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Working With The Powerful Saturn Energy (Witchcraft Tips)

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Written by: Tina Caro

For our planetary energy series today, we are going to talk about Saturn, a special planet for us to know and to work with to explore both our life and our magickal practice from a brand new perspective. Let’s see how we can work with Saturn.


Saturn, in astrology, is associated with discipline, structure, and responsibility, making it a potent energy for personal growth and transformation.

Working with Saturn energy can help individuals develop self-discipline, set clear goals, and establish a solid foundation for their ambitions.

Harness Saturn’s energy during the waning moon phases or on Saturdays, aligning with its themes of banishment, protection, and releasing what no longer serves.

Saturnian deities like Saturn (Roman), Cronus (Greek), and Nisaba (Mesopotamian) are invoked by those seeking guidance in matters related to time, wisdom, and the overcoming of obstacles.


Saturn is a large planet that has been too demonized in the last millennium. We often have the image of Saturn as the “hard teacher who remembers sobriety and teaches the fundamental lessons through the hardness of life”. Yet this concept is only the result of a mentality that has dominated the last few centuries in the West.

Saturn in Roman culture was considered the God of Gold and abundance who teaches men how to cultivate the land and reap the crops. In the myth, he was the ruler of the earth during the golden age, his very name SAT-UR-NUS can be translated as SAT the being, UR the golden principle, and NVS the Divine intelligence.

In Sanskrit, the golden age at the dawn of humanity is called SAT-VA-YUGA. Here is another clue that perhaps Saturn has nothing to do with hardness but has a very different nature, but let’s put aside the symbolisms and observe its energy.

Saturn correspondences

Astrological SignCapricorn and Aquarius
ColorBlack, dark blue, and deep purple
Day of the WeekSaturday
Tarot CardThe World
CrystalsBlack tourmaline, obsidian, jet, hematite, smoky quartz
HerbsPatchouli, comfrey, mullein, cypress, Solomon’s seal
SymbolsHourglass, scythe, anvil, cube
QualitiesDiscipline, structure, responsibility, wisdom, karmic lessons, perseverance
Magickal PurposesBanishing, protection, grounding, overcoming obstacles, spiritual growth, shadow work

How Saturn energy affects us?

It removes obstacles from our path so we can reach our true potential. It is the energy that looks to the future and pushes the (spiritual) manifestation of what we have put in place, and in this it is linked to our Divine Timing.

As souls, we have specific agreements to live up to while on this land. When we follow Divine Timing, many doors open for us, for we are naturally flowing in the direction that our Soul represents. Abundance is also closely connected with Divine Timing and means the ability to find what we need to walk our path. This at least if Saturn is in equilibrium.


How to use it for spiritual growth?

Saturn energy is the seed that explodes with life and sprouts. Saturn is the energy of growth, of ascension, it pushes us to evolve, it rises along the celestial channel and tries to rejoin what is Divine in us. The Divine can be discovered in everyday life and can be an integral part of the matter. Saturn is not deprivation or death but putting one’s talents to good use!

Its energy is one of the most beautiful of the planetary energies, such as the instruction of concretization/crystallization which says, “manifest this energy by making it dense, and fix it in place for the future”. It is an energy to be used with caution because it tends to memorize an energetic state in a strong way, therefore it should only be used when we are sure we want to memorize something in our energy body.

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How do witches work with Saturn?

  • You can work with Saturn by casting banishing spells but also casting some powerful black magic breakup spells.
  • You can also cast spells to be successful over something that requires hard work.
  • You can chant a prayer to let its energy guide you and bless you with its gifts.
  • You can work with it when trying to connect with your higher self.
  • You can work with it when balancing your higher chakras, especially the 6th chakras as it is our gateway towards spiritual evolution.
  • You can create a sigil to banish some energies around you but also to get rid of something that is preventing you from evolving.
  • You can also create a sigil to focus and commit to something.
Banishing RitualA ritual to remove negative influences, energies, or situations from your life
Protection SpellA spell to create a protective barrier, ward off negativity, and shield yourself or your space
Shadow WorkPractices that involve exploring and integrating your shadow self, working with your inner darkness
Karma CleansingA ritual to release karmic patterns, balance energies, and promote spiritual growth
Grounding MeditationA meditation practice to connect with the Earth’s energy, foster stability, and center yourself
Table 2: Rituals and Spells with Saturn Energy

When should you work with its energy?

The best day to work with it is on Saturdays! Besides that, you can work with it when you feel it’s time for you to change and evolve and you need some special guidance to do so.

Another sign that it’s time for you to work with its energy is when you think you need some extra focus and hard work on something but you don’t know where to start. This planet is also great for self-discipline, so if you are struggling with commitment and focus, consider working with Saturn to change that!

Saturnian deities

Saturn (Cronus)Ancient Roman god of agriculture, time, and harvest, associated with wisdom and divine justice
HecateGreek goddess of magic, witchcraft, and crossroads, often depicted as a wise and powerful crone
BaphometA symbol associated with occultism and alchemy, representing balance, wisdom, and spiritual ascent
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