How to Make a Mojo Bag for Luck? [Step-by-Step]

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Written by: Tina Caro

A mojo bag for luck is one of the best things you can do to attract more positive, fresh energy into your life and open yourself up to what the universe has in store for you. If you want to know how to make a mojo bag for luck, read this step-by-step guide and you will learn how to make it in a fun, easy, and absolutely effective way.

Why should I make a mojo bag for luck?

You should make a mojo bag for luck if you feel that something is missing in your life and you need a change. Maybe things are not going the way you wanted them to and you feel that bad luck is around the corner.

If you need to bring more luck to your everyday life in order to be successful, happy, and truly satisfied by what you do, a mojo bag for luck is the perfect magickal tool for you. Wearing it while presenting a special project can make it a great presentation!

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How to make a mojo bag for luck?

To make a mojo bag for luck, there are some things you have to do:

Meditate on the ultimate goal

First of all, why do you want to create this mojo bag for luck? Yes, of course, you want to get lucky, but why? And in which area of your life do you want luck to shed its light and energy?

This is very important as the ingredients and the items we are going to add to our mojo bag for luck need to “speak” about these things and have a special bond to them. To meditate on this, don’t think you need a 1-hour meditation session!

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Even 10 minutes of peace and focus can be great. Just commit to this moment and don’t let other things confuse you or lose your center! Take a little me time to learn more about what you truly want from this bag.

Gather the best ingredients to attract luck

This is another important step as a mojo bag needs to feed itself from the ingredients you add to it. Once you have your ultimate goal set, you need to work to make it clear to the universe and to the mojo bag for luck too.

For example: if you want to attract luck in the lottery, you can add a lottery ticket or some lucky numbers you have in mind. If you want to attract luck in your business, you can add a business card, your logo, the name of a project, or a presentation written on a sheet of paper; it is totally up to you! If you simply want to attract luck in general, choose a special lucky charm, something you feel very connected with, and add it to the mojo bag.

It can be a common lucky charm like a horseshoe, an evil eye, or something you feel is sending you very good vibes.

How many times do people we know and love give us a special gift and we think it brings luck?

Maybe that’s the right item to keep in your bag! You know best! Besides that, you need to add herbs to attract luck and, if you can, try to add a sigil for luck too! It’s incredibly powerful and easy to create. I have a special guide here to help you create your own!

Fill the mojo bag for luck

Now that you have all the ingredients ready, you can proceed with the main part of this process: creating your mojo bag. If you have a small bag in green color, that would be amazing to bring more luck.

mojo bag for money

If you don’t have the chance to find a green mojo bag, you can create your own with a DIY project or you can use a basic small bag and add to it a green ribbon to attract money.

Then, light up a green candle, give your mojo bag a name that recalls luck and fulfillment, and, while putting all the ingredients inside the mojo bag for luck, say out loud words like:

“May you be my light in the dark
May you bring luck and fulfillment
You are with me, my sweet (…)
I feel safe and my vision will take shape
Luck is around me, luck will embrace me.”

Of course, this is just an idea! If you need to attract more luck in a specific area of your life, just customize these words as this is the best way to let the universe and magick know what you truly want so they can grant it and manifest it soon.

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More Information

Wear it

A mojo bag for luck is something that you should wear and, especially at the first stages of its new life, you should keep it in contact with your own skin. This will give the mojo bag the opportunity to connect with you and send its vibes all over you while attracting luck. The most important thing is to keep it away from others. Nobody should see it.

Feed it

Once a week, recharge the mojo bag with more herbs and oils and repeat the little prayer to keep it energized and powerful enough to work long term.

Making a mojo bag for luck is easy; trust me, it works! But, of course, this is a different kind of practice and a bit different from what we usually do in magick. If mojo bags are not your thing, there is no need to keep trying. If you don’t feel comfortable with this type of magick, it is completely fine and it’s normal!

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