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How do you Make a Mojo Bag for Protection? [DIY Guide]

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Written by: Tina Caro

We can’t talk about magic and its powerful, magical tools without talking about mojo bags. Today I want to show you all the amazing types of mojo bags and how to use them for many different goals. You will be astonished by how easy, but effective these mojo bags can be.

Let’s dive into the incredible world of how these precious little helpers are able to shape the life we’ve always wanted.


Creating a protection mojo bag involves setting a clear intention for what you want to protect.

Gather a small fabric bag, protective herbs, crystals, personal items symbolizing protection, and anointing oil.

Begin with a cleansed space and focus on your protective intention.

Assemble the bag with these items, anointing them with oil while concentrating on your intention.

Charge the mojo bag with protective energy through visualization, carry it with you, and periodically recharge it to maintain its effectiveness.

What are mojo bags?

Mojo bags (also called witches’ bag) are similar to a small tea bag but made from leather, suede, or fabric with laces. They are usually decorated with a motif of Wicca magic symbols. The mojo bag is tied with a rope, can be hung on the neck, worn around the waist, or can be stored in your pocket.

Most bags are usually worn during holidays, ceremonies, and rituals, but individual witch bags can be worn anytime. Such bags can improve health, protect oneself, attract money, love or improve magical skills.

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These are magic bags or mojo bags or gri-gris envelopes. The composition of the ingredients with which these bags are filled depends on their use. What fills it must have a connection with natural energies.

Thanks: Firewolf’s Witch Shop

The bag is filled, consecrated and strengthened with the help of elements such as water, earth, fire and/or air. Then you can use any ritual and spell of your choice.

So, the bag is sewn, sealed or closed FOREVER, meaning that YOU NEVER REOPEN IT. Even if they are seasonal witch bags that can be made one for each season, spring, summer, autumn and winter and sealed on the corresponding Sabbath.

Typical ingredients for seasonal bags can include:

  • Spring: Fresh herbs, flowers, leaves.
  • Summer: Sand, algae, flowers and summer fruits.
  • Autumn/Fall: Wheat or barley grains, fallen leaves, plant seeds, dried berries, branches, moss, mushrooms.
  • Winter: Earth, ivy, berries.
  • All seasons: Animal bones, feathers, stones and/or crystals. The magic bag of a witch can be done for a specific person, for a specific purpose such as protecting health or for giving courage. This person can carry the bag all the time or until they get what it was made for. For such bags, you can add hair, nails or parts of this person’s clothes.

The mojo bag is made to create a connection between you and a desired object or person, or to create a barrier between the wearer and a perceived threat. The content of these bags is to constantly transport spiritual energy, which is why the contents are made with herbs, stones, sacred roots, crystals and minerals, among others. These bags can be created for general purposes such as attracting wealth, love, or nullifying the effects of jealousy.

All these purposes are harmless, as to how it can negatively affect another person. But keep in mind that some bags, however, if not manufactured correctly or with good intentions can be as dangerous as voodoo dolls in which they intend to influence the wishes or thoughts of another human being.

As a result of these actions, a negative result may occur towards ourselves and/or others. That is why our desires, intentions, and thoughts must always be positive and full of love and peace at all times.

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10 steps that will help you make a mojo bag for protection

1. Choose the perfect herbs for protection

Choose the ingredients that best suit the purpose and place them on a table that will act as an altar. You can choose among many herbs for protection that will be like the basis of the bag. Here is some inspiration:

  • Rosemary

Rosemary is used for its purifying and protective powers. It gives strength and vigor, helps maintain memory, and is connected to the Sun, Venus, and fire. It is a plant loved by the elves and can be used in consecration ceremonies of ritual instruments.

  • Sage

Sage brings wisdom, luck, prosperity, purification, healing, and helps protect the home. It is a plant connected to Jupiter and the waning Moon, as well as the elements of air and earth.

  • Chamomile

Chamomile, on the other hand, is connected to water, to the energies of the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mercury. It helps purify environments and brings protection. Of course, it also helps with sleep and restful sleep, as well as having prophetic dreams and meditating. It defends against psychic or magical attacks and banishes negative and hostile entities and energies.

2. Choose an item to customize the mojo bag for protection

This step is so important. You need to choose an item that makes you feel safe and protected, something that you feel attracted to. It can be a cross, an evil eye, a common necklace, a gift from someone you love, even a picture of a love one who passed away but who you think is still there to support you and guide you as a spirit guide.

You can add a crystal, too, or a stone from a place you feel a deep connection to.

Eye of Horus
Hamsa hand
Runes (Algiz, Thurisaz, etc.)
Table 1: Protection Symbols

I created one with a stone taken from a beach of a place dear to my heart, where me and my family spent our time together when I was a kid.

I love adding sigils to mojo bags. It’s like having a statement to the universe right there always with you to clarify what you need and let the universe conspire to make it happen. Learn more about sigils for protection here!

3. Choose the bag and name it

This little bag can be something you want to reuse (like a little bag from a gift or something like that) or it can be homemade. For protection, you can use a brown bag as brown is the color for protection. Give your mojo bag a name and use that to refer to it while praying and invoking its energies.

Don’t be shy or scared. It’s safe and this makes everything effective and ready to work!

4. Cleanse it

Being a mojo bag for protection, you need to cleanse it first, as some residual energy can still be there. Light up a brown candle and burn an incense stick.

Take the bag you have chosen and pass it over the incense smoke for some time to purify it. Also, put on the table a bowl and a spoon that you will use to mix the ingredients.

5. Mix the ingredients and say a prayer

Now take a little of the first ingredient with a spoon, pass it in the incense smoke, and put the herbs in the bowl. Repeat the same step for every single ingredient you want to put in the bag.

When you are done, put any other objects you have previously selected into the bowl (crystals, stones, a personal sigil, and so on). Slowly and gently mix everything with your fingers and recite the following formula:

“Wake up… (add the name of the bag here)! Come together as one and give me protection.”

6. Visualize protection all around you

When all the ingredients are well mixed, take the bowl with both hands and bring it to your mouth. Breathe on it, a long, slow breath, imagining you are impressing your intent on the mix and visualize a bright light all around you.

7. Fill the bag

With great care, transfer the contents of the bowl into the bag. Hold the bag in your hand, bring it to the heart chakra, rock it as if it were a sleeping baby, and repeat nine times:

“Ban on evil, ban on negativity. Everything that is in line with my intent comes to life.”

8. Charge it with incense

Pass the bag, now full, over the incense smoke one last time, then wait until the stick is completely burned and add the remaining ash to the mix.

9. Close the bag

Now you can close it by following this procedure: tie nine knots and breathe on the knot each time before tightening it, to symbolically “close” your intent in the cord. If the ties aren’t long enough to make nine knots, you can make three, five, or seven.

10. Seal the bag

When you have finished tying the string and closing the bag, wait for the brown candle to go out by itself, then pour the melted wax of the candle over the knots to seal them.

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Mojo bag affirmations

“I am protected from all harm and negative energy.”
“My aura is strong and shielded from negativity.”
“I am safe and secure in my personal space.”

Extra tips on how to make a mojo bag for protection correctly

If you want to give it even more power and energy, you can leave it for three days and three nights in a spot where it can catch the light of the Sun and the Moon, or consecrate it with other methods that are part of your practice.

Sleep with the mojo bag for protection for a week to connect with it.

Some practitioners adorn the bag with small charms such as beads or pentacles, others draw a sigil on it with a permanent marker in accordance with the purpose… Still, others prefer to leave it as simple and bare as possible (so that it can keep a low profile).

Feed the mojo bag for protection with some essential oil for protection every day for at least a week as, in order to protect you, fresh energy needs to be restored and recharged to really be effective. Choose an essential oil you like among these special essential oils for protection.

As always, your creativity and what you instinctively feel “right” for you is an important aspect of the ritual!

Do you need some protection and you think a mojo bag is not enough or simply is not your thing? I have your back! My spell casting service is here to give you exactly what you need to live a better, safer life.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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