What Does The Isa Rune Mean? [Upright & Uses]

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By: Tina Caro

The Isa rune is a big deal when it comes to runes, their symbolism, and their powers.

Let’s learn all you need to know about this rune.

What does the Isa rune mean?

The Isa rune means tiredness, renunciation, and withdrawal. Like the previous runes related to death and pain, Isa is associated with emptiness, silence, mourning, that state of consciousness that accompanies and surrounds death, whose pain of tearing is not excruciating but becomes sadness, melancholy, and loss of sense.

The thought of death can evoke fear, bewilderment, and helplessness. Isa helps us to grasp the importance of the present moment, of what is here and now, and invites us to divert attention from what is no longer there. If you remain tied to the past, something in you dies along with what has died. You cannot live in mourning for your whole life; Isa is used to cry all the tears you have, overcome the pain, and come back to life again.

Custom Isa rune by MagickalSpot
My homemade Isa rune.

Isa helps us to accept inevitable separation, to dissolve the bonds of our soul from the illusion that those who are no longer there are still there, to get used to emptiness, silence, and solitude.

Some do not resign themselves to the loss and continue to live as if they were dead; they are dull, they have renounced rebirth, and they live a slow agony made up of regrets, complaints, and feelings of guilt.

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Isa is ice, winter, the apparent end of everything, and a block. But under the ice of winter, life pulsates, seeds sprout, and spring is preparing, getting ready to cover the earth with green, starting a new cycle. Isa teaches us that death basically does not exist, it is rather a part of life; it is a fundamental, essential aspect, a transitory state that characterizes being.

Everything that exists in nature has a beginning and an end, but also a new rebirth, often in another form. Ice is like a veil that covers the earth, it is very bright, dazzling, but also deceptive; it is the veil of Maya, the veil of illusion that does not let you see what it really is.

Isa helps us recognize this illusion, which makes things appear different from how they are. But Isa herself is sometimes an illusion; like ice that is destined to melt under the rays of the sun, so our consciousness through illumination can reveal a hidden reality.

Isa is associated with the Norse goddess Hel, mistress of the kingdom of Helheim based in the first world, Niflheim, the land of fog and frost, ice, and darkness. It is also connected to the Verdandi Norn, who holds the present, while the glyph that represents it is a line that connects heaven and earth, the higher layers of consciousness with the lower ones.

The extraction of this rune indicates the presence of a momentary block in a situation and there is a need for deep reflection, a transition period before rebirth in which you need to have patience and perseverance. Isa is a link between spirit and matter, it is the ability to control passion and impulses, to be connected with the cosmos.

It is a rune of meditation, associated with the position of the tree, firmness, and stability; every passion is extinguished, and one is centered on oneself and on one’s breath when one can see beyond.

The extraction of Isa reveals a momentary closure and distancing, a stasis forced by situations. It is a cooling of enthusiasm, passions, and love; it is a phase of deep exploration of the meaning of what is being done. But something is moving inside of us, a creative idea, a deep feeling, a project, or the possibility of a new job; for this reason, despite not feeling ready, it is recommended to start having small experiences, to open up, and that, but nothing excessive.

You have to be patient. Accept a dinner with close friends and try to respond cordially to those who are interested in you.

The positive news is expected both in the emotional and in the work field but you have to give it time. As far as health is concerned, the advice is to prevent rather than cure.

Isa meaning if upright

It can be deceiving in spite of its silent and imperceptible nature. It can also paralyze the raging waves beneath its surface and erect static monuments with water from waterfalls and springs, as proof of its strength. Ice subtly prevents action.

It would be prudent to freeze the matters involving the consultant until the “thaw”, which removes the isolation when everything starts up again with renewed enthusiasm.

Known as the rune of the unexpected, Isa wants to show that there is no place for distrust as long as you have life. Everything has its time, its moment.

It may be that apparently nothing is happening to us, but instead, we are unconsciously evaluating our past, an indispensable phase in order to face the future.

When this rune appears, whether upright or upside down, it is very likely that you are in a kind of lethargy.

Something is developing within you, perhaps a creative idea, a project, a change of work or, simply, you need time to think, to review the present and the past, and to look towards the future without, for the moment, anything intervening.

It can be useful, at times, to stop acting and to bring order to one’s inner world. We must not force things; Isa recommends having patience and acting wisely and always in accordance with your needs.

This is a time of contemplation and meditation, not of sadness, and you don’t even have to feel guilty about your inertia. We must always remember that after the hibernation of winter comes the explosion of life in spring.

Isa assures you that after this period of calm, your potential will be greater as you will have had time to get to know yourself better and understand your feelings. Surely you will be able to direct your energy much better towards goals that interest you. The Isa rune cannot be reversed.

Isa meaning in love, work, and health

Love: from the point of view of love, it seems that the period of the “thaw” is beginning. As you feel more open to others and open to a new relationship, it is advisable to accept invitations to parties, dinners, or any type of social occasion. You can meet people and, above all, have fun.

Work: we are going through a positive moment from a professional point of view. Isa assures us that there will be very rewarding news, both from the economic side and from the personal side.

Health: Prevention is what Isa advises to maintain good health. For this reason, it will be good to pay attention to your diet and, above all, to sleep sufficiently, to recover energy in a moment in which you feel particularly weak.

How to work with the energy of the Isa rune?

The special message from Isa rune to you

  • Development of concentration and will
  • Stopping unwanted dynamic forces as an act of self-defense (against demonic influences)
  • Integration of the basic ego within a balanced multiversal system
  • Power of control and constriction over other wights (entities) and emotional outbursts
  • Focus of the will in resolute action

Isa rune from my collection

Isa rune magical uses

  • It removes worries about the future and regrets of the past.
  • It favors reflection and concentration on the present.
  • It structures and solidifies the energies that risk being dispersed.
  • It keeps emotions and impulsive reactions at bay.
  • It gives firmness, inner strength, calm, centering, and emptiness of the mind.
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