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How to Create a Sigil In A Few Steps [Tips & Tricks]

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Written by: Tina Caro

In this article, we’ll explain how to create a sigil. As you will see, creating a sigil is simple, and not only that, it can also become a fantastic magical tool to be included in spells and rituals!


Creating a sigil involves defining your intention, simplifying your statement by removing duplicates and vowels, rearranging the unique letters into an abstract design, adding visual enhancements, and finalizing the symbol.

Charge the sigil with energy through meditation or focused concentration, imbuing it with your intention.

Release the sigil into your subconscious or the universe by meditating on it, burning it, or letting it go.

Personalize the process to match your beliefs and preferences.

Maintain ethical and positive intentions for the best results.

Why should you create a sigil for yourself?

You are most likely wondering: why should I make a sigil? First of all, creating a sigil for yourself is a great way to clear your intentions and desires and ensure that, thanks to the law of magical attraction, the universe and energy conspire to achieve them.

Many times, in fact, it is difficult to work on one’s dreams and it also becomes complicated to make desires, dreams, and expectations very clear.

i am wealthy sigil
Sigil: I am wealthy

By creating a sigil, therefore, not only can you finally live the life you have always wanted, but by putting our unconscious and innermost desires on paper, it becomes a path of personal growth and unmatched mental clarity!

How to create a sigil? Different types of creation process

First, write a sentence with your intent: “I want to find love”, but be careful: you have to write in the present and in a positive way, so not “I don’t want to be alone” but “I want to have friends”.

The more detailed you are, the better, however try not to write sentences that are too long. Magic is picky, so be careful how you formulate what you want, give it as few escapes as possible.

Furthermore, I personally advise that instead of “I want to find love”, write “I find love” or “I am in love and my loved one loves me back”.

Avoid the verb want, you risk that the sigil only increases the desire to find love, without actually finding it. But it is my opinion, you can do as you want; in fact there are no rules. You can use any alphabet and any ink, it can be the simple one of the pen, a magic one, painting, markers, etc.

After formulating your intent, you will have to eliminate all the repeated vowels and letters from the sentence: “I find love”.

Now you must form a symbol with the remaining letters; you can make it more stylized or curved, and some use the telephone keypad by combining the remaining letters of the sentence with lines, such as the classic game “connect the dots“.

Or make a complete drawing of what you want to do and then reduce it to lines. Now you have to activate it, otherwise it remains a simple drawing.

I am in good company sigil
Sigil: I am in good company

There are many ways to activate it: you can use your energy to concentrate, visualize the intent, and then visualize your energy flowing in the symbol, with the image displayed before. Or through your breath you transfer the energy into the symbol.


You can also use your blood, saliva, or charge it through pain, orgasm, music, crystals, moonlight, or sunlight. The important thing is to transfer energy and intent to it. I recommend doing this while drawing the sigil.

Transfer the energy through your hand and pen and then directly into the sign just traced. If you use your own sigil for a long time, you will have to refill it and recharged every so often.

Step 1Set your intention and clarify your desired outcome for the sigil.
Step 2Write down your intention in a simple sentence or phrase.
Step 3Remove any repeating letters from the sentence and create a unique symbol for each remaining letter.
Step 4Combine the symbols together to form a visually appealing and balanced sigil.
Step 5Refine the design and simplify the sigil if necessary.
Step 6Charge the sigil with energy through visualization, meditation, or other preferred methods.
Step 7Activate the sigil by focusing on its meaning and releasing it into the universe.
Table 1: Steps to Create a Sigil

Tips for creating magic sigils

  1. Remember that reality is a subset of the possible. This means that requests must be subordinated to what is possible to state. It’s no use wanting to change your life from the couch. If you are unwilling to move and change your habits, it is unlikely to have any effect.
  2. Keep in mind that Chaos Magic is closer to mental self-control or NLP than to High Magic. It is very important to believe in what is being done.
I am successful sigil
Sigil: I am successful
  1. Be creative. Do not restrict yourself to this method. Instead of coding your sigil with this formula, you can encrypt your message with a computer program, or use a Templar cryptography system (in this link you can take a brief manual on classical cryptography).
  2. Be concise … but not too much. Chaos Magic works with a reality that is subordinate to what is possible. Surely “I WANT TO FIND LOVE” is more effective than “I WANT TO FIND TRUE LOVE” and that “I WANT A TALL, SLIGHT, YOUNG, BEAUTIFUL, INTELLIGENT, AND CREATIVE LOVER”.
  3. Finally, we must emphasize the importance of this tool for self-improvement. It will always be better to write “I WANT TO FIND A JOB THAT FULLFILLS ME” than “I WANT TO HAVE A LOT OF MONEY.”

The collection of sigils I personally created

As you may have noticed, creating sigils is fun and involves imagination and creativity!

If you don’t know where to start you can check the collection of sigils that I created to attract success, power, and money, but also to work with the magic of Saturn, the occult, and the moon.

Here are a few I’ve created:

You can find all of them here – Magical Equipment (scroll down to the section about sigils).

So, are you ready to create your personal sigil?

Have you already created any? Share your experience with us.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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