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10 Powerful Magical Herbs for Success [+ a Witchy Bag]

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Written by: Tina Caro

How many times you had a project in mind or a vision of success but failed? I know how frustrated you can feel when something like that happens, especially when we strongly believe in our vision and in our dreams. Today I would like to share, a few helpers from nature to assist you in attracting success and prosperity. Let’s see how nature can help you, by learning what we need to know about magical herbs for success.


Irish Moss, known for its luck-bringing properties, can be used to attract prosperity and good fortune.

Poppy seeds possess the power to bring success and creativity into your endeavors, making them a valuable addition to your magical herb collection.

Cinnamon, with its fiery energy, can be used to boost confidence and determination, aiding in achieving your goals.

Craft a potent witchy bag filled with herbs like citronella, chamomile, cloves, basil, and mint to create a powerful talisman for success in your endeavors.

Magick of herbs

Let’s start by emphasizing that everything used in magic has its own power. The resins with which you prepare incense. The herbs you use during a spell or a ritual. The candles you light and the oils you sprinkle them with.

What you write, pronounce, create, manipulate. But this alone is not enough to create the desired effect. It is first of all the intention, but also (before, during, and after the spell) that you practically move towards your goal.

Burning mixtures to attract success, if nobody knows about your project because you have never promoted it, will give little results. Just as it makes no sense to wear laurel talismans to pass university interviews and exams if you don’t study. Before using herbs to attract wealth, success, or any other desire, thoroughly investigate why you are asking for their help.

When loading your mixes, try to be specific about what you want to achieve. After that, get busy: study, interview, work hard to achieve your goal.

Herbs will help you. But they won’t do the work for you.

Magic, that everything that is natural and, in its own way, lives, walks, breathes or expresses its presence to the world, is a single note that composes the overall melody.

This is why Magic is not made, it is lived: because we, too, are part of it.

And living the Magic means learning to listen, understand, and speak the language of the World, its melody.

As creatures of Nature, herbs are also part of the Magic and contribute to making the melody of the world wonderful. They have their own language, so silent to our ears as to be imperceptible. But the problem is not them, it is we who no longer remember how to listen.

Herbs are alive, and they carry in their DNA the experience of thousands of years on Earth: if you can talk to them, and be convincing, it may be that they will teach you something.

Yes, I know. You have probably never taken into consideration the idea that the rosemary jar that adorns your balcony is the recipient of millennial knowledge. Yet, it brings into its structure, just like us, the experience of millennia spent in dialogue with the Wind, the Sun, and the Rain.

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Plant and herbs have a soul, needs, and energy so it’s important for you to truly respect that while becoming aware of their properties, their magic, and potential abilities. Remember that in Magic everything is an exchange: energy is not created and cannot be destroyed. To get something from it, you will need to be able to give it the same.

So, first, take some time to hear and understand her language.

Spend time in nature to connect with it and to truly be mindful when harvesting herbs. I love to say thank you when harvesting the herbs I want to use in magic and meditation by holding them between my hands so we can connect energetically and create a bond.


Especially when it comes to success, we are often driven to do things easily and quickly to get immediate success. This is so wrong. To truly let the magical herbs for success work and manifest the positivity you need, try to embrace an open and mindful mindset and approach throughout the process.

I highly recommend you try to grow herbs yourself or harvest them from nature.

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My favorite magical herbs for success

Irish Moss

Of Irish origin as its name suggests, it is a seaweed that can also be found in Asia and in some regions of North America. It is said to be able to promote amazing incomes and good luck.

Poppy seeds

Extremely popular in Central Europe, they are rich in minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, copper, magnesium, and manganese. Poppy seeds are often associated with prosperity and, according to many people, they also bring luck.


Cinnamon is one of the most powerful spices and its use dates back thousands of years. It is said to attract success, prosperity, and love and is well known for its ability to promote healing and purification.

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Refreshing herb, which smells of citrus, is found in some Asian countries and some islands in the South Pacific. It is used in aromatherapy, thanks to the essential oil that is obtained from it.

It has been shown to be effective in fighting anxiety and depression when they are getting in the way between you and the successful life you want.


It is predominately consumed as a herbal tea, and it is one of the few natural remedies that have no side effects. It is known that a remedy, even if all natural can possibly, even if to a lesser degree than a chemical drug, have side effects, especially in particularly sensitive people. This is not the case with chamomile, whose use dates back 5000 years.

Spraying the soil around the house with chamomile tea is said to open the door to prosperity and abundance.


Those who know and love the world of spices have certainly already become familiar with cloves. This herb is a precious ally to bring luck, love, and protection into your life.

If you are dealing with insomnia, as a result of a stressful situation linked to your work or a project, use cloves to ease the stress and send good vibes your way.

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A familiar and widely used herb in many areas of the world, basil is powerful and effective, as it brings peace, tranquility, success, happiness, and good luck.

my basil plant

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It is no wonder that this herb is closely associated with money. Mint has a unique aroma, due to its fragrance, and it is amazing to maintain focus and to keep your eyes from wandering away from the prize when dealing with hard times in reaching the top and accomplishing your goals.

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Laurel is a solar plant, it was sacred to the god Apollo who decided to make it his symbol, encircling his forehead with it.

The Romans created laurel wreaths to celebrate winners and victors. Tradition revived, albeit with a different meaning, even in the Middle Ages, where the laurel wreath began to spread as a celebration of new doctors (hence the term graduation).

When burned or scattered like dust, it is perfect for purifying environments and warding off unaligned energies. The manner in which the leaves burn can be telling: if they crackle brightly, the initiative will be successful. If not … better prepare a plan b.

In my opinion, however, laurel is best used in spells to promote the success and success of our desire. It is a plant linked to victory, in physical and economic terms. If I had to describe the laurel with an image, I would surely associate it with an arrow: precise, well-calibrated, which reaches the target without too many frills.


Ginger is one of the tastiest spices in the world and has unparalleled health benefits. It is rich in nutrients and can be consumed in a variety of ways. Most people do not know that ginger is also a powerful magickal herb for success, as it protects your road to success from negative energy.

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Considered an ally for our brain, it helps you reconnect with your inner powers while attracting positivity and success. A wonderful witchy ingredient for an amulet for success.

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Other options

HerbProperties and Uses
CinnamonEnhances success, prosperity, and ambition. Used in money and career spells.
RosemaryPromotes mental clarity, focus, and success. Used in studying and work rituals.
BasilAttracts abundance, luck, and success. Used in money and business spells.
Bay LeafBrings success and victory. Used in success spells and rituals.
PatchouliEnhances success, confidence, and manifestation. Used in goal-setting rituals.
GingerBoosts courage, success, and energy. Used in spells for motivation and success.
BergamotBrings success, prosperity, and positive energy. Used in success rituals.
PeppermintEnhances mental clarity, focus, and success. Used in studying and work spells.
SunflowerSymbolizes success, joy, and abundance. Used in success and happiness spells.
ChamomilePromotes success, prosperity, and relaxation. Used in success and money rituals.
Table 1: List of Powerful Magical Herbs for Success

Witchy bags with magickal herbs for success

Herbal bags are special amulets. They are usually made by hand.

To create a bag with magickal herbs for yourself you need:

  • A rectangular piece of yellow fabric
  • Some magickal herbs for success
  • A ribbon (Optional)

How to create one?

Fold the rectangular piece of fabric in half, sew the edges, leaving one side open to which insert the herbs.

Insert the herbs into the open side.

Now you close the bag with a ribbon or even sew the remaining side closed.

As you can see, the preparation is simple. They are usually carried in your pocket, in your wallet, or they can be arranged in the house, under kitchen counters, in corners, or at the door.

Furthermore, to enhance a bag, stones can be inserted, which have a similar purpose.

My favorite ingredients to add to a witchy bag that attracts success are:

  • 3 coins
  • 1 crystal of your choice
  • Chamomile flower heads
  • Poppy seeds

I mix all these together, put the mixture inside of the bag, and keep it in a hidden place like my handbag or even my closet.

Ritual with magickal herbs for success

This ritual is amazing to attract success by using powerful magickal herbs. Perform it on a Sunday, as this is the best day to cast this spell and perform rituals related to success and triumph.


Light the incense and leave it to create a soothing relaxing atmosphere to perform the ritual.

Spend a few moments visualizing yourself as a successful person, imagine you have already accomplished what you want, and notice how excited and satisfied you feel.

Bring this feeling with you while performing this ritual, to attract this exact vision and make it come true in your life.

When you are ready, take the candle and horizontally engrave your name at the top with the help of the pin or needle. Prepare the success potion with magickal herbs by mixing the ingredients in a bowl (the olive oil, mint, and cloves).

Anoint the candle with this potion starting from the wick, motioning towards the center of the candle, and then from the bottom towards the center. Tie the green ribbon around the candle.

Write your wish on the sheet of paper being very clear and specific about the goal you want to achieve. Now put the paper under the candle holder.

Now repeat seven times:
“The success I desire
is more alive than ever,
now it shines and shines
like a light that sparkles
and soon comes to me.
So, I want, so it will be”

Let the candle burn for an hour, then extinguish it. Relight the candle, for seven evenings in a row, and on the last evening, let it burn out until it is entirely consumed.

Next, fold the sheet of paper, and tie it as if it were a small package and carry it with you, (either in your purse or on yourself). You should then bury the remains of the green candle, under a green plant.

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Final thoughts

You can play around with the magickal herbs for success, using one or more of them as you wish. Remember, that you can make your own magick, as long as you believe in it and you trust the process and the universe. Play around with these ingredients and create your magick.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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