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A List of Powerful & Free Reconciliation Spells

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Written by: Tina Caro

Are you having a hard time reconciling with a special someone? Maybe a partner, a friend, or even a family member? It’s not unusual to have problems with those around us and sometimes these problems can lead to some tough moments and phases of separation.

If you can’t live without someone and you want to solve things, reconciliation spells are definitely a great option to finally get that special person back into your life by sorting out your differences, any resentment, and starting brand new.

If you want to learn more about reconciliation magick keep reading.


Reconciliation spells are magical practices intended to heal and mend damaged relationships, often of a romantic nature.

They seek to rekindle love, understanding, and communication between individuals who have experienced conflict or separation.

These spells may involve candles, herbs, oils, and visualization techniques to restore harmony and foster forgiveness.

It’s crucial to use reconciliation spells ethically, respecting the free will and well-being of all parties, and recognize that their effectiveness may vary in different situations.

What is a reconciliation spell? Why do I need one?

Reconciliation spells are great after a fight, after a misunderstanding, or when things are on the rocks with someone you care about. I have used them to reconcile with family members and with friends.

DefinitionReconciliation Spells are magical rituals and practices designed to heal and restore relationships that have experienced conflict, misunderstanding, or separation.
Relationship HealingThe primary intention of these spells is to mend emotional wounds, promote forgiveness, and create an atmosphere conducive to reconciliation and mutual understanding.
Ethical ConsiderationsPractitioners approach these spells with ethical considerations, respecting the free will and consent of all parties involved and seeking healing and harmony.
Types of RelationshipsReconciliation Spells can be applied to various types of relationships, including romantic, familial, friendship, or professional relationships.
CommunicationThese spells often aim to enhance communication, empathy, and compassion between individuals in the relationship, facilitating open dialogue.
Table: Overview of Reconciliation Spells

Reconciliation spells vs. Get my ex back spell, what’s the difference?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions I get. Why should I use a reconciliation spell rather than a lost love spell? Firstly, reconciliation spells can be used for partners who are separated but are predominately used to reconcile with someone you are not romantically involved with.

Also, it depends on the kind of breakup you’ve been through. If the separation came because of a mutual decision or because you or your partner were no longer in love with each other, a get my ex back spell would be the ideal match.

On the other hand, if you had a huge fight with your partner and this was the final straw and you separated, and some harsh words were said and anger, then a reconciliation spell is the right choice.

However, reconciliation doesn’t mean you are going to get back together in a romantic way. It means you will smooth out the differences to be able to have a civil relationship coming from a place of forgiveness and openness.

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When to cast a reconciliation spell?

Every separation is preceded by a crisis. A relationship never ends without at least one crisis or a period of constant fighting and misunderstanding. There is always a discussion that lights the fuse. If you can quench that wick before it gets lit with a reconciliation spell, you can prevent that discussion from becoming a breakup or a permanent separation.

By using a reconciliation spell, you can ease your partner’s emotional situation. In this way, after performing it, you will take time to think before making any decisions, thus giving us time to change the course of things.

In many cases, it is essential to act on the matter as soon as possible. Don’t waste any time. Casting a reconciliation spell is a relatively simple and highly effective job. The main thing is not to miss a day. As a general rule, there is not a great deal of time and the reconciliation spell is needs time to manifest.

It is not necessary to wait to see how things turn out. You can use this spell after any heated discussion, which generates intense estrangement. The optimal option is to take a tarot card reading to understand what is happening and to act in the best way. But if you do not have time or tarot card readings are not your thing, do not hesitate and get a reconciliation spell cast.


How to perform a reconciliation spell?

When performing a reconciliation spell, you should be aware that your objective is to save a relationship. Don’t do these kinds of spells looking if you’re not already in a relationship with this person, because it just doesn’t work like that. Remember that these are white magick spells.

Its effect will only be present if you seek the best outcome for you and the other person.

The most important thing is to clear your mind from the argument in order for you to be guided by positive bright energy and not by anger, greed, spite, or revenge.

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My favorite reconciliation spells

A White Magick Spell to Reconcile with Someone Special

A White Magick Spell to Reconcile with Someone Special

This white magick spell provides help in targeting problems within a relationship. We all know that relationships have ups and downs, and this spell is able to establish the necessary balance to keep your relationship safe and if appropriate, to help you reconcile with a friend, a partner, or a relative.

I advise that the desire for reconciliation must be born of yourself, this will help with the request from the universe to make things go well.

Difficulty: Advanced
Effectiveness: 4/5

A White Magick Spell to Reconcile with Someone Special
Copyright: Magickal Spot

Things you need:

  • 3 onyx crystals
  • 3 rose quartz crystals
  • 1 velvet bag
  • 2 white candles
  • 2 metal candlesticks
  • 1 red cloth

How it’s done:

This white magick spell should be performed early in the morning, as it represents a fresh start. This should happen before the new moon, in the same manner, that natural cycles are starting a new stage.

The orientation given to this spell is important, for this you will have to position yourself on the east side of your dwelling, being able to use the first rays of light, so that the rays of solar energy will be radiated directly to your heart.

Place the two white candles in their respective candlesticks, next to each other, and on the red cloth (symbol of love and passion). Remember that these are the candles that represent you and your love.

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White Magic Reconciliation Ritual

White Magic Reconciliation Ritual

Some say that quarrels are the most bitter part of love affairs, and reconciliation the sweetest moment. However, if the reconciliation and making up is slow to arrive, negative feelings can be produced which will later be more difficult to overcome. So, this ritual helps the two hearts to forget any grudges and misunderstandings.

Difficulty: Advanced
Effectiveness: 4/5

White Magic Reconciliation Ritual
Copyright: Magickal Spot

Things you need:

How it’s done:

This ritual must be performed in a garden, terrace, or balcony during the period between the hour before and after midnight.

Prepare the mint tea ahead of time to allow it to cool, also grease the candle with the almond oil. Take the flowers and form a Greek cross, with four equal tips, the six roses on the vertical axis, the three daisies on the left side, and the three gladioli on the right.

Place the candle in the center of the cross, sprinkle the flowers with the mint water. Light the candle and concentrate on your deepest desire for reconciliation.

Let the love spell take effect all night, keeping the candle lit until it burns out.

Important: All the elements and colors of this spell favor affection and understanding, and the warmth of the pink candle. The sign of the cross favors the feelings of humility and generosity that will make you both forget any annoyances.

If you believe that your partner was the cause of the discussion and should ask for forgiveness, sprinkle the ground cinnamon over the flower cross.

Enchantment of the Haunted Apple

Enchantment of the Haunted Apple

To reconcile family members, husband, and wife, companions, boyfriends, etc. prepare the Enchantment of the Haunted Apple.

Difficulty: Advanced
Effectiveness: 5/5

Things you need:

How it’s done:

Write the name of the people in the family who need to reconcile on the paper.

Remove a piece of the top of the apple to form a cap, dig out the inside of the apple to form in an internal cylinder, insert the piece of paper with the names written on it, cover the paper with honey, and put the top back on the apple.

Place it next to the lit red candle and ask the Goddess to bring harmony between these people.

The next day, place the apple next to a tree, in a place a little distance away from the passage or throw it in the sea, a river, a stream or a waterfall, etc.

Sugar Jar Reconciliation Spell

Sugar Jar Reconciliation Spell

You should see the first results after 7 days, when casting this spell.

Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly
Effectiveness: 4/5

Things you need:

  • 1 pen
  • Sugar
  • 1 head of garlic
  • 1 jar with metal lid
  • 1 sheet of brown paper or white paper

How it’s done:

Firstly, write on the brown or white paper, the name of the person with whom you are fighting, under their name, write what you expect from the relationship, it can be trust, love, etc. You will have to fold the paper in equal parts and tear off the garlic head taking only 6 bulbs from it.

Then put the paper in the jar, where you will also place the 6 garlic bulbs, trying to cover all of the paper and then add the sugar until everything is entirely covered.

You will now close the jar. You must keep it for 7 days in a place without light, without no one being able to see it or touch it.

After the 7 days, you need to grab the jar and throw it away, during this period you should have seen some positive results in your relationship with that person.


These are my favorite reconciliation spells. Remember to always practice these spells by trying to set your intentions with a positive attitude to let it work.

It doesn’t matter how angry you are or how mad are you at the person you want to reconcile with. You must leave it all behind and focus on the reasons why you want to mend things, or the spell will not manifest.

Having positive bright energy is the right and most powerful tool at your disposal to make some magick happen.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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