Elder Futhark Runes for Protection [& How to Use Them]

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Written by: Tina Caro

We all need protection! Maybe we feel very vulnerable, or we might feel like challenges are taking over, or that negativity is around us.

The good news is that, besides spells, you can use Elder Futhark runes for protection to help you face everything with the right mindset!

Best Elder Futhark runes for protection

Thurisaz (Protective light)

Thurisaz personifies the hammer power of the thunder god Thor, who commands respect. It represents defense and the conscious action of the mind. For plants, the thorn is a protection to keep possible enemies away. It also means luck and protection in business and regeneration. Upside down, it indicates discouragement, passive resistance, and uncertainty.

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Algiz (Defense, protection)

The main meaning of this rune is protection and it is one of the most benevolent runes that connects the survival instinct with the defense mechanisms. It’s a kind of self-protective force that is drawn from the spiritual source and forms a shield, defending you from attacks and dangers from various levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Algiz is a rune of discoveries that warns of imminent dangers in order to prevent misfortunes.

It is also a sign of great optimism and positivity that helps us receive inspiration for new creative ideas. Upside down, it indicates a lack of protection and vulnerability to external circumstances.

4 Elder Futhark Runes for Strength [& How to Use Them]

How to choose the right rune?

You can choose your runes by letting your intuition guide your way. Just close your eyes, meditate on your goal, and then, when opening your eyes, choose one of these two runes, picking the one that makes you feel more protected, safe, and supported.

You can do it like this or by choosing the one more in tune with the kind of protection you need!

When to use them?

You can use them whenever you feel you need protection, like on-the-go protection, but night is the best time of the day to use them to boost their effects.

Right before going to bed, you can use them to help you feel safe, relaxed, and protected.

How to use them?

Don’t forget to use these runes in their upright positions to let the proper protective energy spread all over you and let protection take over.

You can use them in different ways:

Wear it

If you need some protection and you are scared of negativity and other similar energies that might drain you and bring you down, wear the chosen rune! Right before going to bed, you can wear it as a necklace.


This is a great way to let its protective energy attach to your body. If you need protection when dealing with something or someone, in particular, bring it with you! Even better, keep wearing it against your skin to create a protective shield from negativity and evil eye!

Use it for spells and rituals

If you cast a protection spell or you are cleansing your place from negativity and you want to restore a fresh, positive protection shield around you, your house, and your loved ones, just keep your chosen rune between your hands while chanting some words like:

“Dear ….(insert the name of the chosen rune here)
Protect me, be my shield from the outside world
Be my shelter from the storm
May I be safe”

Chant this at least 3 times with the intention of visualizing that rune spreading its protective energy around you and a sense of safety and belonging coming over.

Create a sigil

You can create a sigil using the word representing the rune you chose and display it on your altar or bring it with you wherever you go!

Rune casting methods for protection

Casting MethodDescription
Single Rune CastingCasting a single rune to seek guidance and protection from its specific meaning.
Three-Rune SpreadUsing three runes to gain insight into past, present, and future protection aspects.
Bind Rune CreationCombining multiple runes to create a personalized talisman or symbol of protection.
Rune Grid CastingCreating a grid with multiple runes to explore different aspects of protection.
Daily Rune DrawDrawing a rune each day to receive daily guidance and protection energies.


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