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Candle Magic

The Language of Flames: A Guide to Candle Flames & Meanings

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Written by: Tina Caro

Candles are an essential tool for rituals.

They can be of various sizes, but most importantly, various colors. In fact, colors can significantly change our vibrations about a particular desire. It is therefore always important to focus on the right energy for each ritual and for each moment.

First of all, it is important to know that candles are essential because they attract the attention of God and the Goddess. They are also the most typical offer to make.

But, in fact, each has a particular reinforced meaning, especially regarding their flame. When practicing magic, a candle flame can signify certain energy around you. Let’s see then all about candle flames and their meaning.


Candle flame interpretations vary widely, with different colors, movements, and sounds each holding distinct meanings in spiritual practices.

Flame colors such as blue or red can signify spiritual presence or intense energy, respectively.

The behavior of the flame, like steady burning or flickering, provides insights into focused intentions or external spiritual communications.

Additionally, the sounds a flame makes and the patterns of smoke after extinguishing are also interpreted for deeper spiritual understanding and guidance.

What does it mean when a candle flame shows up in a certain color?

It means that certain energy related to that candle is finally manifesting.

The Language of Flames A Guide to Candle Flames & Meanings by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

What should I do?

Practice magic; cast a spell or simply honor that candle by meditating on a hoped outcome or chant a prayer to give thanks to that energy for being around you.

There is no need to chant something too complex or in old languages like Latin. Just open your heart and your intuition and spontaneously give thanks!

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Candle flames and their meanings

Flame ColorInterpretation
BlueSpiritual connection, healing, calmness, divine presence
YellowJoy, positivity, clarity, intellectual pursuits
OrangeCreativity, enthusiasm, courage, inspiration
RedPassion, energy, strength, power
WhitePurity, truth, spiritual protection, new beginnings
BlackAbsorption or banishing of negative energy, protection
PurpleSpiritual awareness, psychic abilities, intuition
GreenAbundance, growth, fertility, healing
Table 1: Flame Colors and Interpretations

White candle flame

White is the color of purity, of the spirit, and of the Goddess. The white candle flame is pure energy and recalls the color of the moon, the snow, and the milk that gives us life. It means purity, healing, and clarity.

white candles by tamedwild
Candles by TamedWild.

Sometimes, I honor it just to feel protected by God and the Goddess when I fall asleep or when I simply want to feel some warmth with me.

Read more about white candle flame meaning here.

Red candle flame

Red is the color of danger and action. In the animal world, red very often means poison, or even a warning not to approach. No wonder, therefore, that we too use it as a symbol of danger. When you want to do protection spells, a red candle flame is a sign it will keep negativity away. Similarly, as I said, red is the color of energy, so you can also use it to charge yourself for anything that needs effort.

To make a trivial example, you can use a red candle flame in a spell to help you practice a sport. It can help you channel what you want into action, to encourage you or even to fight disease, for a promotion, to improve grades or a career, and so on. Another peculiar role of the red candle flame has to do with passion.

It is the dominant color for sexual charms or to be more beautiful, sexy, and desirable. But remember that red stands for passionate love, so if you use it in a spell, you can’t expect a long and quiet story.

Read more about red candle flame meaning here.

Orange candle flame

Orange is the color of ambition and is used to achieve goals at work and in your career, but also in love, albeit to a lesser extent. It is a color of positivity, so if you feel troubled by something someone has said or done, if you feel threatened by envy, by someone else’s words, or if they have made you feel inferior, use the orange candle flame to feel charged again and for positive radiation.

It can also be useful for starting a new project with the right determination.

It is also connected with energy and fun and can help you relax and have fun at a party.

Yellow candle flame

Yellow is the color of intelligence and is connected with all kinds of thinking. It is the best color to be able to study candles and learn about them to the fullest. It also serves to understand the truth if you want to start a new business or hobby.

There is certainly no better color for the start of university or to help you with exams. Yellow is also connected with creativity, so light a yellow candle to learn a new activity.

Read more about yellow candle flame meaning here.

Green candle flame

Green is the color of nature, which represents growth in any context. A job, a home, a spiritual growth, or a child. It’s great for any prosperity spell and anything you want to grow or improve. Green is also a healing color (reflecting the properties of herbs), so if you are sick, feel unwell, or stressed, green is the right color.

You can also use this candle flame to find a sense of balance within or around you. It is also extremely useful in spells of growth, fertility, and prosperity, meaning it is working or that that energy is just unveiling itself to you.

Read more about green candle flame meaning here.

Brown candle flame

The brown color is used in healing spells and works best if you use it in conjunction with spells where you also use herbs or wood. It is a color of great strength and stability; it can be used to bring these characteristics into a home, at work, or with the family.

You can also use it for summoning spells for an object you need. Usually, being such a stable color, it takes time to develop, but it is very stable.

Purple candle flame

Purple is a psychic color; the best way to use it is to bring problems to the surface and see what you couldn’t understand. It helps with any form of divination, for example, tarot cards. This color is for focus. Likewise, it is a deep and above all mentally protective color. It is a fantastic flame for thinking and meditating. It is the color of wisdom and can help you to unravel mysteries.

Pink candle flame

Pink, as opposed to red, indicates a sweeter and slower sensation, less passionate and, in some cases, more naive. It is a very emotional color. Pink can be used to maintain tender feelings, to grow a friendship, to improve a relationship with family, or to heal a broken heart and restore trust.

Pink is the color of sweetness, of femininity. It can help you if you are in difficulty if you feel disheartened towards love. You can also use it when you are looking for love. If you want to meet someone interesting, you could use this color.

Black candle flame

Black is the color of mystery, the unknown, and night and shadows. It represents the black moon and new beginnings or things we cannot see. It is also the color of protection and is used to break curses and expel negative energies.

It is also full of potential. We can open a long diatribe on black. It is used by those who practice black magic and is also used to cast curses.


The black moon, on the other hand, is not used in white magic, basically, and is seen as dangerous. In fact, both the color and the moon are considered to be full of potential.

Just as winter and night are a prelude to a new spring and a new day, the color black is also a potential that must be expressed. It is an extremely powerful color, but to be used with care. A black candle flame absorbs all kinds of energy and at the same time prepares to release it.

Seeing only the negative side is extremely limiting. Always try to see it as the ambivalence that it is.

Blue candle flame

It brings peace, tranquility, clarity, inspiration, and calm. This candle flame is a sign that you need to ward off all kinds of sources of evil, find a moment for yourself, get protection, and regain well-being.

Read more about blue candle flame meaning here.

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