Here’s How to Use Incense for Magic (+ Tips & Recipes)

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Written by: Tina Caro

Using incense for magic is amazing to help you enhance certain energies around you and attract blessings a bit faster than usual. But how can you use incense properly to make that happen? Let’s find out!

Incense: an easy to use, powerful magical tool

The word Incense is of Latin origin; “Incensum”, which means “Lit”. Incense derives from the yellowish secretion of the resin of some plants that grow in the Arabian Peninsula, the most famous of which are the boswellia papyrifera, the boswellia sacra, and the famous frankincense olibanum.

The collection and trade of incense have been popular since ancient times; all the Mediterranean basin’s civilizations and those more to the East used it. The demand gave rise to a dense network of commercial traffic, the so-called via dell incense, a path that connects the Arabian Peninsula with the Mediterranean.

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In the past, incense was burned directly in the form of bark in ceremonies to thank the deities and to purify homes. It was thought that incense fumigation towards the sky put a man in contact with the Deities.

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This was believed by several ancient cultures: Egyptian, Etruscan, Roman and Mayan. On the market, you can find incense in different shapes and materials: sticks, pyramids, leaves, barks, grains, resins, powder, essential oils, etc. Incense has a profound effect on our mind, it calms, relaxes, and promotes meditation.

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The popular Agarwood incense in Tibet, known as “the wood of the Gods” is used for meditation.

It harmonizes and balances the energies of the person and the energy flows of the home and work environments and therefore it is widely used in the energy technique of Feng Shui.

How incense can help with your practice?

Incense can help you in so many ways! As well as helping you attract what you want, it can help you concentrate, relax and unveil your true intentions. A mandatory step for any kind of magical practice!

When to use it?

You can use it right before casting a spell, before chanting a prayer, or before performing any ritual. Just make sure you use incense specifically suitable for the goal you want to achieve.

How to use incenses for magical practices?

In magickal practices, incense can be used for different purposes: in meditation, as an offering to Celestial Entities and Deities, as a representation of the Air element within a rite, and most notably for the purification of the energies of environments, spaces, places, objects, and people.


Incense is used in esoteric rituals to improve the channeling of energy. Before being used in a magical operation, incense must be charged with your intention. This is normally done while crushing the other ingredients in the incense in a mortar.

How to prepare incenses on your own?

The preparation of incense requires a stone mortar, normally the ingredients that make up an incense vary from a minimum of three to a maximum of nine, generally, 1-2 resins, 3-5 herbs, 1-2 essential oils are used.

In the mortar the harder ingredients, such as resins and roots, are added first, then the softer ones are added, such as flowers and leaves, and finally when the mixture is reduced to a powder, the essential oils.

The incense are kept in glass jars with hermetic closure and they can last for about a year.

Recipes for incense

Incense for love: 3 parts of myrrh – 2 parts of rose buds – 2 parts of lavender – 1 part of myrtle – 1 part of jasmine flowers – a few drops of magical lavender oil

Incense for success at work: 2 parts of frankincense- 2 parts of cinnamon – 1 part of cloves – 1 part of dried orange peel – a few drops of magic orange oil

Incense for money: 2 parts of frankincense– 1 part of benzoin – 1 part of silver fir needles – 1 part of dill seeds – ½ part of sassafras – ½ part of verbena

Incense for purification: 2 parts of frankincense- 2 parts of sandalwood – 1 part of St. John’s wort – 1 part of sage – 1 part of rosemary – 1 part of hyssop – a few drops of magic sandalwood oil

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Incense for protection: 2 parts of dragon’s blood – 1 part of sandarac – ½ part of oregano – 1 part of thyme – ½ part of juniper needles – ¼ part of bramble thorns – ½ part of nettle – ½ part of holly – a few drops of pink geranium magic oil

Incense for divination: 2 parts of frankincense- ¼ part of camphor – ½ part of mugwort – 1 part of iris rhizome – ½ part of borage flowers – ¼ part of poppy seeds – a few drops of magic anise oil starry

Incense for meditation: 2 parts of frankincense- ½ part of white copal – 1 part of wisteria – 1 part of mistletoe – 2 parts of sandalwood – 1 part of ficus leaves – a few drops of magic musk oil.

Can I buy ready-to-use incenses?

Yes, of course, you can, but you have to make sure the incenses you are going to use are organic, natural incenses or your manifestation will be weakened. Using organic incense will help you truly enhance your magic while also protecting your health.

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What should I do with the remains?

You can keep the remains and add them to a mojo bag, if a spell requires this practice, or you can blow it away in the wind or bury it away from your house. There is no right or wrong for this final procedure. Use your incense for magic and then do what you feel is the right choice for you and your practice.

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