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A List of Combinations of Bindrunes for Protection (Tips)

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Written by: Tina Caro

Bindrunes for protection are potent tools that you can use to protect your witchcraft and your home. With this article, I will explain how to bind the best runes to protect everything you love. Let’s dive into it.

How to bind these runes?

To bind protection runes, simply combine multiple runes together, like how we create sigils. You can draw your bindrune on a piece of paper or you can carve them into wood, your call. I usually do it on paper as it’s easier and more practical to use in spells and rituals.

Plus, it’s super easy to carry around as a talisman for on-the-go protection.

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How and why should you decide which runes should be bound for protection?

I decided to use runes with strong protective energies to create something more powerful and more specific for what I wanted to protect.

Combinations of runes


You can use this combination to protect yourself in arguments and debates or if you are going through a difficult time.

isa and algiz
Copyright: Tina Caro

This bindrune is perfect for you if you think some negative energy is lingering around your house.

Use this bindrune before divination; you will be protected but still open to receiving blessings and guidance from the spirits.


  • General divination meaning: defense, inaction, delay, obstacle
  • Magical Use: Helps to reveal enemies and gain allies, stops negative forces and situations
  • Element: water
  • Letter: I.
  • Plant: alder, henbane, sweet pea, Solomon’s seal, periwinkle, scutellaria
  • Stone: transparent quartz, diamond


  • General divination meaning: protection, blessing, connection with the gods, success
  • Magical use: all-encompassing protection, both physical and spiritual, from all evil; draws energies and benevolence from the Gods, increases inner strength, favors luck and communication with other worlds (spiritual, divine)
  • Element: air
  • Letter: Z
  • Plant: aromatic calamus, rowan, rush, sage
  • Stone: heliotrope, amethyst, black tourmaline
  • Number: 9


This bindrune is terrific if you want to protect your health and energy when dealing with family issues or any negativity related to family and fertility.

Copyright: Tina Caro


  • General divination meaning: birth, interiority, health, strength, safety, protection
  • Magical use: promotes respect for others, fertility, helps collect and release energy, helps to clear the fog in uncertain situations
  • Element: earth
  • Letter: NG
  • Plant: apple tree, dandelion
  • Stone: yellow sapphire, amber
  • Number: 6


  • General divination meaning: home, ancestors, property, material wealth, help, family, receiving
  • Magical use: favors trade and every situation in which there are two or more people involved (from love to business, friendship and so on)
  • Element: earth
  • Letter: O
  • Plant: snowdrop, hawthorn, clover, elderberry
  • Stone: brown zircon, fluorite, ruby
  • Number: 7


Fehu increases wealth, protects the home and material possessions, and gives prosperity.

Copyright: Tina Caro


This bindrune is good for enhancing your inner protective spirit and is formed by Othilaz, Algiz and Sowilo.

Copyright: Tina Caro

Bindrunes for Physical Protection

Bindrune CombinationRunes UsedDescription
Algiz + Tiwazᛉ (Algiz) + ᛏ (Tiwaz)This combination invokes the protective energies of Algiz (protection from harm) and Tiwaz (courage).
Fehu + Ingwazᚠ (Fehu) + ᛜ (Ingwaz)This combination enhances material and physical security, symbolizing wealth and internal strength.
Raidho + Sowiloᚱ (Raidho) + ᛊ (Sowilo)This combination represents safe travel, offering protection during journeys and a sense of guidance.
Thurisaz + Eihwazᚦ (Thurisaz) + ᛇ (Eihwaz)This combination wards off danger and negative influences, providing protection from harmful forces.
Uruz + Berkanaᚢ (Uruz) + ᛒ (Berkana)This combination promotes physical strength, resilience, and vitality, offering a shield of protection.

Bindrunes for Emotional Protection

Bindrune CombinationRunes UsedDescription
Isa + Kenazᛁ (Isa) + ᚲ (Kenaz)This combination brings emotional stability and clarity, helping to shield against emotional turmoil.
Laguz + Othalaᛚ (Laguz) + ᛟ (Othala)This combination promotes a sense of emotional security, connecting to ancestral wisdom and heritage.
Perthro + Ansuzᛈ (Perthro) + ᚨ (Ansuz)This combination provides protection against negative energies and enhances intuitive and psychic abilities.
Gebo + Nauthizᚷ (Gebo) + ᚾ (Nauthiz)This combination promotes harmonious relationships and protects against emotional obstacles and challenges.
Jera + Mannazᛃ (Jera) + ᛗ (Mannaz)This combination represents personal growth and self-awareness, fostering emotional stability and protection.

Bindrunes for Spiritual Protection

Bindrune CombinationRunes UsedDescription
Ansuz + Ehwazᚨ (Ansuz) + ᛠ (Ehwaz)This combination offers protection during spiritual journeys and enhances communication with higher realms.
Wunjo + Raidhoᚹ (Wunjo) + ᚱ (Raidho)This combination brings joy, harmony, and protection on one’s spiritual path and life’s journey.
Hagalaz + Ingwazᚺ (Hagalaz) + ᛜ (Ingwaz)This combination provides protection from chaotic energies and facilitates spiritual growth and transformation.
Sowilo + Thurisazᛊ (Sowilo) + ᚦ (Thurisaz)This combination symbolizes spiritual illumination and protection from destructive energies or influences.
Algiz + Mannazᛉ (Algiz) + ᛗ (Mannaz)This combination offers spiritual protection and fosters a connection with divine guidance and higher consciousness.

How to activate the bindrunes?

You can activate them using one or more elements of each rune.

For example, crystals, plants and prayers can be used to activate bindrunes.

To enhance the activation, you can trace a circle around the bindrune while visualizing yourself being protected by a large, spiritual shield, while saying aloud: “I FEEL PROTECTED”

How to use these bindrunes?

You can use them:

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