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Candle Magic

Tips for Charging Your Candle for Spellwork

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Written by: Tina Caro

Charging candles for spellwork is a very important skill for any witch to have. It’s a ritual that must be performed very carefully. Technically it consists in rubbing the candle in a particular way, while focusing on the purpose or request, visualizing the wish you want to be fulfilled.


To charge a candle for spellwork, first choose a color corresponding to your spell’s goal, like green for prosperity.

Cleanse the candle to remove prior energies, perhaps with smoke or moonlight.

Anoint it with relevant oils, applying them in a direction that suits your intention, such as towards you for attraction.

Finally, inscribe symbols or words related to your spell, focusing intently on your desired outcome.

How do you charge your candles for spellwork?

To charge the candle you need to use oil. The principle of the “charge” consists of putting a few drops of oil in the palm of the left hand and slowly greasing the candle around its entire circumference with the thumb of the right hand.

Tips for Charging Your Candle for Spellwork by tina caro magickal spot
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Proceed, continuing until you can concentrate both on the actual process (anointing-charge) and on what you want, trying to “see clearly” in your mind what you want to happen.

There are two methods of rubbing the candle, depending on the purposes you want to achieve. Pay close attention and choose the correct method for your ritual:

  1. If you charge the candle with the aim of banishing diseases or negative influences, you have to start greasing it from the center, downwards; and then from the center, upwards.
  2. If you charge the candle for purposes of an attractive nature (to attract a lover, money, work, or other), begin the anointing from the bottom, towards the center; and then from the top to the center.

To grease a candle enclosed in a casing (glass or plastic) you need to wet your thumb and forefinger with a little oil, remove the cover from the casing, and here too you have to follow several procedures:

  1. If the purpose is to banish, rub it circularly and clockwise (according to the movement of the watch hands)
  2. If, on the other hand, the intent is to attract or bring something close to you, always rub in a circular direction but in an anti-clockwise direction.

Follow these essential rules and in your office, always keep in mind the purpose for which you are working.

Once this process is finished, “seal” the candle (s) with the solar cross or pentagram, saying: “So be it”.

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Candle charging methods

VisualizationEnvisioning your intention and infusing it into the candle through focused visualization.
Affirmations and IncantationsRepeating affirmations or incantations that align with your intention while holding the candle.
Elemental ChargingPlacing the candle in direct contact with an element (e.g., sunlight, moonlight, earth, water) to infuse it with corresponding energies.
Anointing with Essential OilsApplying essential oils that resonate with your intention onto the candle, enhancing its energetic properties.
Symbolic Carving or EtchingCarving or etching symbols, sigils, or words onto the candle to amplify the intention.
Moonlight or Sunlight BathExposing the candle to the light of the moon or sun, allowing it to absorb the celestial energies.
Crystal ChargingPlacing crystals associated with your intention around the candle to amplify its energy.
Elemental BlessingPerforming a ritual or prayer invoking the elemental energies to bless and charge the candle.
Elemental InvocationInvoking the energies of the elements through visualization or spoken words to charge the candle.
Moon Phase AlignmentCharging the candle during specific moon phases that align with your intention (e.g., new moon for new beginnings, full moon for manifestation).

The most common candle colors and when to charge them

Charging a white candle or any other candle for white magic

The white color of a candle is associated with the most intimate aspects of the person, such as inner beauty and purity, but also with fertility, imagination, and creativity; it is one of the fundamental colors and is used in the rituals of divination, exorcism, clairvoyance, and in all practices that aim to strengthen the spirituality of the person.

This candle has a decisive influence on women, but it also exerts its power on men, especially those who have artistic or other creative hobbies. The white candle is associated with all these aspects, which are considered lunar, and serves to celebrate almost all magical rituals.

The white candle is also called “neutral”, because it can be used in a request ritual when the candle of the most suitable color is not available. Every color comes together to create white, which is the reason why the white candle can replace all the others if necessary.

The best day to charge a candle for your white magick spellwork is Monday as the white candle produces more evident effects if used on Monday, the day corresponding to the start of activities when everything gets back into motion to face a new week of work, responsibilities, and obligations. The moon corresponds to the white candle which, despite being a natural satellite, is elevated to the planet’s rank due to its effects on many aspects of human life.

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small white candles

Charging a red candle or any other candle for red magic

The red candle is associated with virility, strength, youth, and authority. It also protects against fires, weapons, animal attacks and helps overcome surgical operations or poisonings.

Being associated with the idea of blood, in addition to representing strength, also symbolizes the struggle, the desire to survive by overcoming difficulties and undertaking new projects. It can also enhance the imagination and protect against possible accidents while traveling.


Red is the favorite color for the rituals of fertility, love, passion, health, willpower, and physical power. You can charge your red candle on a Tuesday as Mars energy is most powerful on this day and it will help you work on passion and other practice regarding strengthening your energy within.

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Charging a green candle or any other candle for white magic

The green candle symbolizes nature, spring, hope, communication skills, and intelligence. It is used for rituals aimed at heightening luck and prosperity, securing a better future, and for guidance on the spiritual path.

Thanks to its properties, it is possible to achieve responsibility, stability, fidelity, and supreme knowledge and, consequently, also a professional success, generally achieved thanks to the constancy and meticulousness with which the individual carries out his work.

It is the color of hope, but also of nature. Saturday is the most suitable day for charging a green candle for spellwork and to humbly request the favors associated with this ritual.

The green candle is associated with one of the largest planets in the Solar System, Saturn. It is for this reason that Saturn represents the material dualism of man; the combination of virtues and flaws.

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Charging a black candle or any other candle for black magic

Most people consider black candles mysterious and dangerous, but they are not! Including all the colors, it collects negative energy and eliminates it from the environment where the invocation ceremony occurs.

The black candle also serves as an aid and a guide to orient oneself in the dark. It is used to fight and ward off all that is negative, such as evil eye rituals, personal attacks, and any other type of action aimed at hindering or destabilizing.

Black is complementary to white, and the candle of this color is used in the invocation ritual as an “accompanying” candle to enhance the main candle’s strength, helping it reach the goal.

It is advisable to charge it on Mondays, when it is good to clean the environment of impurities, so as to capture positive energy without interference. The moon corresponds to the white candle but, in reference to its hidden face, it is also associated with the black one. The moon represents the force that arises from within, which generates and intercedes for humanity.

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Which oil should I use?

You can use essential oil that is suitable for the goal of your spellwork. I have many articles about essential oils which can help you choose!

Otherwise, you can use a general sacred oil to charge candles, but using a custom-specific oil for each candle and related to the kind of spell you are going to cast would be the best option to enhance the energy even more and make your spell even more effective faster!

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