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Yellow Candle Meaning & Magic: Spiritual Significance

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Written by: Tina Caro

In this post, I will explain what yellow candles mean so that you know what forces you invoke every time you light this candle. Let’s learn more about the meaning of a yellow candle, its symbolism, and some rituals that require yellow candles.


Yellow candles hold spiritual significance and magical properties in various traditions.

They represent mental clarity, focus, and improved decision-making, making them ideal for concentration.

Yellow also symbolizes creativity and self-confidence, inspiring innovative thinking and boosting self-esteem.

Linked to the solar plexus chakra, yellow candles aid in enhancing communication skills.

Additionally, they embody joy, positivity, and optimism, promoting a cheerful outlook on life, and can be used for attracting positive energies and spiritual growth.

What is the Meaning of a Yellow Candle?

The meaning of the color of yellow candles is closely related to money and material goods and also to communication on all levels, from personal to spiritual, and to creativity.

It favors economic wealth and stimulates the acquisition of higher authority.

Yellow Candle Magic by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

This color is associated with intellectual and creative activities and independence and professional skills.

This color is also closely related to sunlight, hence the candle color of joy, light, and life.

That is why it is also related to the ego and the good character of people, we gain trust in ourselves and our actions, and all this leads to improving our physical and emotional health.

Because of that, it’s recommended that you have at least one candle in your house even if it’s just for decoration because you will be charging your home with positive energy.

Quick facts about yellow candles

However, this candle has a small dark side as well.

It’s related to envy and/or contempt and it is even said that if use too many yellow candles in a ritual, this could mean selfishness or too much ambition, especially if it’s a money ritual.

As always, we will refer to the use of this type of candle within white magic.

JoyHappiness, positivity, optimism
IntellectMental clarity, focus, knowledge
CreativityInspiration, imagination, artistic expression
CommunicationClear communication, persuasion, self-expression
Solar EnergyVitality, strength, personal power
AbundanceManifesting abundance, wealth, and prosperity
SuccessAchievement, recognition, goal attainment
Table 1: Yellow Candle Meanings and Correspondences

So, since you know that nobody, including you, is going to take any risk for invoking the help of certain forces, take good note of what we are going to tell you next.

What are Yellow Candles used for?

The yellow candle also serves to invoke the forces that will make you improve communication or your income. Besides wealth and better communication, these candles will also fill your house with warmth, joy, and harmony.

Joy and HappinessCultivating joy, inviting happiness into life
Mental ClarityEnhancing focus, improving decision-making
Creative FlowStimulating creativity, unlocking artistic potential
Effective CommunicationImproving communication skills
Vitality and EnergyBoosting energy levels, increasing vitality
Manifesting AbundanceAttracting wealth and prosperity
Achieving SuccessSupporting success in endeavors and goals
Table 2: Intentions for Yellow Candle Magic

They will also help you to clean your home and eliminate negative energies, envies, grudges, etc.


When you light a yellow candle, you will be making selfishness disappear while carrying your house of peace and harmony.

A tip: same as a white candle, the yellow candle is also a neutral candle.

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Where do I buy Yellow Candles for my Spells and Rituals?

Tamed Wild website has an amazing collection of affordable candles.

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You can buy them on their US website or UK website.

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Yellow Candle Affirmations

“I am filled with joy and positivity.”Embracing a positive mindset and joyful outlook
“My mind is clear and focused on my goals.”Cultivating mental clarity and focus
“Creativity flows through me effortlessly.”Tapping into creative inspiration and expression
“I communicate clearly and confidently.”Enhancing communication skills and self-expression
“I radiate with vitality and energy.”Boosting energy levels and vitality
“Abundance flows into my life in all forms.”Manifesting wealth, abundance, and prosperity
“I am successful in all that I set out to achieve.”Invoking success in endeavors and goals

Rituals and Spells with Yellow Candles

As mentioned, yellow symbolizes wealth and prosperity, so most rituals or spells with yellow candles are made to attract money.

Others also help to gain energy, vitality, and health.

The esoteric rites vary from the simplest to the most complex.

Essential for any ritualistic use with candles is the concentration on the objective even when the candle is charged, the visualization of the goal during the ritual, and the total trust in the efficacy of the ritual.

When to perform rites for financial abundance:

Day: Thursday, Wednesday, or Sunday at noon (standard time)
Time: If you can’t perform it at noon, it’s okay even at midnight (but not past midnight).
Moon: A crescent moon.

Quick Ritual to Get a Job or Salary Increase

Before a job interview (or an interview with your boss), place two yellow candles on each side of a mirror and put a few drops of sandalwood oil on the wrists and neck.

Light both candles and focus on what you want.

Then blow them out.

Find other Get a Job spells here.

A Ritual to Attract Financial Prosperity

That’s a simple ritual to attract what you desire.

Things you need

  • Yellow candle
  • Olive oil
  • A pin
  • Homemade essential oil
  • Sheet of paper

How it’s done

Pick a new candle (if you don’t have a solid candle holder choose candles that are ‘standing’ on their own, even if it’s short – these are my favorites as they are ‘safe’).

Load it with extra virgin olive oil, with the base ‘pointed’ towards you from top to bottom.

Write your intent on the candle (abbreviated, of course) with a pin or a thin metal tip.

Cover the candle with oil once again (as mentioned above)

If you can, you could ‘create’ your favorite oil, such as pine oil (using pine ‘leaves’ and leaving them in oil, or using basil in the same way).

Concentrate on your intention, even aloud as you load the candle with oil the second time.

On a sheet of paper, ideally of the same color as the candle (otherwise white is fine), write your intent clearly and precisely.

Light the candle and place it before you, pointing north, displaying your goal.

Some imagine that all the drawers are filled with gold coins or money, and others might imagine how they will live once they have achieved financial prosperity.

After viewing the intent, some burn the piece of paper with the candle flame.

They do that by placing it on an ashtray or metal pan and letting it burn to the bottom while concentrating on intent.

Others, instead, put this paper in front of the candle (but far enough not to burn), to make it illuminated by the light of the candle and to help you visualize and express your intent.

I would suggest the second version (not to burn the sheet), but the choice is yours.

Once the visualizations and the expression of the goal aloud, even in rhyme, if you prefer are both finished, let the candle burn by itself.

Yellow Candle Money Spell

This spell is focused on channeling esoteric energies that surround us to open the paths of good fortune and improve our economic state.

It is a straightforward spell, but we still must have a positive attitude and only have positive thoughts in our heads.

The more good energy we transmit to the spell, the more likely it will work.

Things you need

How it’s done

Place the unlit candle on the plate.

Around it, place coins, forming a circle around the candle and all at the same distance from each other.

Now light the candle and spread some cinnamon over the coins.

Close your eyes and place your hands on each side of the plate, but without touching it.

Channel your positive energy to your hands and notice how your energy is transferring to the candle.

Then open your eyes and remove the cinnamon that is on top of each coin.

Now place some candle wax on top of each coin.

Let the candle burn entirely and put the whole place on top of a closet or somewhere similar, where no one can find it.

You will notice how little by little, how you will begin to see abundance.

Bonus tip:

There is an additional variety for this spell, it is less effective, but you can also do it.

The procedure is the same, but when we finish the spell, we will have to place the coins on the ground forming a circle, and then we’ll need to step in the center of it.

Once inside the circle, you will have to give nine strong (and loud) stomps on the ground and say, “Abundance I call you!

This spell variation will help you attract your desires by utilizing the energies of mother earth.

These energies will charge our coins, and this will, in the end, help you.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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