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Your Spirit Guide is Trying to Contact You [Watch Signs]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Do you think that your spirit guide is contacting you?

Or maybe some weird things keep happening to you and you think it’s because a spiritual entity is trying to get in touch with you but you want to make sure it’s a benevolent entity trying to contact you?


Pay attention to unusual occurrences such as waking up suddenly, experiencing thermal variations, receiving messages and signs, and witnessing synchronicities in your life.

Your spirit guide may send messages through signs in nature, like animal encounters or unusual natural events, providing you with guidance and support.

Sometimes, you might receive messages from your spirit guide through unexpected phone calls or encountering familiar scents, indicating their efforts to communicate with you on a telepathic level.

Pay attention to your dreams, as they can be a powerful channel for communication with your spirit guide. Interpret your dreams and explore the symbolism within them to decipher their guidance and wisdom.

Signs showing that your spirit guide is contacting you

Repeating Numbers or PatternsSeeing repetitive numbers or patterns, such as 1111, 222, or 333, which may indicate spiritual guidance.
SynchronicitiesNoticing meaningful coincidences or synchronicities that seem too significant to be random occurrences.
Animal EncountersUnexpected and repeated encounters with certain animals that hold symbolic or spiritual significance.
Vivid Dreams or VisionsExperiencing vivid dreams or visions that carry messages, symbols, or guidance from your spirit guide.
Intuitive InsightsHeightened intuition, sudden insights, or a strong inner knowing guiding you in making decisions.
Physical Sensations or ChillsFeeling goosebumps, tingles, or chills in certain situations, often seen as a confirmation from your guide.
Signs in NatureNoticing specific natural elements like feathers, coins, or specific plants that appear as signs or messages.
Table 1: Common Signs of Spirit Guide Contact

Waking up suddenly

If you wake up at the same time every night, it is a possible sign of spirit activity. During wakefulness and in the phases of non-REM sleep, the astral body coincides perfectly with the physical body, through the link formed by the etheric body.

In REM sleep, however, the etheric link is loosened and the astral body is separated. This makes us perceive the entities present at the astral level and it is possible to feel oneself touched and hear sounds and voices.

Thermal variations

Another sign can be when you experience thermal changes within a place. If you enter a room and, without plausible reasons, the temperature is much lower than the others or if you are in a place and a cold current touches you, know that the spirits absorb the heat of the air when they manifest (heat, in fact, is power).

Messages, signs, synchronicity

Coincidences, displaced objects, numbers, and words that “haunt” you have a meaning: they are messages from spirit guides. Write down each “strange fact” and the dates on which they occur and eventually you will understand the meaning.

Signs from nature

Spirits guides sometimes use insects or birds to let you know they are close to you and to get your attention. Every animal, like every plant, has a particular symbolic meaning that must be examined.

Pets know it!

They can sense it! If you have pets at home and suddenly they start to be scared, nervous or stare at a point in the room for no reason, then that may be your spirit guide!

Phone ringing

If you are thinking about something or someone and then the telephone rings but then it stops or you answer the phone and nobody is on the other side, it is likely that a spirit guide is trying to communicate something.

If you think about a question and the phone rings it might be that the answer to the question is YES!


When you smell a perfume or a strong odor of unknown origin, it is possible that a spirit guide is contacting you, especially if the scent is of someone from your past.

I often smell my grandma’s perfume and I know that she is there for me when I smell it.

It’s so beautiful!


Spirits guides can interact with our aura to create physical sensations. You may also feel “observed” as if a shadow is following you.

If you feel a sense of support and of calmness, that’s your spirit guide trying to tell you it’s there for you, that you are not alone.


If you dream of silhouettes immersed in light or you see faces before falling asleep (with your eyes closed), it is likely that they are spirits. If you don’t recognize them, maybe they are spirit guides you met in past lives and are still close to you.

It might happen that you have other dreams, like dreaming of someone who passed away telling you something about a situation that is stressing you out, about a direction to take, or simply encouraging you with some motivating sentences.

Well, it means that your spirit guide is contacting you via dreams to help you find your way back into a serene state of life and find some peace of mind.


If you are alone and hear repeated blows or loud noises, a spirit wishes to manifest.

Try to calm him down by stating in a firm and decisive voice: “What do you want me to do?” or “I am open to listening to you.”

See what other signs show up during the day or notice if the noises bring you to a specific place or item in your house. It might be that your spirit guide uses it to unveil its message.

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How to talk to your spirit guide?

If you notice one or more signs that your spirit guide is contacting you and you want to know how to talk to your spirit guide, well, know that you have many options!

Meditation and VisualizationTechniques to quiet the mind, enter a receptive state, and connect with your spirit guide through imagery.
Journaling and Automatic WritingRecording your thoughts, feelings, and experiences to deepen your awareness of messages from your guide.
Oracle Cards and Divination ToolsUsing divination tools, such as oracle cards or pendulums, to receive guidance and messages from your guide.
Nature and Sacred SpacesConnecting with nature and creating sacred spaces to enhance your receptivity to spirit guide communication.
Intention and OpennessSetting clear intentions, expressing gratitude, and remaining open to receiving guidance and signs.
Table 2: Developing a Connection with Your Spirit Guide

Ouija Board

This is the most common and most-seen method to make contact with spirits but I highly recommend not to use it. The Ouija board is fascinating and mysterious but it’s not a game and you don’t know what kind of spirit will use it as a portal to get out and possibly haunt you.

ouija board

If you want to connect with your spirit guide, it is not 100% guaranteed that you will get in touch with it rather than a malevolent entity.

Spirits play games and often come in disguise. Be careful if you decide to use a Ouija board.


Meditation is a safe way to contact your spirit guide. You can use something as easy as guided meditation or you can go for something a bit more experienced like transcendental meditation, hypnosis, and so on.

Don’t forget to rely on a professional if you want to try a similar practice.

Guided meditation can be done in the comfort of your own home instead!

Just choose an audio guide, put your headphones on, and relax to open your intuition to connect with your spirit guide.



When you feel the presence of your spirit guide, talk to it! Just say what you want to say, unveiling your feelings and emotions.

Don’t be shy. Be vocal about how you feel and what you would like to tell your spirit guide.

They are there for you, ready to listen and give you even more guidance and support if needed!

My experience connecting with my spirit guide

I mostly connect with my spirit guide in my sleep. I interpret my dreams on a daily basis and try to understand what kind of messages my spirit guide wants me to have.

I then use tarots or rune to see if I am right and if that message I think my spirit guide had for me is the right one or if I am missing something.

the devil tarot card
Here’s one from my Tarot deck.

It’s a great way to work on my spirituality and my intuition too!


If you want to enhance your psychic abilities to communicate with your spirit guide, don’t forget I have a spell casting service for this!

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