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What are Incense Sticks Used for? [Different Cases]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Are you interested in learning more about incense sticks? If you love its scent and enjoy lighting a stick to create a warm atmosphere in your home, then you may want to know what other purposes incense sticks are used for.


Incense sticks have versatile uses, such as aromatherapy for mood enhancement, meditation aid, and creating a sacred atmosphere.

They are employed for cleansing and purification, often with scents like sage or frankincense.

In religious practices, incense is offered as a form of devotion to deities and is seen as a conduit for prayers.

Some use incense for its pleasant aroma, while others use it to repel insects or promote healing and holistic therapies.

Additionally, incense holds cultural and traditional significance in various ceremonies and rituals worldwide.

What are incense sticks used for? The religious-spiritual use of incense sticks

Incense sticks have had many different meanings and use in ceremonial contexts over the years. First of all, incense sticks were used in ancient times as a gesture of benevolence towards the gods, with the belief that they were pleased with the vegetable scent typical of these resins.

“The rising of the cloud of incense sticks becomes a symbol of the prayer that rises to God” (Psalm 140, 2; Revelation of John 8, 3-5 ).

incense use at home by Tina Caro Magickal Spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

In the Church, incense sticks have always been used. In traditional Catholicism, prayers must involve several senses of our body simultaneously: the religious meaning of incense sticks is to involve our sense of smell during the rite of the celebration of Mass.

Incense sticks in the Church were also adopted for less spiritual purposes. Among the characteristics of incense sticks, one of the most important is their antiseptic property. Incense sticks were in fact also used to make churches healthy, destinations in ancient times for pilgrims and wayfarers who, in addition to boundless faith, also brought with them smells and precarious hygiene.

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Medical use of incense sticks

As we have seen, in addition to its religious significance, incense sticks in the Christian Church were used for their antiseptic properties. In Arab countries, on the other hand, incense sticks were used for fumigations and inhalations to dissolve the mucus in the respiratory system and as an expectorant.

In Ayurvedic medicine, the substances contained in incense sticks help to rebalance the excess of the Pitta (Fire) dosha.

By: Pure Indian Foods

In fact, it has refreshing and nourishing properties for the tendons, ligaments, and joints of the body. Also, for the Pitta dosha, incense sticks are used to restore the proper functioning of the intestinal mucosa.

Other properties of incense stick that Western and Eastern medicine has drawn on are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, insect repellent, and anxiety relief.

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Incense sticks in meditation

The association between incense sticks and meditation comes spontaneously because incense sticks are often used in meditation practices. In India, it is believed that incense sticks favor the work on the chakras during the practice of yoga.

According to Indian philosophy, each chakra can be activated or stimulated by different aromas, therefore each perfume can work on a specific chakra during meditation and yogi practice.

An incense stick is also adopted to facilitate the meditative state and concentration. Science has shown how the perception of a precise aroma activates specific areas of our brain. The impulses are sent to what is called archaic areas of the cerebral cortex. This, therefore, allows us to consolidate the association of incense sticks and meditation to the point that just by smelling it.

Our minds and body are predisposed to meditative practice.


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Incense sticks in witchcraft

The use of incense sticks has accompanied the witch to propitiate the deities using it as one of the most valuable means.

Incense sticks are the perfect offering to the Gods and supernatural powers and this is because all 4 elements are contained in it: the earth and water of the herbs and essences of which it is composed, as well as any binders (sawdust of wood, clay or other), the fire with which it is burned and the fragrant smoke that is released, symbolizing the air.

For this reason, I recommend you never miss it in any ritual or spell, even for thanksgiving.

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I do not recommend using the usual sticks commonly found on the market, which are made with chemicals of dubious origin. Real incense sticks are composed of very precious resins and mixed together with other aromatic herbs according to ancient traditions.

How to use incense sticks properly?

In general, incense sticks are good for dissipating bad energies and can be burned at any time of the day, but in some cases, with proper prayer, it will be much more powerful to determine a specific time according to intention. That is why it is important to find out about the ideal ritual for each request, as the hours may vary.

To request financial help, it is convenient to use the incense sticks or this field from noon until the sun goes down. If it is a sentimental situation, it will be better to burn incense at night.

For any intention, incense sticks should help us find a moment of peace that elevates prayer and meditation correctly.

Ideally, it should be carried out in the space of the house where we feel more comfortable and relaxed if the request does not have to do with harmony in the home, and if it is a ritual that will specifically impact the house, it is advisable to walk the scent to its full extent.

incense for sleep by Tina Caro
Copyright: Tina Caro

One to three sticks of incense sticks can be used for a ritual, with the help of a special burner known as a censer.

To know how to burn incense sticks, we can be guided by the school of Buddhism, which has imparted the custom of burning the stick horizontally, with the end where it is lit facing to the left so that it is possible to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

If we burned the incense sticks vertically, the ashes would fall in a way that would disperse, while horizontally, they manage to form a kind of mattress that is linked to the Law of Causality, -all-cause produces an effect and no effect does not come from a cause.

The meaning of incense stick smoke is diverse. If at the time of burning the wand, the smoke goes straight up, it means that the request will come true in a short time. Other people will intervene to make it happen if it goes to the left. If it is to the right, it will happen on its own. When the smoke emitted by the stick seems to take a spiral shape, it means that the incense stick is managing the reception of the request.

burned down incense stick by Tina Caro Magickal Spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

There will be times when the smoke follows the person. In these cases, it will be necessary to reaffirm the request, with other types of prayers. If rings are formed from the smoke, it is the symbol of the unlimited expansion of energies and vibrations, which refers to the possibility of being, that is, the total scope of the objective. And finally, if the smoke makes fumaroles as a train would, your intention is breaking with great force all kinds of energies to consolidate itself!

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