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Candle Magic

Yes, Candle Magic Really Works (Here’s How to Make it Work)

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Written by: Tina Caro

Candles have always been used in Magic, both in Wicca witchcraft or Folk Magic and in Ceremonial Magic or other occult and esoteric traditions.

There are, of course, hundreds of different methods to use them: they are generally seen as an offering to the Entity that is being contacted, as a focal point in the center of the Altar on which to focus one’s intent or even as a source of “non-artificial” light. That upholds a solemn and intimate atmosphere during a ceremony.

However, there are also methods to ensure that the candle itself is the fulcrum of the Magic we are operating, that it is a sort of “sigil” to be thrown into the cosmos. This primary actor takes care of absorbing and transmitting our will and our wish. Candle magic is very versatile and powerful, but does it really work?

Let’s find out.


The effectiveness of candle magic, a practice in many spiritual and esoteric traditions, largely depends on personal beliefs and the practitioner’s intentions.

Proponents believe that by focusing their intention and energy through the act of lighting a candle, they can manifest desires or influence their environment.

Skeptics, however, view it as a placebo effect or attribute any results to coincidence.

Does candle magic really work?

Absolutely! But you must ensure you respect it and truly commit to the practice. Most people think that the most complex magic is the hardest one to practice, but the simplest spells and magical craft are the ones that need your utmost attention and commitment to work properly.

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How can I make candle magic work?

Candle preparation tips

Preparation StepExplanation
Cleansing and ChargingCleanse the candle of any prior energies and charge it with your intention before use.
PersonalizationCarve symbols, words, or sigils on the candle that align with your desired outcome.
AnointingUse essential oils or herbs to anoint the candle while focusing on your intention.
Setting Sacred SpaceCreate a sacred space for your candle magic practice by cleansing and consecrating the area.
Clear IntentionsClearly state your intention for the candle spell and visualize the desired outcome.
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Copyright: Tina Caro

Candle magic timing

Moon PhaseChoose a moon phase that aligns with your intention (e.g., full moon for manifestation).
Day of the WeekConsider the planetary associations of the days for specific intentions (e.g., Thursday for abundance).
Astrological SignWork with candle magic during specific astrological signs for added energy and alignment.
Personal TimingUtilize numerology or personal astrology to find auspicious times for your candle spells.

Candle snuffing techniques

Snuffing TechniqueExplanation
BlowingBlow out the candle while visualizing your intention being released into the universe.
Candle SnufferUse a candle snuffer to extinguish the flame gently and with intention, avoiding blowing it out.
PinchingPinch the flame between your fingertips, imagining your intention being sealed.
Wet FingersDip your fingers in water and touch them to the flame, extinguishing it while visualizing your intention being fulfilled.

Respect the colors!

Coloring candles (and other ceremonial objects) has long been coded with traditional correspondences. Always keep in mind that these are general guidelines and nothing prevents you from creating a personal symbolic link system based on your daily practice. To begin with, however, I thought it would be useful to make a list of the most used colors and their typical associations.

White candle – When in doubt about which color candle to use for a certain spell, you can never go wrong with white. In addition to being connected to the magic of consecration, purification, blessing, angelic energies and protective and positive spirits, white is also considered a generic “neutral” color that can be good, in the absence of better, for any purpose (perhaps not the most suitable for a goetic evocation, but apart from that you are always more or less alright with a white candle). White has always indicated purity and cleanliness, innocence, virginity, birth… And it is connected to initiations and new beginnings.

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Black candle – If we forget for a moment the negative association that we normally give to this color in our society (and in Magic in particular) we can consider black candles, like white ones, for any type of ritual. Black, in fact, is another neutral color that contains all the others. Generally, however, black is used to summon Chthonic Spirits, Goetia Demons, or Underworld Spirits and psychopomps and is traditionally used in Witchcraft for curses, Black Magic and spells involving death (and the dead), rebirth, change and negative energies. It is also used in initiations and ritual “rebirths”.

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Red – Red candles are generally used for rituals involving sensual love, sex, passion and blood. They are connected to strong, visceral feelings, our deepest motivations and our earthly desires. They are also useful for contacting Fire Elementals and other Spirits connected with the South and the Summer. Red is the color of the First Chakra (the Root) and of the physical and phenomenal plane.

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Orange – Orange candle is the color of the Second Chakra (the so-called Hara or Tanden), and is connected with attraction (of feelings, people, objects or goals), the sense of self-esteem, and self-confidence. It is also a color suitable for concentration, meditation, and spiritual recollection.

Yellow – Yellow candles (as well as golden ones) have a strong correspondence with the energies of the Sun (and the Solar Plexus Chakra). They can be useful for operations that involve the pursuit of success, honors, awards and recognitions and help to clarify your mind and better define your goals. Yellow is also the color of the East and is suitable for contacting any Air Elemental or other spirit of the East.

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Green – Green is the color of the Heart Chakra and the vital center of the human body. Green candles of this shade can be used for rituals aimed at maintaining health but, generally, their most frequent use is connected with money, wealth, prosperity and abundance. Green is also one of the colors traditionally associated with the North and a candle of this type is suitable for evoking Earth Elementals or other Northern Spirits.

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Blue / Indigo – Dark blue candles are linked to the Throat Chakra, to personal, artistic, and musical expression. They are excellent for contacting Spirits and Elementals related to Water and the West, as well as for spells concerning healing from a state of illness or the search for a greater and more stable state of calm and peace.

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Violet / Fuchsia – Violet is the color of the Seventh Chakra (the Crown), i.e. the direct connection with “the Divine”, the Sacred Guardian Angel, and our higher Self. Purple candles are great for rituals that involve seeking a higher point of view, to invite more spirituality into our lives, and attracting personal power and authority.

Pink – Pink candle is suitable for spells concerning romantic love, the search for a stable partner, the resolution of problems within a couple, or the request for a greater dose of passion and romance between lovers. Pink is also a color traditionally associated with femininity and new births.

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Brown – Candles of beige or various shades of earthy browns are usable, like green ones, to contact Earth and Northern Spirits. Brown can also symbolize Nature as a whole (again, just like green) and be used for shamanic, druidic, or spell-related rituals related to vegetation, fruit, and fairies. On the other hand, our instinctive and almost unconscious association of brown with impurities and excrement makes candles of these shades suitable for rituals of physical, etheric, and astral purification and cleansing.

Any tips and tricks on how to make candle magic really work?

Once you choose a candle related to the blessing you are creating, set an intention: think of something you truly, deeply want.


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Hold the candle with both hands at your heart. Light more tealights and incense if that helps you concentrate. Close your eyes and think hard about the goal you want to achieve.

Imagine these thoughts moving from the top of your head to the shoulders, dividing along your arms and running through them until they enter the wax. Spend a few minutes like this, continuing to keep your mind fixed on your goal.

Place the candle on a stand when you “feel” that your intention is well imprinted in the wax. To light it, you can use matches or a lighter (wooden matches are usually the best option, but it’s all about the details).

Let the flame fall from above towards the wick, as if it came down from the sky to light the candle.

If you have used a lighter, place it next to it. If, on the other hand, you have used a match or a match, place it on a saucer without blowing it out.

Now cup your hands around the candle flame until you can clearly feel the heat (without burning yourself!) and continue to visualize your purpose within the flame. In this phase, if you want, you can recite verses, an invocation or prayer, your own declaration of intent, or magic words that increase the effect of the ritual.

After a few minutes, you can consider the active part of the ritual “closed”.

Now all that remains is to wait for the candle to burn out completely.

Important note: I have already written this in the past and I’ll repeat it here. If you can’t be around the candle until it’s completely burnt out (if for example, you have to go out or go to sleep) extinguish the candle and only light it when you are home again.

Never leave naked flames, however harmless they may seem, unsupervised. To extinguish the candle, it is preferable that you wet your fingers and squeeze the wick rather than blowing it out.

How long does candle magic to manifest?

Candle magic is like white magic and it might take around 10-14 days to manifest. But after your candle magick ritual, make sure you forget about it and give magic the chance to work easily and naturally at its own pace! Trust magick and it won’t disappoint! You can also read more about candle magick manifestation here.

Tina Caro

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