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How to Make a Mojo Bag for Money? [Step-by-Step]

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Written by: Tina Caro

If you need more money and abundance in your life, you might know that magick can be the perfect tool to help you. If you work the energy properly, you will attract more money while you start living a better, more fulfilling life.

An amulet is a great option to attract money as you will wear it and keep it with you during a special presentation, while working on a promising project or simply while working to let the powerful money energy find you and complete you.

That’s when mojo bags can help! If you want to try them, read this guide and you’ll learn how to make a mojo bag for money for great results!


Creating a money mojo bag involves setting a clear intention for attracting financial prosperity.

Gather a small fabric bag, money-related herbs, crystals, personal items symbolizing wealth, and anointing oil.

Begin with a cleansed space and connect with your financial goals.

Assemble the bag with these items and anoint them with oil while focusing on your intention.

Charge the mojo bag with your financial desires through visualization, carry it, or place it in a significant location, and periodically recharge it to maintain its effectiveness.

When do I need to create a mojo bag for money?

You need to create a mojo bag for money when you feel your income is not enough, when you feel you deserve more, and when you deal with financial struggles.

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How to make a mojo bag for money?

1. Choose the perfect herbs that attracts wealth

Herbs are very important when it comes to mojo bags. What are the best herbs for money? Here you can find some ideas:


Laurel is not strictly an herb of prosperity; rather, its energy promotes success in business and employment. Whether we’re working on a new project, trying to get a raise or promotion, or running our own business, bay leaves are the perfect complement to our money spell.


Thyme is a very positive herb when it comes to money. Popular lore says that if thyme is planted close to home, the money will grow as the thyme plant grows. This could be the key to understanding the energy of plants about money, it is about growing! If we need to increase our income or get more money for a growing family, thyme is perfect.



Basil is one of those plants that has about a million uses. We can use it for anything, from protection, to love spells, to the attraction of happiness or peace, to improving luck, psychic and astral work, and much more. This little herb has amazing and powerful magic! This plant has strong attractive properties for abundance, so combining it with other magical plants for money can help concentrate what would otherwise be a fairly general energy and intensify your specific intentions for prosperity.

Other Money Attraction Herbs and Their Properties:

HerbMagical Property
PatchouliAttracts wealth, abundance, and financial success
CinnamonEnhances prosperity, money drawing, and business success
MintAttracts money, prosperity, and financial opportunities
Bay LeavesIncreases money luck and financial blessings

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2. Choose your bag and name it

Choosing a bag is an important step. Being a mojo for money, the bag should be green, the color for money. Precisely because mojo is thought to be a living being, some practitioners decide to name it based on its purpose.

mojo bag for money

For example, when creating a mojo for money, give it a name of someone successful and rich.

3. Choose some item to customize the mojo bag for money

The elements contained within it will be chosen according to your goal. The most common objects used to make mojos are herbs, roots, stones, coins, feathers, symbols, amulets, or even just graphic representations of these elements. I love adding three items, as three is my lucky number, but if you need more just rely on your instinct. A coin or a banknote is almost a mandatory item to add.

Another great idea is to add a money sigil or even to write down on a sheet of paper how much you would like to get and add it to the bag. Use your creativity and do what feels best for you.

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4. Put the ingredients inside the bag

Once you have placed all the items inside the bag, it will be closed. To activate it, it will be necessary to feed it, generally smoking it with incense or blowing on the bag or dabbing it with liquid (for example, an essential oil).

5. Say a prayer

Once fed, you can engrave a candle with a money sign or a sigil to enhance a mojo. The candle used for this ritual should be, again, green. Now it’s time to say a prayer to ask the mojo bag for help and to activate it. The prayer I wrote down here is an idea, but use some words that inspire you!

“Dear (insert the name of the bag here), may all your elements work in my favor
May money find me and come my way
May I be blessed with money and abundance
So be it. “

6. Visualize money coming your way

Use some visualization to visualize money coming your way. Feel a rush of fresh energy coming over and visualize yourself happy and satisfied because of money.

7. Connect with the mojo bag for money

Once the mojo is done, sleep with it next to you for the first week and continue to feed it for seven days. After the first week, the mojo can be carried during the day, in your pocket, in your purse, or in a secret place.

Extra tips on how to make a mojo bag for money effective

  • It is necessary to continue feeding the mojo once a week for four weeks, always on the same day (for example, every Monday). After four weeks, you need to feed it once a month, every new moon.
  • The mojo must never be seen or touched by anyone other than yourself, otherwise it loses all its power. It is believed that a spirit resides within the mojo.
  • If you find that the mojo for money begins to lose its effect or the bag begins to spoil, get all the contents out of the mojo, throw out what is spoiled and keep what is good for re-inserting in a new bag. Then do the whole feeding process all over again.

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Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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