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How to Draw a Pentagram for Protection? (A Simple DIY Guide)

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Written by: Tina Caro

If you’ve seen at least one episode of a witchy tv series, then knowing that the pentagram is the best way to protect yourself from demons is nothing new to you. The most surprising thing is that this is the rare case where truthful information is given in a film – the pentagram is indeed a powerful protective sign.

And it can be used for home protection as well as for personal protection.


To draw a pentagram for protection, gather paper and a writing tool.

Begin by setting your intentions for protection and visualize the pentagram as a shield against negative energies.

Start with a dot at the top and draw five equally sized lines, connecting them to create the star shape.

While drawing, focus on your intent and empower the symbol with affirmations or incantations.

Use the pentagram as a tool for protection and renew it as needed to reinforce its power.

A protective pentagram for your home

Of course, speaking of the pentagram of protection, we do not intend to protect ourselves from demons and other supernatural entities as a simple pentagram might not be strong enough for this.

This amulet is designed to defend against the negativity of the ordinary person, and the practicing magician from parasites (larva) that came from the astral plane.

Protect your home with the help of the pentagram in two ways: create a spell or conduct a ritual. Let’s take a look at both.

To make a pentagram for protection, you will need a sheet of dense white paper, on which you will need to depict a five-pointed star (of which all the angles are the same) and enclose it in a circle. Draw it with red ink and dip the sheet in hot wax after the ink has dried. A ready sigil must be loaded.

For this, you can use ceremonial magic rituals, or you can use the following method.

Put the amulet on your left palm and with your right fingers stroke it, focusing on what you want to achieve. After that, the sigil must be removed from the wax and placed between the palms, hands together in a prayer gesture, with the thumbs touching your heart.

The stronger your concentration, the more powerful the talisman will be. Hang it on the front door, flipping the picture on the wall so that no one will see or touch it. Be sure to look at the amulet’s position and ensure it is the correct way up.


To perform the pentagram ritual, you need a candle. Before starting, you need to identify the places where the staves will be placed. They must overlap each wall, as well as the floor and ceiling.

Ideally, the symbols should be placed in the center of the surface (in the middle of walls, ceiling, floor). But you can’t have a pentagram in front of windows or mirrors as this will negate any effects.

Having figured out where to draw the protective signs, proceed to the ritual. To do this, you need to take a lit candle (one hand under the candle, the other – hold it down) and draw all the staves. The effectiveness here also depends on the degree of concentration. The ritual starts from the east and continues clockwise.

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A protective pentagram for personal protection

As mentioned above, this amulet can be used for personal protection against negative influences. Usually, a pendant with a pentagram or a tattoo is used as a symbol, although these symbols can be placed on clothing and various jewelry for protection.

my little pentagram
My little pentagram.

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The most convenient and correct from the occult point of view is the pendant. The other options are less effective, and the effectiveness is usually debatable.

It can be an amulet only if both the artist and the customer understood the meaning of the image equally well. In addition, the drawing itself must be geometrically correct, it should not contain other symbols (and if there is, they should combine harmoniously), and it should be placed in the right place (without overlapping feed channels, but also not far from them).

All of this makes the pentagram pendant more accessible. It can be bought ready-made (usually made from silver pentagram pendant protection) or you can make it yourself. Quite simply, you need to choose a material that is handy to you, such as a tree.

Trees are commonly used for this sort of thing. It is not necessary to use ceremonial magic (although it is not forbidden), your concentration on the result will be enough, as the amulet is charged with your psychic energy and the imprisonment of some entities from another world.

To carry such a pentagram, it is desirable to hide it under clothes, since amulets are not decorations, and they are not business cards and they are not intended for the eyes of others.

Symbolic associations of the pentagram

ElementSymbolic Meaning
EarthStability, grounding, physical realm
AirIntellect, communication, mental realm
FireEnergy, passion, transformation
WaterEmotions, intuition, subconscious
SpiritDivine connection, higher consciousness

Protective intentions for drawing a pentagram

Warding off negativityCreating a protective barrier against harm
ShieldingBlocking negative energies or entities
Enhancing personal energyAmplifying one’s own energy field
Invoking spiritual guidanceEstablishing a connection to higher powers
Promoting balanceRestoring harmony and equilibrium
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