Mojo Bag vs Gris-Gris [The Difference & How To Use Them]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Mojo bags and gris-gris are often considered to be the same but, actually, there are some differences between them. In order to have a safe and happy magickal experience, it is very important to know more about different practices as education on the topics we deal with is the first step for us witches, right?

That’s the reason why I decided to create this article about mojo bags vs. gris-gris. Because I want to help you dive into this topic to help you learn all you need to know about these two magickal tools and how to make the best of both worlds.

What are mojo bags?

Mojo bags are small bags you can create to attract certain kinds of energy and things into your life. You can create mojo bags for love, protection, luck, energy, and so on. Usually, each bag comes in a specific color according to the kind of energy and result the practitioner wants to attract.

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How to use one?

To use mojo bags, you need to add herbs, stones, and more useful items to attract what you desire. You have to name it, feed it once in a while, and, at first, you should sleep with it next to you or under your bed or pillow. This will help you create a special bond with the bag and it will become one with your essence. You should wear it but keep it away from others’ eyes.

How can it help?

A mojo bag can help you in many different ways. It can help you change your life in all areas, from love to health. It’s like an amulet, a special enchanted amulet that works like a living spell.

In fact, mojo bags are considered to be like magickal creatures you need to feed and take care of to let them grow and shed their power, manifesting amazing energy into your life.

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Characteristics of Mojo Bags

OriginMojo bags have roots in African and Hoodoo traditions.
PurposeMojo bags are typically created to attract specific energies, intentions, or outcomes.
ComponentsThey are usually filled with herbs, roots, stones, personal items, and symbolic objects.
PersonalizationMojo bags are often customized according to the individual’s needs and desires.
ActivationThey require regular recharging or “feeding” to maintain their potency.
Carrying and PlacementMojo bags are commonly carried on the person, placed in specific areas, or hidden in a personal space.

What is gris-gris?

Gris-gris, according to the voodoo culture and tradition, are talismans in little satchels created to protect someone from bad energy and the evil eye. These little satchels are created with ingredients like body parts from people who want to be protected. This is the best way to connect with the caster and to help the gris-gris become one with him/her.

How to use a gris-gris?

Gris-gris, besides herbs, crystals, and other magickal ingredients, often involve some “darker” ingredients like nails, hairs, and even bones to attract energy. Being a voodoo tradition, it is more linked to black arts and magic.

How can it help?

A gris-gris can help protect you from the evil eye and as a black magic talisman. It’s a way to create a powerful dark shield around you to avoid negativity from getting to you, even if this kind of protection has to deal with a powerful but darker kind of magick.

Characteristics of Gris-Gris

OriginGris-Gris has its roots in African and Louisiana Voodoo traditions.
PurposeGris-Gris is created for various purposes, including protection, love, luck, and spiritual empowerment.
ConstructionGris-Gris bags are crafted with fabric or leather and often sewn shut, creating a pouch.
IngredientsThey contain a combination of herbs, roots, stones, bones, personal items, and specific ritual elements.
Rituals and BlessingsGris-Gris bags are usually consecrated through rituals and blessed by a practitioner.
Wearing and PlacementGris-Gris bags are typically worn on the body or placed in specific locations for their intended purpose.

Is it dangerous?

It can be. Being a voodoo practice, you need to be very careful about some things when creating a gris-gris. First, you must be very careful about what you wish for. Then, you need to mindfully choose the ingredients you want to bring into your gris-gris, considering that when you add body parts like nails, hairs, and similar stuff, all this creates a deep bond with the practice and if you cannot handle it or if you are not ready for it, it can be very messed up.


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voodoo talisman
An example of a talisman.

What’s best? A mojo bag or a gris-gris?

Mojo bags are more versatile tools and they can be customized for several goals and desired outcomes. Certainly, for a general use of magic more similar to white magic or red magic spells, mojo bags are the best option. Gris-gris is interesting and effective too but very hard to create and they require at least a bit of practice and knowledge in the black arts.

Key differences between Mojo Bags and Gris-Gris

DifferencesMojo BagsGris-Gris
OriginAfrican and Hoodoo traditionsAfrican and Louisiana Voodoo traditions
PurposeAttract specific energies, intentions, or outcomesServe various purposes like protection, love, and luck
ConstructionVarious materials, typically tied or sewn shutFabric or leather pouches, often sewn shut
ComponentsHerbs, roots, stones, personal items, symbolic objectsHerbs, roots, stones, bones, specific ritual elements
PersonalizationCustomized according to individual’s needsTailored to specific purposes and ritual practices
ActivationRegular recharging or “feeding” to maintain potencyConsecration through rituals and blessings
Carrying and PlacementCarried on the person, placed in specific areasWorn on the body or placed in specific locations

My honest opinion about mojo bags and gris-gris

I love mojo bags and am not a big fan of gris-gris. Mojo bags are more open to different kinds of magic and you can create them from a place of love and light. That’s a mandatory approach to avoid very bad consequences and to avoid attracting negative energy (and entities) around you.

I am not that comfortable using body parts when practicing magic, but of course this is a very personal matter! I am a green witch and I love using simple, natural ingredients like herbs, essential oils, seeds, and roots.

Some other witches might love darker practices, and that is totally fine!

Each one of us is different and don’t forget that you make your own practice! There is no right or wrong when it comes to your own craft. You know you and you know what’s the best call for you and what might better resonate with your soul and your craft.

Don’t let others divert your own path, instead, use others as an inspiration and try to respect your intuition and your own magick. These are mandatory steps to let magick work and manifest!

I am not into these practices. How can I attract what I want?

You have so many options available! You just have to choose your own! You can cast a spell on your own using one of the several spells you can find on my website, you can order a spell casting and let me cast a spell for you, or you can use sigils and others talismans!

Otherwise, if you just want to know how things will go and what your future holds, you can order a tarot reading and ask the cards what’s next! Magick has so much to offer! Now it’s up to you to choose the right thing for yourself to unveil your future, embrace your vision, and live a better life!

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