag symbolizes creativity, concentration, vitality, success, rebirth, and healing. In Asia, it is said to stimulate mental concentration; Buddhist monks wear a tunic of this color. For us, it is a symbol of health; it is very useful for fighting sadness and depression and it gives vitality without having the violent force of red. It is the color of the setting sun, therefore of non-destructive fire.

Orange is the balance point between yellow (Sun, mind-intellect) and red (blood-life, world of senses); its emotional content is desire purified by the spirit and is closely connected to both physical and mental energy.

It stimulates optimism, independence, attraction, and is used in mojo bags to achieve success, power, and attract friendships and good events. It also favors the overcoming of inhibitions and conditioning.

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Red is a very strong color, vital energy, love, passion, courage, sexuality, combativeness, and strength. It expresses the need for results and success and the desire for rewarding situations at all levels. But beware that the “fire” of red can also burn! This color can be therapeutic for depressed people, because it is the color of strong, violent emotions and sexuality, but if you are nervous or depressed, it would accentuate your discomfort and could take on a destructive value. A red mojo bag is usually perfect to attract and boost love and passion.

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pink symbolizes shyness and kindness. For alchemists, it represents catharsis and rebirth. It is the color of friendship and true affections. A pink mojo bag is great to attract new friends and femininity and solves couple problems.

It evokes values such as goodwill, peace, well-established relationships, tenderness, and emotional stability. It emits positive radiations for all signs.


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this color is associated with the Moon and is a symbol of spirituality and ideals; it leads to devotion, peace, meditation, and knowledge. Connected to the esoteric world, it protects against negative energies and intensifies one’s psychic powers. A purple mojo bag is used for rituals aimed at listening, contacting animal spirits and spirit guides, and receiving advice and protection. It is also used to block hostile magical actions. Purple is the true color of energy and is used to request strength and power, building and expanding inner strength through spiritual means. It is also a protective color that makes everything possible when used with other energetic colors.

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Green is one of the colors of Venus, representing the Mother Goddess and Nature, a symbol of fertility, growth, money, creativity, love, and protection from envy and jealousy.

Green is a magical and mystical color of great importance, it is the lifeblood that corresponds to the renewal, nourishment, and energy of nature and is linked to plant and seasonal cycles and to the Mother Goddess.

It instills hope, trust, peace, and protects people in love. According to some schools of magic, due to its delicate balance, care must be taken when mixing it with other colors and, above all, never mix it with red.

A green mojo bag is used to attract money, prosperity, and especially in those where development and growth are required in general, to promote economic improvements, beauty, healing, and luck.

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Black is the color of night and mystery, of interiority and rest, and astrologically belongs to Saturn, wrongly considered a bearer of sadness, grief, and despair.

In reality, a black mojo bag absorbs the negative very well and can become an excellent shield against evil. Black is the absence of color, it does not emit radiation, but it absorbs it in the same way as a black hole that absorbs light.

It symbolizes Primordial Unity, where everything was the essence and potential strength. It is the symbolic color to banish negative energies or to work with black magic spells and talismans.

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Blue is the color of Jupiter and expresses patience, tranquility, calm, serenity, and harmony. In magical practice, it is used to obtain or restore peace. A color linked to the sky is relaxing, purifying, suitable for meditating, and a symbol of inner peace and spirituality.

In mojo bags, it is used to ward off all forms of evil; it plays a catalytic role for positive emotions, particularly regarding love, friendship, and esteem. It promotes reconciliations and stability in relationships or important emotional ties; it promotes peace and quiet in domestic life. Combined with other colors, it gives stability and strength to a ritual.

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Brown is the color of the Earth, understood as a planet and as an element, of security, love for one’s origins, prudence, patience, and tenacity. In magical rituals, the color brown is used to solve material, fertility, health, and justice problems.

A brown mojo bag is used for protection spells and to attract positivity while acting like a shield from negativity, tension, and the evil eye.

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How to choose a mojo bag color

IntentRecommended Color(s)
LoveRed, Pink
ProsperityGreen, Yellow
Spiritual GrowthPurple, White
Grounding and ProtectionBlack, Brown

What if I can’t find the color I need?

If you cannot create a mojo bag according to its designed goal, there is one easy thing you can do to let the energy and the magic of specific color work. Just add a colored ribbon to an easy, basic bag.

Example: you can’t create a red mojo bag? Don’t freak out but add a red ribbon to the bag or add a red object as an ingredient. Your commitment is very important while creating mojo bags. Work on that aspect and let the energy flow!

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