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Meaning of Black Candles: Protection, Banishing & Reversing

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Written by: Tina Caro

The meaning of black candles is one of the most mysterious and questioned in the world of esotericism thanks to their magnificent powers. Let’s learn more about Black Candle Meaning, symbolism, and finally some spells that require black candles.


Black candles hold diverse symbolism and meaning in spiritual and magical contexts. They are often used for banishing negative energies, obstacles, and protection against harm.

Black is associated with the absorption and transformation of energy, making it suitable for shadow work and personal growth.

Additionally, it symbolizes the mysteries of the unknown, exploration of the subconscious mind, and transitions between phases in life.

Some practitioners also use black candles for divination and accessing hidden knowledge.

These candles represent the power to banish, protect, transform, and delve into the mysteries of life.

What is the Meaning of a Black Candle?

Black candles serve to absorb or remove, banish, reverse curses and spells, decipher rituals, absorb or destroy negative energies, and repel black magic.

Power of Black Candles Protection, Banishing & Reversing by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

They help us to protect ourselves against diseases and evil, eliminate confusion, cure discord, change shape, and meditation rituals.

Quick facts about black candles:

What are black candles used for?

Black candles contain huge power and can be used in magic where you are trying to discover something (maybe a secret) or trying to find out the truth about something. They’re also used for drastic life changes – new beginnings.

They’re also used in destructive magic; for the destruction of our enemies, breaking up obstacles, creating chaos, and confusion.

Ritual PurposeSteps and Instructions
Protection RitualCleanse and consecrate the black candle, visualize your intention, light the candle
Banishing RitualWrite down the person, situation, or influence you want to banish, light the black candle, visualize the removal of that energy
Reversal SpellWrite down the negative action or situation you want to reverse, light the black candle, visualize the reversal of that energy
Table 1: Ritual Uses

These candles are the most powerful tool against evil spirits.

They must not be used by kids, or people that are already emotionally and physically drained. The reason for this is its power, which needs to be handled only when we’re fully prepared.

A tip: You should avoid using them if you consider them evil or dangerous.

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Banishment Spell Casting

Banishment Spell casting

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Where do I buy Black Candles for my Spells and Rituals?

Tamed Wild website has an amazing collection of affordable candles.

tamed wild candles
You can buy them on their US website or UK website.

However, I buy them on Amazon if I need larger quantities. Here’s a link to Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Black Candle Spells

Spell to Remove Something you Don’t Want

This spell, if practiced with proper concentration and with an open heart, is certainly on the most effective there is. It’s actually very simple too.

Prominent moment to cast the spell – During the waning Moon

Things you need:

  • A tall black candle
  • A tall and narrow container
  • A lighter or matches
  • Water

How it’s done

Take a black candle and, by dripping a little wax, place it vertically at the base of a tall container.

Once standing without you holding it, fill the container with water, without completely covering the candle (leave out the top).

Now light it, turn off the lights and get comfortable.

Observe the fire and focus on it all your frustrations, problems, worries, fears, and visualize the things that make you suffer, that torment you, that block your path.

Get angry, cry, be sad, and deal with everything inside you, without holding back.

Continue to focus on the candle fire until you feel the need.

When you are ready, let the candle work by itself, and when the fire touches the water, it will go out, and at the same time, release you from frustrations and anger.

You can use this spell whenever you need it, but always in a waning moon.


You’ll know right away if it worked or if something went wrong. Don’t give up!

Spell to Break a Couple

If you know a couple that is destroying themselves with their relationship, than these two spells below are perfect for you.

With these two spells, you can help them both, without even saying a word to them.

Just do everything with responsibility. Don’t cast it, if you know that a couple is happy together, because the spell can backfire.

Things you need

  • A black candle
  • A mortar and a grinder
  • A black marker to label
  • Wooden matches
  • A photo of a couple – both on the same photo

How it’s done

Start by lighting a black candle, using wooden matches.

Respect the color of the candle, if you won’t, the procedure will not work.

Take a photograph of the couple you want to separate; on it, you’ll draw an X with the marker.

Now, draw three closed circles as the around this X.

Take a photo from the bottom right corner, and you will start to burn it with the candle flame above the mortar.

The ashes should fall in the mortar.

Mention these words with energy and firm voice:

“This will burn the flame of love of those in this image, forever.”

Take the crusher and crush the ashes to transform them into powder.

Then, extinguish the candle and with the mortar in your hands, make a small hole with your hand and throw the ashes in this hole, on the ground.

With your right foot, step on the ashes and visualize that the couple is no longer together at that moment.

Check other break up spells here.

A Simple Break up Spell with Black Candles

And here’s the second break up spell.

Things you need

  • 14 black candles
  • 1 needle for carving
  • Wooden matches

How it’s done

Take a couple of candles and with the pin carve in the names of the two people that need to be separated.

Take the two candles to a corner of different rooms and light them.

Perform this action for seven consecutive days.

Candles should extinguish by themselves without the help of other elements.

You will recite a prayer:

“To the natural forces, oh, I implore for the disunity of (say the names of both people) so that they can never again do evil to each other, nor to third parties. I ask at your will, mother of Nature, that this may be granted to me.”

After seven days, when you’re done, this couple will begin to feel upset and aggrieved with each other until they decide to leave each one.

A Protection Spell Against a Curse

Do you feel that things do not go as you expect in your life, even if you work hard to get them? Or do you think you are the victim of a work of witchcraft by an evil enemy?

Then this spell is for you. It’s straightforward to flip any evil work that has been cast onto you.

You can also check a How To Cleanse Yourself From a Curse guide.

Crucial notes about this spell

  1. You will perform the spell for three days with three different candles. They should all look the same.
  2. After three days you will throw all the waste in the trash.
  3. If you don’t know the name of your enemies, just use the word “Enemy”.
  4. Preferably do at full moon and at night after 8 pm.

Things you need

  • Salt
  • Matches
  • 3 black candles
  • A disposable plate
  • An athame or knife
  • Pepper powder

How it’s done

You will start with one of the candles, on which you will write the name (in case you know it) of the person who is doing you wrong. Start at the bottom of a candle.

You will add a circle of salt on the plate. Then you will cut the candle with your athame or knife by on the bottom of the candle, so you’ll see a second wick.

You’re going to sprinkle the pepper all over your candle.

Now you will light the candle on the top while saying:

“I offer the lights of this candle to the light
so that in this
time and at this moment turn back
and undo all evil, witchcraft, sorcery, envy, gossip, and intrigue, that have
made against (pronounce your name), people (pronounce the name of your
enemies) and hidden and declared enemies. So be it!”

You will leave the candle burning on the plate until it is consumed. Keep an eye on it, so you won’t cause a fire.

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