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Symbolic Meaning of Orange Candles: Creativity & Courage

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Written by: Tina Caro

An orange candle is a lovely tool to work with. Let’s learn more about Orange Candle Meaning, symbolism, and some rituals requiring orange candles.


Orange candles hold diverse symbolic meanings in various spiritual practices. They represent energy, enthusiasm, and vitality, making them ideal for boosting motivation and inspiring action.

Additionally, orange is associated with creativity, passion, and emotional connections, which can ignite creative sparks and deepen emotional bonds.

Orange candles are often used for attracting abundance, financial success, and prosperity.

They also symbolize courage, self-confidence, and social connection, making them versatile tools in rituals and spells for personal growth and well-being.

What is the Meaning of an Orange Candle?

Orange candles symbolize prosperity and triumph. Orange is, in fact, a color that encourages ambition, enthusiasm, and success in work.

Symbolic Meaning of Orange Candles by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

An orange candle is closely related to the sun and its power, hence it is a potent candle with which we can invoke great feelings and emotions.

Of course, we have to do that carefully, because it can lead us to its dark side, invokes vanity in us and turn all our beautiful desires into real disappointments.

Quick facts about orange candles

The orange candle represents the sun there that is related to strength and the ability to overcome.

The beginning of everything is also related to the orange color – it is like the first sunbeam that illuminates the day.

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Orange candle symbolism in different traditions

TraditionSymbolic Meaning
Wiccan/PaganCreativity, abundance, enthusiasm, success, energy, courage, and manifestation.
Feng ShuiJoy, warmth, sociability, and promoting a positive atmosphere in the home or workspace.
Color TherapyStimulating creativity, increasing motivation, and fostering self-expression.
Chakra HealingAssociated with the Sacral Chakra, representing passion, sexuality, and emotional balance.
Candle MagickUsed for spells and rituals related to creativity, inspiration, and courage.

What are Orange Candles Used For?

Well, among other great things, orange candles have the power to bring energy, vitality, and courage.

So when you feel down and sad, do not hesitate to light an orange candle, because it will give you the necessary strength to recover your joy and happiness as always, as well as staying awake and active.

It is also used to protect the family and health and to achieve prosperity.
After performing a request ritual, it is advisable to light an orange candle in gratitude, whether or not all our wishes have been fulfilled.

They are also used for reflection, and to increase economic wealth, helps to find the fortune and recognition of others.

But as we said at the beginning, be careful, because all this can lead to envy, insecurity, fears, and pride.

And this candle has a dark side also related to envy, greed, and selfishness.

The orange candle is related to the sun dawn, not only because of its similar color but because both transmit energy and optimism. The sun rising fills us with positivity and encourages us to face the new day full of joy and enthusiasm.

The orange candle also helps men with fertility. Although this candle is more associated with men than with women, rituals are equally beneficial for both.

Pairing orange candles with other colors for specific intentions

Color CombinationIntentions
Orange and RedBoosting passion, vitality, and creative energy.
Orange and YellowEnhancing confidence, optimism, and self-expression.
Orange and GreenStimulating abundance, growth, and prosperity in creative endeavors.
Orange and BlueBalancing creativity with clear communication and self-expression.

Where do I buy Orange Candles for my Spells and Rituals?

Tamed Wild website has an amazing collection of affordable candles.

tamed wild candles
You can buy them on their US website or UK website.

However, I buy them on Amazon if I need larger quantities. Here’s a link to Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Now it’s time for some practical magic!

Orange candle affirmations for creativity and courage

“I embrace my creative potential.”Affirming openness to creative ideas and expressing artistic talents.
“I have the courage to pursue my dreams.”Encouraging bravery and determination in following one’s passions and aspirations.
“My creative energy flows freely.”Affirming the unobstructed flow of creative inspiration and ideas.
“I am bold and fearless in my pursuits.”Instilling confidence and fearlessness in the face of challenges.
“My creativity is a source of joy.”Recognizing and appreciating the joy that creative expression brings.

Orange Candle Rituals

Love Ritual with Orange Candles

This is a love ritual for couples.

You need to perform it on Sunday, at dawn.

Since, as we have mentioned previously, the power of the orange candle is stronger when the sun rises.

Things you need

  • Two orange candles
  • A white lily
  • A match

How it’s done

Be in a quiet room, preferably while others sleep. You must not be disturbed by others.

Sit on the floor near a window (or outside of the home) and place two orange candles on the floor in front of you.

The sun must also be in front of you so you can see the sunrise.

Once on the floor with the candles in front, you will place them two feet apart between them.

Then you will put a white lily on the ground between the two.

Light one of the orange candles with a match, and the next we will light it with a candle that already has the wick lit.

Then you will take the lily and press it against our chest thinking about the qualities and what you like most about the loved one.

You will say his/her name out loud, kiss the lily, and put it back on the floor, among the candles.

Then you need to wait until the sun rises to extinguish the candles and repeat the ritual twice more – always on Sunday at the same time until that person’s passion for us has grown as you wanted.


Money Ritual with Orange Candles

To attract money, the ideal coins are copper coins.

Although they are usually coins of little value, they’ll help you a lot in this case.

We will perform this ritual at sunset.

Things you need

  • Orange candle
  • Ten copper coins
  • White cloth tissue
  • A match

How it’s done

When you’re alone, you will place an orange candle on a table, preferably round.

You will light the candle with a match, and in a white cloth tissue, you will insert ten copper coins.

You will roll the handkerchief and tie at both ends, so there’ll be a small place in the center (imagine a candy). This will hold the coins.

Once the handkerchief is closed, you will say out loud for what purposes you need the money and turn off the orange candle.

Next, you will place the bag with the coins on top of your purse or wallet every time you are at home for a week straight.

After seven days, you’ll start seeing results.

You can perform this ritual as often as you think necessary – but only once a month.

Learn more about Money Spells Here.

Ritual For Success With Orange Candles

This ritual is made for students that have an exam or for business people that are before an important meeting or anything similar, that can affect their business.

We will use a golden object (not white gold) to perform this ritual.

Things you need

  • Two orange candles
  • Papers related to your business or study
  • A golden item (like a ring)

How it’s done

You must be in a quiet room with two orange candles that you will place at each end of a table, preferably a wooden table.

You will light both candles and place the study papers in the middle of the table for the exam or those concerning the business you are preparing.

On top of the papers, you will place the golden object, preferably small, and then you will review the study or reread the business sheets.

Once you have read the papers, you will turn the candles off and put the golden object in your pocket until the day you have to take the exam or finish that business thing.

Let me give you an explanation.

The ring will function as an amulet influenced by the power of the ritual performed with the orange candles.

This will give you the energy and the stimulus necessary to fully utilize your intellect and give your best in any situation related to work or studies.

Besides, having the orange candle influenced by the sun will make you see things from a more positive point of view and with a more open mind to face new challenges.

Fertility Ritual with Orange Candles

If you’re having issues to conceive a baby, then you need to try this simple ritual.

You can also perform it if you’re physically or emotionally exhausted.

You must perform this ritual either at dawn or at nightfall.

Things you need

  • An orange candle
  • Rose incense
  • Match

How it’s done

In a quiet room, you will light an orange candle on a small table and sit on the floor with crossed legs.

You will light a rose incense and let the smell of it spread across the room.

Once the room smells of rose incense, you must light the candle on the table with a match.

You will close our eyes and leave the mind free for a few seconds.

When you feel calmer and free of tensions, you will say out loud all those things you want to do but you can’t because you’re tired.

Once you have finished saying them, you will blow the candle and close our eyes again, relaxing again.

You will let the incense be consumed, and then you will let the fresh air enter the room to refresh the energy in your place and your body.

You can repeat this ritual as often as you deem necessary since it benefits your physical and mental health.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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