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Burning White Candles for Protection [Here’s How to Do it]

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Written by: Tina Caro

White candles are the most effective when it comes to protecting and cleaning a person or an environment. Do not forget that white is the sum of all colors, so it has the power of all of them. But it is also a symbol of mystical purity and harmony. The light from a white candle works as a protective barrier.

It also attracts positive energy favoring sincere and harmonious relationships.

When you use white candles you will be calling for hope and balance. If you feel worried or full of negative thoughts, light a white candle and you will feel calmer and more serene. But how can we burn white candles for protection? Let’s see it in this article!


Burning white candles for protection involves a process where the color white is chosen for its associations with purity, peace, and protection.

The ritual typically starts with setting a clear intention for protection, followed by cleansing the candle to rid it of any previous energies.

The candle may be anointed with oils known for protective properties, like sage or lavender.

While the candle burns, focusing on the intention or reciting protective affirmations or prayers helps direct the energy towards creating a protective aura or space.

Why do you need white candles for protection?

In addition to our own energy, those of our environment and of others also affect us. They may fill us with positive energy. For example, when someone comes to give you good news, that positive energy permeates you making you happy and cheerful. But also, people who are envious of you pollute you with their negative energy.

The souls of the deceased are on another plane but still influence your energy.

You yourself can generate negative energy with toxic or depressive thoughts, which will also affect your life.

All the evil and low energies that come to you through the environment, yourself, and others are waiting for you to let yourself be carried away by negative thoughts and sink your life. To combat all this, you can use white candles for protection.

white candles by tamedwild
Candles by TamedWild.

But don’t think that by lighting a white candle you will have it all done! You have to use it properly to let the magic happen and truly attract protection!

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Protective herbs and crystals to combine with white candles

Herb or CrystalDescription
SageBurning sage alongside a white candle enhances the cleansing and protective energy.
Black TourmalinePlacing a black tourmaline crystal near the white candle amplifies the protective properties.
RosemaryAdding dried rosemary leaves around the white candle promotes mental clarity and protection from negative influences.
Clear QuartzClear quartz crystals can be placed near the white candle to amplify the protective energy and provide clarity.
FrankincenseBurning frankincense resin with the white candle enhances spiritual protection and purification.

White candles when someone negative comes over

This is a very easy and common use. You can burn white candles when someone you know might be negative and might bring you stress, darkness. Even some evil eye is coming over. Burning white candles for protection eliminates the negative energy surrounding you and enhances the positive.

So you must want to change that energy that crushes you and start a new, more joyful and positive stage.

Still, don’t forget that there is no better protection than treating yourself with love and affection. Give the white candle the energy to make it happen, visualize it as a shield that can attract all negativity, thus protecting you from absorbing it.

White candles while smudging to cleanse and protect your home

You can also use it to protect your home from bad energies. You can burn a white candle while smudging your home. Smudging is the most powerful and effective way to make it happen.

With it, together with white candles, your home will be protected and the environment will be more harmonious so that the feeling of well-being will increase.

White candles for protection while spell bathing

If you prepared a special spell bath for protection, burning a white candle is a great way to attract even more protection and fresh, positive light to defeat darkness and negativity, cleansing you from the energies that might harm you and creating a shield of protection around you.

White candles for protection while meditating

Burning white candles to attract protection while meditating is another great way to protect yourself. When in a relaxed state, negative harmful energies are just around the corner so it might happen that, being particularly vulnerable and sensitive while meditating, you might need a bit more of protection from these energies.

Light up some white candles and meditate, visualizing yourself feeling safe and protected.

Burning White Candles for Protection by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

White candles dressed with protection oils

This is a great one. You can use a homemade magical protection oil to enhance the power of the white candle, protecting you even more! You can light the candle up when you feel something is threating you or some negativity is around you.

White candles for protection spells and rituals

There are many protection spells. We have spells made with all kinds of elements. Protection against energies that can harm us never hurts.

Why? There are always people who are envious of us and can throw bad energy at us, or there are simply people who do not love us for some reason and can harm us with their energy. Some witches are dedicated to black magic and can try to influence us and even cast a spell in some way, so it is good to have a protection spell when we feel that something is not working well.

Protection spell to know if some people are hurting us

The idea that some people do us energy damage is deeply rooted, but let’s think that whoever wants to harm us will not be able to if we are protected. First we must look carefully at elements such as candles or other strange things near our house.

If that is so, it means that there is someone who is doing some kind of witchcraft on us.

In addition, we must consider if we are tired for no reason or have excessive weight in the eye area. These are symptoms (if there is no specific physical problem) that we are in the presence of someone who is trying to steal energy from us.

Energy is something very special and we must take care of it; in those cases, you have to make a protection spell. If you want to know more about if someone is sending you negative energy and you need protection, you could rely on tarot.

If you are intrigued by this but still you are not into doing a tarot reading on your own, don’t forget you can rely on our professional tarot reading service by Mystic Amber!

Chinese protection spell with white candles

We will perform this spell on a Tuesday because it is a day for energetic activity and repulsion of evil energies.


  • A white candle
  • A bouquet of white flowers
  • Yin and Yang symbol

This protection spell is from the ancient China; it is not well known, and it is not shared often on the internet so feel free to try it out!

Put the white flowers in a vase on your left; they should be large and beautiful flowers.

To your right, you must put the symbol of Yin and Yang. There are many medallions or simple pictures with this symbol in different stores, so you can get it there, or just use a paper that contains the symbol.

The symbol must be facing up.

Light the candle and say this prayer of protection:

“I and everyone around me and I love are protected by fire, air, earth, water, and metal.” Touch the symbol of Yin and Yang with your right hand, then say: “There is no power that can harm me, the balance of everything that flows protects me, my spirit is hard like metal and soft like water, slow like earth and fast as air, the fire burns all the negativity that my enemies can send me. So be it.”

You leave the candle lit and you renew the candle for seven days; you also renew the flowers. If the discomfort or the feeling that you have suffered energy damage continues, you can do this ritual as often as you want.

In China, oriental gods are invoked after seven days, but I have not listed them here because it works the same way. Say the incantation with respect and ceremony.

This is an ancient eastern protection spell, I hope it serves you and that you are always protected. In case you need something different and you want a professional witch to cast a protection spell for you, I have your back! Rely on my spell casting service and I will cast the spell for you to make you feel safe and protected from bad energy.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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