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Secrets of Bindrunes: Ancient Symbols for Modern Power

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Written by: Dawn Black (Witchipedia)


Reviewed by: Tina Caro

A bindrune or bind-rune combines runes in a single image to represent something else. The runes are bound together in various ways. It could be as simple as a name or a spell sigil.

What is a bindrune?
If you are into runes, you can’t miss the opportunity to learn about bindrunes! With this article we are going to explore bindrunes, their creation and how to use them in our craft!

Bindrunes are nothing more than the union (or ‘fusion’) of a number of basic runes, varying from 2 to 4, but in some cases even 8. The alphabet used for the bindrunes is FUTHARK, which you can learn more about in my other articles.

Each letter of the Futhark has different meaning and power when written down. Imagine how many powerful sigils you can make by combining different runes! The combinations are endless and allow you to tailor sigils and talismans to your very specific needs.

How to create them?

These runes can be written pretty much anywhere. On paper, on wood, on the ground, in stone, on the wall – the choice is yours. Then you have to charge them using focus or meditation for the purpose they will serve, both in the creation phase and after.

Then you have to activate them

The best way to activate runes has been used for as long as humans have used runes: blood.

The ancients dropped blood right into the grooves of the sigil. In my opinion, this way is best for witchcraft as it creates a connection between the rune and the creator: you give it life, power, magic.

We all know that the most powerful magic in the world, or at least the one that creates connections, is blood.

Simply prick the end of your finger and let a couple of drops come out, then sterilize your finger. If you can’t stomach the sight of blood, then activate them using protection spells. Use herbs and crystals to assist you.

Then, you have to consecrate them

This part can vary depending on the creed or cult you follow. E.g. Wiccans can invoke the GOD / GODDESS /GODS. Others may call upon specific Gods relating to the meaning of their bindrune. Are you not into deities? Invoke the power of ancestral magic, that of the ancestors or at least those of the people who believed in magic before you. Alternatively, you can use the power of the elements.

Also, you should manifest the desired effect of the symbol. That is, try to imagine a time in which you received what you are hoping the bindrune will provide for you.

Finally make 9 circles around the symbol you created with your projective hand. I recommend making these circles clockwise. Imagine a force coming out of you and instilling itself in the sigil.

Now let’s move on to the fun part:

How to bind runes?

Normally, a bindrune is created by joining a number of basic runes together. There are also special custom bindrunes, which we will look at later.

One example of a combination of runes could be for fertility, for which runes have been used since the 1200s. The chosen runes can act to aid conception and has been cited as being incredibly powerful.

Why should you bind them?

You should bind runes together into bindrunes to enhance the power, but also the specificity, of the things you want to attract.

How to use them?

The best-known use of these powerful signs is divination, while magic is often overlooked.

They can be used in magic, for example by engraving them onto candles, but you need to know the magical meanings of the runes, which are different from the diviners.

The bindrunes are combinations formed from the 24 basic runes of the ancient Germanic magical alphabet.

The latter are often used in wicca as a valuable aid in rituals. As for bindrunes, once you have learned the simple mechanism to create your own, you will be able to feel the energy emanating from them even before they are consecrated.

For simple runes, on the other hand, the consecration itself is the activation of their power, otherwise, they remain mere signs.

How to consecrate bindrunes (the Wiccan way)?

Well, the way you consecrate a bindrune depends on the use of the bindrune. Let’s say you have created a symbol to promote the fertility of the earth. Easy! Just bury the sigil in the portion of land you want to make fertile.

The key thing is to return them to the elements that are key to the runes used. They can be burned, released into a stream or taken away by the wind. Or, as mentioned before, buried.

  • AIR: cases of issues related to justice, psychic powers
  • FIRE: passion, hatred, anger, purification
  • WATER: illusion, benevolent feelings, creativity, weather, the beginning of something
  • EARTH: fertility, physical strength

A little reminder

When it comes to bindrunes, don’t forget that it’s very similar to sigil creation. It’s important for you to work with your own intuition and energies. Use the runes that seem appropriate for you and your specific situation and create something unique for you!

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