The Most Crucial Basil Magical Properties Explained [Don’t Miss That]

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By: Tina Caro

Basil an annual herbaceous plant, generally cultivated as an aromatic plant but it has some incredible magical properties to discover. Let’s find out which are basil magical properties!

Typical Uses and Origin

Basil is typically used in Italian and Asian cuisine, thanks to the marked fragrance of its leaves which, depending on the variety, can be more or less sweet or pungent.

The origin of the word is uncertain, it could derive from the medieval Latin “basilicum”, which originates from the Greek “basilicon” (“regal, majestic plant), and “ basileus ”(king): it was so called because it used to produce perfumes for the king or in reference to the sacred use of the ancient Hindu populations, or only for the “royal” importance given to the plant.

The name “basilicum” was often confused with that of the basilisk, a legendary creature described in Greek mythology as a snake that could kill with its eyes and endowed with a lethal poison, whose antidote was precisely the basil.

The Basilisk
The Basilisk

Originally from tropical Asia, particularly from India and Africa, it was introduced into Europe by Greeks and Romans through the Middle East from the time of Alexander the Great, around 350 BC, while the culinary use in the Mediterranean basin dates back only to XV century.

According to tradition, it is said that the tomb of Christ was adorned with basil plants and, even today, basil is used to decorate the altars of Orthodox churches.

Basil in Ancient Cultures

In history, before being known and appreciated in the kitchen, basil stood out for having accompanied many superstitions among the peoples of Asia, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean. Its power is ambivalent and often conflicting: in many cultures and ages, he was attributed positive and beneficial properties, in other negative and almost diabolical powers.

In India, basil is considered a sacred herb, and in Egypt, it was offered to the gods: so great was the power that ordinary mortals could not use it.

The Greeks and Romans also highly appreciated it and often resorted to its magical virtues.

For the ancient Egyptians and the Greeks, basil was connected to a symbolism linked to death and was used for embalming.

Even among the ancient Romans, basil was considered a diabolical symbol of misfortune and hatred. According to Pliny the Elder, the plant could generate states of torpor and madness, and even Chrysippus claimed that it could be harmful to the stomach and the liver.

my basil plant
My basil plant.

The Chinese and the Arabs knew the medicinal properties; the Crusaders filled the hold of their ships with basil on the return of the Holy Land because according to them, the plant kept insects, diseases and odors away. In the Middle Ages, people assumed these leaves had magical properties, so they were used to prepare filters and potions.

People also believed that it could be a weapon used to fight dragons.

Alchemists on Basil Magical Properties

The magic power of the basil was fully understood by the alchemists who, due to the hidden properties attributed to it, considered it one of the sacred plants of Paradise.

It’s said that the basil could help the man with the recovery of power and happiness lost after the expulsion from Eden. It’s also said there is no greater magical power, nor a more powerful talisman. In this sense, basil is a precious aid, because its occult power positively influences the mind and emotions.

In general, it is considered one of the best tonics of the nervous system, it is able to attenuate mental fatigue and free the mind, favoring vigor and clarity, and removing indecision and negative ideas. John Gerard, an English botanical and herbalist Jesuit ((1545 – 1611) claims that his perfume “helps the heart and fights the sadness that comes from melancholy, restoring humor to man.”

An African legend also claims that basil protects against scorpions.

The basil is endowed with magical properties for the Mexican villagers, who believe the leaves can attract fortune in business and love.

The basil bath has the power to free and strengthen the energy field of the body: it is one of the best remedies to discharge and protect yourself from negativity. As a preventive measure, it can be used whenever you come into contact with a negative or very aggressive person, or when you feel the threat or the evil energy of a hidden enemy.

basil bath
Basil Bath

In the field of magical arts, the Basil plant has often been used to make love filters, create spells to smooth out differences between partners, or attract attention and sympathy for potential partners.

Although today we use basil purely for culinary purposes, in other times it was a plant known for its power to provide protection and well-being, so much so that it is sought after for various purposes, including those for the well-being of intimate parts and to ease menstrual pain.

Some women, and some men, rubbed it on the skin to take advantage of its powerful romantic aroma and ensure the partner’s attention, while others used it to create real amulets of love.

How to use Basil and its Magical Powers

Basil Magical Properties, in short, are love, exorcism, wealth, and protection.

And here are a few examples of how to use basil in practice.

  1. Add it dried to incense and love bags.
  2. For the divination for love: put two basil leaves on a lump of hot coal. If they stay where you put them and they burn quickly becoming ash, marriage (or relationship) will be harmonious. If they crackle a lot, the couple’s life will be destroyed by quarrels. If the leaves fly away with a strong crackle, the relationship is undesirable.
  3. Do you want to know if someone is chaste or promiscuous? Place a sprig of fresh basil on his hand. If they immediately wither that person is “light of love.”
  4. Basil brings wealth to those who carry it in their pockets and is used to attract customers by putting some in the cash register.
  5. It is also used to guarantee your partner’s loyalty: sprinkle the body with powdered basil while he (or she) is asleep. Put your heart above all, and faithfulness will bless your relationship.
  6. Scattered on the floor, it drives away evil.
  7. It is used in incenses for exorcism and in purification baths.
  8. Small amounts are sometimes placed in every room in the house for protection.
  9. Gifted brings luck to a new home.

Some Additional Tips

  • If we carry a handful of leaves in the bag, or put the whole plant in our work environment, this will ensure our wealth and good fortune;
  • If instead we create small bags and distribute them in the various rooms of our house, we will be assured of his precious protection and we will also have restored the harmony between the rooms;
  • Finally, if you wish good luck to your loved ones, just give them a plant to keep at home.

Final Thoughts

In magic, basil is often used to smooth out disagreements between lovers; its scent causes an immediate attraction and sympathy between two people.

If worn on, it attracts wealth and health: giving a basil plant is like giving a powerful lucky charm and a faithful ally for health!

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