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Candle Magic

How to Use Green Candle to Attract Money? [Rituals & Tips]

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Written by: Tina Caro

In addition to serving as decoration or an olfactory element, Candles are a very present resource in white magick rituals. Not surprisingly, since ancient times, its presence has had both functional characteristics and lighting a room to ritual purposes. This article will explain how to use a green candle to attract money and show you a few other tips.

According to their shape and color, they take on a symbolism that enters strongly into rituals, providing abundant energy, according to the construct of each one. Thus, depending on the color of each candle, different types of energy or are attracted.


Using a green candle to attract money is a straightforward candle magic practice.

Begin by cleansing the candle to clear it of previous energies.

State your specific intention for attracting money and anoint the candle with money-drawing oils.

Light the candle with focused intent, visualizing your financial goals.

Allow the candle to burn down completely in a safe location, expressing gratitude for the abundance you aim to attract.

Repeat the ritual as needed to manifest your financial desires.

Green candles magical meaning and spiritual properties

Traditionally the color green is associated with nature. The dark color reminds us of forests, jungles and the countryside. Nature and Mother Earth are very close concepts, so the color green is also synonymous with fertility, growth, and even health since nature is in charge of establishing reactions of the human body to microbes or diseases. In addition, medicine used to find its main ingredient in herbs.

How to Use Green Candle to Attract Money by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

All of that energy related to nature expands to the point where green candles can also be related to luck and abundance, so it also affects prosperity in love or economics. When making rituals with green candles, the meaning of that color is maintained and as we have seen, it expands towards everything related to it. Therefore, the result is that a green candle is very flexible and can be used in rituals for different requests.

ProsperityGreen candles are commonly associated with prosperity and abundance, attracting wealth and financial success.
GrowthGreen candles symbolize growth, both in terms of personal development and the growth of financial resources.
OpportunityGreen candles can attract opportunities for financial gain and open doors to new sources of income.
Luck and FortuneGreen candles are often used to invoke good luck and fortune in matters related to money and finances.
Table 1: Green Candle Meanings

Another characteristic is the relationship of candles with a horoscope: in this way, someone born under the sign of Taurus who has a green candle at home will enhance their prosperity and personal growth since it will reinforce their personal characteristics and promote patience, not very prominent in this sign.

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A simple green candle ritual for luck

All you have to do to start the candle ritual is to choose the green candle you are going to use then with a needle or something pointed you must draw a four-leaf clover. If your wish is to be luckier or if you want money, make a dollar symbol on it too, then with the lit candle take a small plate and make the candle wax fall on the plate and stick the candle to the dripped wax.

On the bottom of the plate, place a little water with black pepper, a few drops of lemon and you must do this ritual every day. After two days have passed, put a coin into the candle plate and ask for the money to arrive, if you want to share your good fortune with others then give away the coins that you threw on the plate, after the candle has burned down.

I even dress my candle up with some peppermint essential oil and attach a banknote to it to boost the effects of my rituals and spells.

A green candle is the color of hope, it is a candle to achieve economic prosperity and symbolizes the hope of a better future. It can grant us the strength we need to overcome adversity. It also helps to cleanse and renew our energy and mind. Light a green candle on a Friday and brainstorm for any ideal you are asking for.

You can see how I personally cast money spells here.

Meditate and visualize your financial goal

This is a fundamental step. We can cast any type of spell and perform any ritual but, if we are not clear about the goal to be achieved, it is very difficult for the universe and the magickal energy to grant us what we want.

Write it down or even journal about it

I must say that I use a journal for financial objectives and for projects where I believe it could lead to a considerable change and a better lifestyle.

So, I take a few moments and, after lighting my green candle to attract money, I describe in detail the sensations I am feeling, my dreams and expectations. If you don’t know how to approach this procedure here are some questions to ask and answer with a clear vision of what you want to get and why.

What do I really want? A new job? An increase? A lottery win? How would I like to receive more money and plenty? In what form? Why is it so important to me? How do I imagine my life after attracting money and abundance?


Answer simple questions like these and you will outline what really matters to you and make the manifestation of your fruitful future easier and more satisfying.

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Rituals for work

The most common wish that many people want today, is job growth. One of the problems that concern youth is the lack of work. Green candles, a synonym for economic growth, are an important element in rituals attracting work.

I’ve written an article about spells that will help you get a job here.

Finding a job

You need a green candle and a related and symbolic element about the new job you want to get or with the profession itself. The candle is lit and in the meantime, the wax is spilled around the symbolic object, while the workplace is briefly named.

To change the job

If there is already an abundance of work and a change is preferred, a green candle and a piece of the paper briefly describing the new job position or the profession itself will suffice. Then wish the new job according to your expectations. Repeat the job name seven times.

Final thoughts

Don’t forget to use the green candle mindfully, with intention and respect for its properties and powers. If you want to learn more about green candles and their symbolism or their magickal powers check my article about it!

And don’t forget, if you want to attract more money and wealth into your life, but you don’t know where to start, I can always help you with my spell casting service!

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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