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Working With The Powerful Jupiter Energy (Witchcraft Tips)

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Written by: Tina Caro

For our planetary energy series today, we will talk about Jupiter, a powerful planet for us to know and work with to explore our life and our magickal practice in a new way. If you feel a connection with this planet or want to establish a deep connection with it, you cannot miss this article about how to work with Jupiter.

Let’s jump right into it!


Its energy influences us by encouraging us to broaden our horizons, take risks, and seek knowledge and wisdom.

To harness Jupiter’s powerful energy for spiritual growth, one can engage in practices like meditation, visualization, and affirmations to tap into its expansive qualities.

Witches often work with Jupiter’s energy through rituals and spells aimed at manifesting abundance, prosperity, and personal growth.

Timing is crucial when working with Jupiter’s energy; it’s most potent during its astrological transits, such as Jupiter’s return or when it aligns with other planets, offering opportunities for positive change and transformation.


Jupiter from the esoteric point of view is considered a second Sun. The energy of Jupiter inspires joviality and joy, it is the essence of the gold-energy which stimulates happiness and the ability to live lightly in those that connect with it. It is a fact that those who have understood how to live happily with themselves are always full of Gold Energy.

In the Greek myth Euphrosyne, Joy is a grace or one of the three Gods daughters of the Sun including Splendor – Aglaia and Prosperity – Talia. These three Goddesses were called daughters of Elios or the Sun. And here the connections with the Sun and Jupiter are strengthened! And do you know why?

From the youngest to oldest the Graces were: Aglaea (“Beauty”), Euphrosyne (“Good Cheer”), and Thalia (“Festivities”). Also known as the Charites (Greek Mythology name) or Gratiae by the Romans. They appear in many works of art, such as Boticelli’s Primavera at the Uffizi gallery.

A virtue like Gratitude is also a powerful amplification engine for subtle energies! This is why the Jupiter-energy is useful for carrying out manifestations or work with energies dedicated to recalling events and situations in the physical world.

CorrespondenceSymbolic Representation
Zodiac SignSagittarius
ColorsRoyal blue, purple, gold
CrystalsAmethyst, citrine, lapis lazuli
HerbsSage, frankincense, nutmeg
SymbolsThunderbolt, oak tree, wheel
Days of the WeekThursday
Table 1: Correspondences for Planet Jupiter

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Jupiter Energy is the energetic instruction to activate a wide resonance. It is heavenly energy par excellence. Unlike Mercury, which activates the vertical resonance with high energies, Jupiter activates a horizontal resonance with all entities of the same plane.

It has a certain resonance with the Anterior Crown Chakra (energy programming capacity), with the Ajna, with the Thymus and the Posterior Cardiac, with the Base, and with the energy field of the endocrine system. It may seem that it is celestial energy, but in it as already in Mars, the Celestial and Telluric aspects coexist in balance. If the Moon-energy looks at the past, the Jupiter-energy looks at the future and pushes us to project ourselves forward.

Before we continue

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How Jupiter energy affects us?

The planet of Jupiter, connected to the God Zeus, god of lightning, and everything stimulates us to have experiences in life. A planet governs the concepts of business, evolutionary development, maturity, and knowledge that we can acquire in the direct experiences of life and delusion.

A balanced planet that encompasses all the philosophies of wealth and perfection. The disappointments given by life make us grow, leading to change as we strengthen ourselves, but we must always be aware that we are acquiring strong wisdom too. In the esoteric world, in magic and alchemy, it is connected to the male force of logic, practicality, the imagination in its business implications.


How to use it for spiritual growth?

Jupiter energy is one of the most beautiful qualities of gold-energy that we can meet, light and sweet, it is easy to be cheerful when we immerse ourselves in it. It does not particularly resonate with one dimension but affects all subtle dimensions in equal measure.

How do witches work with Jupiter?

Jupiter-associated spellwork

Spell PurposeDescription
Abundance and ProsperitySpells to attract wealth, success, and opportunities
Expansion and GrowthSpells to expand knowledge, skills, and personal development
Justice and Legal MattersSpells to seek justice, legal protection, and fair outcomes
Protection and BlessingsSpells to invoke Jupiter’s protective energies and blessings
Optimism and PositivitySpells to promote a positive mindset and outlook
Spiritual GrowthSpells to deepen spiritual connection and wisdom

When should you work with its energy?

You can work with Jupiter energy when you need some luck and blessings around your financial or working life. If there is some special project you’ve been working on and you want your due acknowledgment, that’s a sign you might need its energy by your side.

Suppose you would like to enhance its energy. In that case, you can do so by working with Jupiter’s energy on a Thursday as this is the day of the week associated with Jupiter and its energy from an astrological point of view.

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