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How to Dress a Candle For a Love Spell? [With Special Tips]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Many people ask me how to prepare candles for esoteric rites, therefore, I thought it was appropriate to clarify the following points, although they should already be included in the explanation of the majority of the rites, if you don’t find them, let me know and I will be more than happy to help you. In this article, I’ll show you how to dress a candle for a love spell and my favorite essential oils.

Candles and love spells

There are many different love spells, so let’s talk about how you should treat your candles when casting them.

For eliminatory rites or to remove negativity, like to banish an ex from your life, the candle in general should be consecrated with extra virgin olive oil (or with oils of natural essences appropriate for the specific objective of the rite), from the bottom to the top, without changing direction. Many practitioners say to use only the index and thumb, forming the letter C and there are those who claim that it makes little difference.

An alternative would be to consecrate it anti-clockwise, without changing direction (depending on the type of candle used). It depends on the type of candle you use and what movement is most appropriate, if you have a high candle, from bottom to top it is obviously the most suitable movement, while if you use low and large candles, or even very low ones, sometimes you can only opt for the anti-clockwise movement.

For propitiatory rites (to attract love, passion or to get an ex back), the candle must be loaded from top to bottom or, if you have candles that cannot be consecrated in that way, then clockwise will suffice.

Again, there are those who say they only use the index and thumb, and there are those who say that it makes little difference, but I will leave that up to you), here again the type of movement depends on the candle you use (from top to bottom for long candles, and clockwise for low candles).

When the candles are purchased, before consecrating them it is highly advisable to leave them outside for at least one night and, if they are candles for propitiatory rites, even in the sunlight too if you prefer. The idea is to remove or dissipate the energy residues of other people and other environments.

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The same goes for other materials used too.

Note on the preparation of the candle/s while preparing them, concentrate on the desired result if it is propitiatory rites (for example on being loved, on feeling full of joy, or of wealth), if it is for eliminatory rites, focus on the obstacle if you are preparing a black candle and focus on the light if you are preparing a white candle.

If, on the other hand, you are preparing a white protective candle, you can focus on the universal light that wraps the candle, and the light that emanates from the candle.

Before we continue

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What do you do with ingredients?

If it is a question of eliminating rites, ingredients used can be buried and must be placed far from home or rooms connected to you. If used for propitiatory rites, you should keep the inventories at home or in an environment dear to you and connected to you in a strictly personal way.

Sometimes I have so many ingredients left over that I include them in the ornamental pots (huge terracotta pots) around the house.


I wrote a more in-depth article on the disposal of the candles after the spell casting here.

How to dress a candle for a love spell? A few tips

  1. The dressing of the candles is done by sprinkling the candle with essential oils or with suitably prepared and treated oils.
  2. The oil or essence that we will use will be in line with the aim we have set ourselves, we will anoint the candle, thinking (or rather visualizing) of the result we want to achieve. Depending on the action or ritual to be performed, symbols or seals may also be traced on the candle that will attract the type of energy we need, giving more strength to the candle and therefore the ritual.
  3. The energy of the visualization will merge with the energy of the oil used, which in turn will join the energy of the candle, which will combine with the energy of the seals (if used), which when burned will send the total combined energy to the Invisible Worlds and in particular on the astral plane to the rituals intention.

Various types of dressing are differentiated based on experience, studies, current of thought or the practitioner’s intentions.

  • If the rituals desire or intention is to attract (towards us, a third person, a place, etc.), we will apply the oil to the whole candle, with a movement that starts from the ends of the candle ending at the center. Starting from the tip, towards the center, and then from the base towards the center.
  • To remove (from us, a third person, a place, etc.) instead, the oil will also be applied to the whole candle, but with a movement that starts from the center of the candle to end at its extremities, starting from the center in a motion towards the top and then from the center to the base.
  • High type of dressing is performed starting from the base towards the tip (for removal) and starting from the tip towards the base (for attraction).
  • If we engrave symbols, runes or seals for the ritual, it will have to be done before the dressing the candle. We can trace them with a knife or the tip of a nail, with a pointed natural wooden stick such as rosemary, cherry, orange or another plant according to the type of ritual we are performing. In an emergency a toothpick will work or the tip of a pen.

My favorite essential oils


It gives the sense of pleasure and contentment linked to the oral phase of early childhood, a sweet and beneficial regression that relaxes and consoles. As an aphrodisiac, vanilla awakens fantasy, sensuality, romance, and desire for affection.

You can buy vanilla essential oil on Amazon US and Amazon UK.


Invigorating, warming and energizing, it activates sexual energy and vitality. Ginger helps stimulate both physical and mental connection with our loved one.

You can read more about ginger magickal properties here.

You can buy ginger essential oil on Amazon US and Amazon UK.


Rose Glass Bloom Blossom Water Essential Oils

The sacred flower represents the soul, the heart, and the purity of love. Linked to the planet of Venus, the rose has been a symbol of fertility and prosperity since ancient times. It helps to connect with the center, opens the heart and penetrates the senses, going to heal the cracks of emotion and attract true love and romantic feelings.

You can read more about rose magickal properties here.

You can buy rose essential oil on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Pine tree

Pine is a hermaphrodite plant that produces both male and female flowers. It is the vital energy of fertility, especially useful for those men who need to find the right balance between the material and the spiritual component. It invigorates and helps listening to one’s life cycles. It’s great if you want to boost your sex life and your fertility and start a family soon.

You can buy pine tree essential oil on Amazon US and Amazon UK.


The reassuring warmth of the Earth. It is a source of strength and tranquility, it restores overly active minds by reconnecting them with their own vital energy. As an aphrodisiac, the vetiver recalls and awakens the smell of wet earth, the instinctually and the physicality of Nature.

You can buy vetiver essential oil on Amazon US and Amazon UK.


Symbol of faithful love, rosemary was used by the Romans during weddings. It stimulates the depth of feelings and dedication. Invigorating and warming, it moves the energies and awaken the joy of love.

You can read more about rosemary magickal properties here.

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Symbol of virility and energy, pepper is stimulating, hot, impetuous. It awakens passion and weakened courage, reestablishing contact with one’s own instincts.

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Regulates the nervous system, helping to release mental tensions and repressed emotions. Neroli’s sensuality is linked to a sensation of sweet purity and well-being in which to recover the wonder of love and heal the wounds of the soul.

You can buy neroli essential oil on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang magnifies and enhances the qualities of the feminine. This white flower gives sensuality, helps to remove fears and inhibitions from the erotic sphere, harmonizing the feelings linked to it.

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Relaxing and deep, it brings the warm energy of the Earth. If desired, Patchouli stimulates libido and the fantasies connected to it. It is very suitable for those who tend to lose contact with their body’s needs.

You can buy patchouli essential oil on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

If you want to take things to the other level, apply some dry petals of rose using the essential oil as a glue to attach them to the candle.

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